Susan and Valerie's Fun Time In San Francisco!!!! (New Scripted Story Preview!!!!)

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A hot new scripted story is coming this summer with all 40 chapters featuring 14 beautiful women, 11 beautiful teen girls, 17 handsome men, 12 cute teen boys, the fun loving couples Nick and Skylar, Fay and Eddie, Cute guy Justin, The dashing cutie and lawyer Ryan, Allison and Patrick, Sisters Wendy and Kathleen, Female Vocal Quartet Great Expectations, and of course The beautiful gals,, Susan and Valerie are doing their great fun time in San Francisco, so here's are a few brief previews, enjoy!!

Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



Susan and Valerie's Fun Time In San Francisco!!!! (New Scripted Story Preview!!!!)

By 2012Fireman


Preview 1:


Valerie: "Wow, Susan look! a fun looking beautiful hot new Red sleeveless dress!!"


Susan: "Yeah, it's so awesome and neat!"


Valerie: "Yeah!"


Valerie: (laughs) "Oh, this is gonna be beautiful and so much fun too! Whoo!!"


(Valerie wearing short sleeved casual clothings while Susan wearing tan pants and a beautiful long sleeved Light Blue ribbed knitted turtleneck sweater as well!!!!)


Susan: "Yeah i know!!!!"


(A few minutes later, Tv and movie Actress Debra Messing drops by to visit Valerie and Susan in person at a local shopping store for women, named Gail's!!)


Debra: "Susan? Valerie?"


Valerie: "Oh my giosh, it's the beautiful actress Debra Messing!"


Susan: "It is her!"


Debra: "That's right, girls!"


(All three women hugged each other and then just having a good time and talking friendly to each other too!!!!)


Valerie: "We all just loved you on Will and Grace, and few movies such as Along Came Polly, The Wedding Date, and all others too!!"


Debra: "Yeah i know what you mean, Valerie! and next year i am shooting a long awaited sequel to the wdding date called It's Another Wedding Date!!"


Susan: "Really?"


Debra: "Yes!"



Preview 2:


(A Beautiful 24 year old tv host named Joanne Myler visits the fire station to meet and greet her on and off again boyfriend and Paramdic Fireman named David Harrison in person for a very personal friendly conversation!!!!)


Joanne: (giggling happily) "Hi, Sweetie!"


David: "Joanne, hi there!"


(Joanne and David kissed each other a couple of times while David was wearing an all Black long sleeved shirt and trouser San Francisco Fire Uniforms and while Joanne was wearing a beautiful sleeveless Blue sportwears of sleeveless shirt and warm ups too!!!!)


David: "Jo, you look beautiful wearing those sleeveless sportswears!"


Joanne: "Thank you, i feel so beautiful wearing them cuz it's fun! so much fun!!"


David: "Yes i know!"


Joanne: (laughs)  "Yes!"  and then said "Come on, Sweetie!"


David: "Where to?"


Joanne: "I'm gonna take you someplace quiet, fun, and beautiful too!!"


David: "But Jo, what about my shift at the firehouse?"


Joanne: "Don't worry about it, let Frank Beller the other fireman take over your shift for the rest of the day, you're coming with me to have some fun because the day belongs to us!!"


David: "Ok!"


Joanne: "Beautiful!!!!" "Yes!!!!"


(Brief Music Score Playing)


Female Singers Vocalizing In Harmony: (Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo, Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo!!!!) 2 times




Preview 3:


(Drums pounding angrily like thunder with the beautiful Fay looking at us as the fast paced jive music score begins playing as the beautiful and astonishing singer and dancer Fay Courtland who was wearing a lovely sleeveless Red dress drops by to see her best friend and party thearapist Betty Ann Rawlins who also looks lovely in her long sleeved glittered Light Blue Evening Gown in person for professional fun advice!!!!)


Fay: "Whoo!" "Yes!" "Beautiful!!"


(Fay laughing)


(Mexican Horns Playing faster and faster in unison) 6 times:


Betty Ann: "Fay, hi there!"


Fay: "Hi, Betty Ann!"


(The two girls hugged each other and just having a brief conversaation with each other)


Betty Ann: "Ooh, Fay honey! you look beautiful in that sleeveless Red dress!!"


Fay: Thanks, Betty Ann! and you look beautiful in that sleeveless White dress too!!"


Betty Ann: "Yeah, i know and thanks!"


Fay: "Betty Ann, i need your help in getting Eddie back together again with me!"


Betty Ann: "Oh, sure no problem, what has Eddie done this time?!"


Fay: "It's nothing much, Eddie and i got into an awful argument the other night about me choosing my in laws, my parents, my career, or him! and i feel awful about me walking out on him and i took it all out on him for no reason!!!"


Betty Ann: "Oh, No, No, No! that's all right sugar! i'll help you work things out with Eddie in no time at all!!!!"


Fay: "Would you really?!"


Betty Ann: "I don't see why not?!"


Fay: "Oh, Yes! Yes! Yes!! thank you so much Betty Ann, it will be so beautiful once Eddie and i back together again, Yes!!"


Betty Ann: "That's the spirit,, kid!!"


Fay: (Laughs) "Beautiful!!!!"


Betty Ann: "Oh, and Fay? i want you to meet my sister Gina from Atlanta Georgia, she really would love to see you!"


Fay: "Sure!"


(Gina then stops by to give her a nice greeting message with a striking lit match smiling happily, and all sorts as well!. as the fast paced music score plays with Fay whispering softly to that song too!!)


(Fay Whispers Softly to the vocalizing words:) (Doo Doo, Doo Doo, Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo, Yeah! Yeah! Froo Froo Froo Froo Froo Froo Froo Froo, Tu Tu, Tu Tu, Yeah! Yeah!) 2 times



Preview 4:


Close up Shot: (On the beautiful and talented airline stewardess Brenda Templeton wearing a lovely long sleeved Red ribbed knitted turtleneck sweater and an Gold skirt underneath and a lovely Brown satin jacket as well as she approaches the cute photographer Bobby Tinker to see and meet him in person!!!!)



(Brenda cover Bobby's eyes with both hands just to see him and talk to him in person as well!!!!)


Brenda: "Hey, darling! how's it going?!"


Bobby: "Brenda,, is that you?!"


Brenda: (giggling) "That's right, Sweetie! hi there!!"


Bobby: "Hello there!!"


(Bobby and Brenda kissed each other a couple of times and hugged each other too!!!!)


Bobby: "How was your flight from Pittsburgh?"


Brenda: "Just Wonderful,, that's all!!"


Bobby: "Of Course!!"


Brenda: "Sweetie, listen! do you wanna come and have dinner with me this friday night?!"


Bobby: "Sure, we can do that!" "Where at?!"


Brenda: "How about at a beautiful new seafood place called The Dashing Sea Circle?"


Bobby: "Okay! what time?"


Brenda: "7:00 PM!!"


Bobby: "Okay it's a date!!"


Brenda: "Beautiful!!"


(Brenda and Bobby kissing passionately for three minutes as Bobby was just wearing short sleeved casual clothings too!!)


(Brief Music Score Playing)


Female Singers Again Vocalizing In Harmony: (Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!) 6 times:



Preview 5:


Close Up Shot: (On Susan and Valerie singing a fun jive music tune called Make Fun Stay and wearing gorgeous Light Blue Sleeveless Party Gowns as they both sing fast in unison and together as well!!!!)


Susan and Valerie (in Unison:) (We'll make the fun last a little longer baby, and we're gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, have some fun just me and you! yeah!)


(Let's Make Fun Stay!!)


(Susan and Valerie smiling happily)


(Yeah! Yeah!)


(Both girls giggling happily and dancing a fun tune)


(Mexican Horns playing fast two times in unison)


(Snare drum cymbals sounded like a striking lit match the sizzler)


(Tambourines playing in the background)


Female Solo Singer Whispering Vocals: (Froo Froo Froo Froo, Tu Tu Tu Tu, Doo Doo Doo Doo, Yeah! Yeah!) 2 times


(Female Singers Vocalizing In Harmony Once Again: (Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo!) 2 times:



Preview 6:


Close Up Shot: (Of a cute new hot loving couple such as the handsome medical intern doctor named Mike Desmond and a beautiful tv weathergirl named Betsy Rogers as the two lovers falling in love and kissing each other pasionately with Mike wearing a towel underneath and with just a cute body and no shirt on and with Brenda just wearing a Beautiful Brown Sleeveless Dress underneath her beautiful body as well too!!!!)


Betsy: "Oh, Mike honey! i'm glad we're back together again with each other!!"


Mike: "Of course we are, Betsy! we love each other!!"


Betsy: "Yes!!" "Beautiful!!"


(Betsy smiling very hapily while wearing her Brown Sleeveless Dress with a huge smile on her face and they kissed each other and also kissed each other again for a few more minutes before going back to fall in love passionately again!!!!)



Preview 7:


(Skylar got all of the munchies and drinks from a nearby variety convience store and wearing a lovely Red long sleeved ribbed knitted turtleneck sweater and tan pants on and as she stepped out to see Nick in person who is waiting outside in his car, Skylar could hear that fast jiving fun pop musical score by the female vocal quartet Greatv Expectations with a song called "Love Hearts," which happens to be her favorite she likes best with all four girls singing and vocalizing the lyrics faster and faster in unison like trumpets and holding for 1.31 seconds as the longest vocalizing fast musical score note in history!!)


Female Singers: (Boy come to me, we will have our Love Hearts tonite!)


(And you and i will make one Better, Better, Better, Better, Better, Better, Better, Better,Better, Better, Better, Better, Better, Better, Loving like new!)


(Cuz boy i love you!!!!) (Yeah!!!!)


Skylar: (Laughs) "Yes!!" "Beautiful!!"


(Skylar then left the store to see and be with Nick in his car!!!!)



Preview 8:


(The fast jive music score is going crazy a tad bit with drums pounding angrily like thunder for six minutes with crashing cymbals, horns playing in unison, and all sorts as well as Susan and Valerie were having fun walking around all over San Francisco!!)


Susan: "Wow, we're having so much fun in San Francisco you and me!"


Valerie: "Yes, it's very beautiful!"


(Both girls giggling happily)


Susan: "Do you want to grab some ice cream before we go home and retire our fun trip for the day?"


Valerie: "Yes, i could go for one, let's do it, Justin will meet me at home later!"


Susan: "Ok!"


Valerie: "Beautiful!"


(Again Girls giggling happily)


(Drums pounding again agrily like thunder as the music ends abruptly with Susan and Valerie looking at us with huge smiles and a couple of winks on their beautuiful faces!!!!)


Preview 9:


(Featuring Wendy and Kathleen Green with various fun details and cute stories as well!!!!)


Wendy: "Ooh, Killer Dress!"


Kathleen: "Yes, it's very beautuful i love it!"


Wendy: "Yeah, i bet ya!"


(Both girls laughing)


(Just then Kathleen's Cell phone rang with the soft whispering vocalizing words of Cindy Benevides of Great Expectations coming in as Kathleen walks by to take the call!!!!)


(Cindy's Soft Vocalizing Ring Tone:) (Froo Froo Froo Froo Froo Froo Froo Froo,, Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu!!) 6 rings!!!!


Katrhleen: "Hello?"


Fay's Voice: "Hello, Kathleen? Fay speaking!!"


Kathleen: "Oh, hi Fay how's it going?'


Fay's Voice: "Just beautiful!!"


Kathleen: "Yeah, that's good to know!"


Fay's Voice: "Listen, Kathleen, i need a favor here, can you help me get back together again with Eddie tonight for me?"


Fay's Voice: "Cuz i wanna tell him i'm sorry that i yelled angrily at him and for all the awful words i said to him these last few weeks and that i still love him too!!!!"


Kathleen: "Yeah, sure i can do that!"


Fay's Voice: "Beautiful, i wanna see him at 8:00 pm tonight at the restaurant and me and Great Expectations will sing a beautiful love song to him to win him back!"



And Finally Preview 10:


(Featuring New Cute Teen loving couple Vicki Maplemoor and Paul Levine III were kissing passionately in love while Paul wears a cute black suit with white t shirt and black pants and black sportscoat and of course while Vicki wears a beautiful sleeveles Blue dress as well!!!!)


Vicki: "Paul, i love you, I love you so much!!"


Paul: "I love you too, Vicki!"


Vicki: "Yes, and our love will be so even more beautiful for each other too!"


Paul: "I hope so!"


(Vicki kisses Paul on his forehead two times gently)


Vicki: "I love you!!!!"


(Both couples giggling happily as they continue to kiss each other passionately at her apartment house!!!!)


Author's Note: (So be sure to tune in for my new scripted story Susan and Valerie's Fun Time In San Francisco coming later this summer,, see ya!!)


The End






























© Copyright 2017 2012Fireman. All rights reserved.

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