Majic Chapter 16: Different

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Chapter 16: Different


I looked upon the hall for the final time. It was full with all of the Majics, smudges of red, blue, and green fortas everywhere. I took a breath. I felt a hand slip into mine.

“Come on, we have to say our farewells.” he murmured.

“You do the talking.” I muttered.

“No, we both will.” he said. “It’ll make you look good.”

We took a step closer to the crowd. I took a breath as I said, “It has been an honor to be among you. However, duty calls, and we must make it our job to protect you.”

“So farewell.” said the Matal. “And stay strong.”

A thunderous applause rocked the underground, and possibly the overground. The Matal and I walked off the dais, and through the passage that led to our rooms. We would have five minutes to pack, then leave.

My things already packed, I changed from my lovely forta into simple jeans, a shirt, a sweater over the shirt, and a scarf. My slippers were replaced with boots. With no time for makeup or hair, I did my hair in a simple ponytail. Because of my tailoring abilities, though, it still looked perfect. I grabbed my pack, which had just some more simple clothes, and my forta.

A soft knock came, and Dirk came in. “Ma’am, they are ready for you.”

I walked down the hallway. But instead of going towards the hall, I went the opposite way. I was met by The Matal and the entire council, along with another heartrender, zalritic, oceankeeper,tailor, iceal, and gravitio, and a healer, judging by the fortas.

“Are you all coming with us?” I asked.

“No.” said Ella. “Just The Matal, Jacob, Natalie, John and I. The rest are staying.”

“They are going to be replacing our positions until we come back.” said Natalie. She pointed to the new members.

As we said our final goodbyes, we left. The tunnel was huge, moist, and had an eerie feeling to it.

Ella went first with John, then The Matal and I, followed Natalie and Jacob bringing up the rear. If someone followed, Jacob and Natalie would buy us mere seconds to escape. The dark was illuminated by some lamps, but The Matal and I would still have to take turns to help brighten it up.

We traveled for an hour, and already my legs hurt. But I didn’t complain. The faster we go there, the better. Less lives lost. Hopefully.

The tunnels were unpredictable. About an hour into the journey we found the tunnel became very narrow, where we had to get onto our bellies and crawl. When we got through, it was blue marble, so slippery John slipped and nearly broke his head if my wind hadn’t saved him.

Once we slid across what we dubbed the ice rink, we continued into a large wide cavern.

“Have you ever seen blue marble before?” I asked The Matal.

“No.” he said. “But I’m sure other travelers have.”

“So, what are we doing once we get at the base?” I asked.

“We’ll probably need to arrange troops.” he said. “Then start another trek.” Then, he added in a low voice, “Any more nightmares?”

“No.” I said. And I’m hoping no more will happen when I’m traveling.”

“True enough.” he agreed.

Then we were quiet. That was the longest we had spoken since we wed.

The rest of the day was just more traveling. At about noon (according to John’s wristwatch) we had some hardtack, then continued on. We then heard a low rumble.

“What’s the sound?” asked Jacob from the back.

“I think it’s a river.” said Ella. “But I’m not sure. I’ll go scout the area.”

As we waited,Ella walked up the cave. She was out of sight for about twenty minutes before she returned.

“Yep.” she said. “A huge river. Natalie and Stacy will need to make a path.”

As we got closer, somehow the caverns got so dark our lanterns were only small flames. The Matal and I summoned greater beams of light to illuminate the cavern. The dull roar became a mighty howl, and soon we came to the giant river.

Natalie and I raised our hands. We clapped them together, and then slowly brought them apart. Doing this, a small path became recognizable. Natalie went first, then everyone else, then finally I. We then closed it off.

We walked for another thirty minutes when yet another river came forth. Again, we created a path. The river being so deep, however, we had to climb up to the other shore. Jacob nearly fell off when he slipped, ripping open a large cut on his hand. He swore as The Matal went to help him.

Once we rested and Ella healed Jacob’s cut hand, leaving only a small scar in the middle, again we set off.

“Why couldn’t we just go the other way?” I asked John.

“We’d then have weeks of travel on the surface, and any obstacles we go through will slow us down.” said John. “This is actually faster by three to five days. And safer.”

“When will we get there?”

“In at least three days.” replied John. “If we’re fast enough, sooner.”

We got to a rock wall, with pebbles raining down every step we took.

“It’s caved in.” said The Matal. “Stacy, could you test the strength?”

I raised my hands. A wave of wind crashed down on the wall, but it stayed up without any sign of struggle of staying up, other than a huge shower of pebbles.

We climbed up the wall carefully. It took probably an hour of constant struggle before we got to the bottom of the other side. Then we started on our way again. The longer we took, the more time lost. And that might mean lives of hundreds more lost.

We finally camped in a very big cavern. John and Jacob got the sleeping bags ready. The Matal and I rested, leaving it to the lanterns to bring light. We ate some bread, raisins, and cold corn supplied by the kitchens before we left.

We chatted a bit.

“Stacy,” said John. “About the dreams. Do you think these actually might be visions?”

“Meaning?” I asked.

“Well, you had that one dream of The Dark One and The Matal fighting at the Temple.” he  explained. “And it came true. What if The Dark One placed those dreams there?”

“How?” I asked.

“A connection of sorts?” asked Jacob. “Do you know if he has any blood lines with you?”

I shuttered. “I hope not. But, it’s a possibility.”

“What if we could use it to our advantage?” said Natalie. “If The Dark One could place such thoughts in your head….”

“Impossible.” said The Matal, shaking his head. “It’s gratyoa. The ability to get into people’s heads.”

I stared. “What? That means he has the ability to read my mind?”

“Read it and worse.” said The Matal. “But it comes at a price. By doing this, you create a tether between the two minds. If the other mind is strong enough, they could act just as the other had.”

“So… I could reach across the tether?” I asked.

“Yes.” said The Matal. “But it’s dangerous. And many don’t survive the outcome.”

I stared for a bit. Alina gasped. Natalie blinked. But Jacob and John just nodded.

“It’s only studied by the most powerful of Majics.” said Jacob. “And even then, it’s lethal.”

Deciding it was best, we exchanged little words after that. Jacob and John arranged watch turns. I, eager to help, volunteered. Jacob, without arguing, added me on.

About four hours later, I was aroused by Natalie for my watch. I drank some water, and peered out into the darkness. The lanterns provided little light.

About an hour and a half later, near the last thirty minutes of my shift, I heard a rustling and found that The Matal joined me in my spot against the cavern wall.

“Anything yet?” he asked.

“Nope. Just us.” I whispered back.

He sat next to me. He didn’t wrap his arm around me or kiss me or anything romantic like that, just sat there. As we sat, he whispered, “You know what will happen when we get on the surface, right?”

I looked at him. “Other than saving my sister from the clutches of an evil dark lord, not really.”

He sighed. “News of our marriage has spread everywhere. They’ll want to see a King and Queen united. And that means… well, you know.”

I did. A ton of kissing and holding hands in public and stuff like that. Yay for me. I wasn’t too thrilled to marry so fast. The Matal knew it, but war forced us to.

We watched the still cavern for a while, until it was The Matal’s shift.

“Get some rest.” he advised me. “We’ll be up after my shift.”

I yawned and nodded. Then, in a heap onto my sleeping bag, I fell asleep.


A few hours later, I felt  gentle nudge on my arm.

“Wake up.” a moment later- “Fine.”

I felt a whole wave of cold rush over me. Natalie just dumped a thing of water on me.

I howled in range, then chased her up the cavern, shooting bits of fire at you. Alina laughed, The Matal grinned, while Jacob and John scowled.

“Shush!” snarled Jacob. “Everyone three miles in any direction can hear you!”

I ignored him and finally got Natalie. I tackled her and started tickling her. She laughed and sprayed water in my face.

When we finally both fell over laughing, Jacob helped me up, and I helped her up, and after a final tickle, we started packing.

Deciding to save our food for later, we began another hike. The Matal took first shift lighting up the caves. I realized how cold the water was. To warm up, I summoned a warm light through my clothes. At once they dried, making me warm.

I realized how the ground got steeper, and my legs worked harder to go up the inclines.

The next day, we finally came to  smooth, stone wall with a large door.

John yanked it open and let us inside. He closed it behind him. In the small room was a ladder. Natalie went first, then beckoned us to join her. We climbed up.

It was light. For miles all we saw were rolling hills. The great big blue sky was vast above us. The wind was caught in my hair.

I took a breath. Finally. We were out. But now we were in a world where absolutely anything could happen.

Jacob pointed north. “We’ll go that way. The base should come up very soon.”

We stopped, however, to eat. We ate some more bread and an apple we shared. Then, we began our hike.

We walked for another thirty minutes until we saw some specks in the distance.

“Get ready.” said Jacob.

I held up my hands, along with the rest. We continued walking, our hands ready to summon. John had taken something out of his pockets. When he saw my curiosity, he grinned.

“Smoke bombs.” he said. “Good for a distraction. All they need is a small fireal spark, and they emit a black smoke so thick you can barely breath.”

I nodded. “Good idea. As long as we can get out, I’ll allow you to use them.”

His grin widened as the two figures were close enough to see: two men in blue and red fortas. We relaxed a bit as they rode in front of us.

One with a shaggy beard said, “Who are you? State your name and business.”

The Matal stepped forward. “I, Matal, King of the Majics, am here to go to Base Harper on confidential business.”

The second man, younger, barked, “Show your powers!”

The Matal produced a ball of light. Immediately, the old man faced me.

“Who are you?” he ordered.

“I, The Alimic, am coming with The Matal to go to Base Harper on confidential business. I order you to let us continue our journey with our escorts.”

“Test your power.” said the old man.

In my right hand, I produced a bright light. In the left, a ball of dark magic.

The young one nodded. “It’s dangerous out here. Would you like us to escort you?”

I looked at The Matal. He nodded. “Yes.”

Wit the old man behind us and the Younger one to our left, we continued on.

A few minutes later we saw the base. A large fence swarmed with guards. As we got to the gate, five guards came.

“This is the King and Queen of Majics.” said the young guard.

They immediately bowed down. The Matal took control of the situation.

“Rise.” he commanded.

They rose to their feet.

“I request that you show our commrades here,” he said pointing to John, Alina, Natalie, and Ella. Meanwhile, Jacob stood right next to me.

One nodded. “Commander Wright told us you’d be with us. We have a spare barrack for them.”

“Meanwhile, The Alimic and I must see your commander.” said The Matal.

They let us in quickly. The two on horses nodded and left.

One guard showed the others away, while another one brought The Matal, Jacob and I to the middle of the fort.

The fort had a cobblestone ground, with mostly tents around for armories, meeting rooms, offices, and storage tents. But some tents were also for other things: a baker, there was a clother, and even a candy maker.

There was a few wooden buildings: all in the middle of the fort, where there was a large open area. Groups of six of each summoner was in the square, training with each other to master their talents.

There was a large wooden building with small windows overlooking the square. We went into it. It was lit rather fashionably, with the windows brought open to the wooden downstairs.

There was a large desk with a lady in green and blue, showing she was a tailor.

“Hello.” she said. “Can I help you?”

“The Matal and The Alimic wish to see Commander Wright.” said The guard.

“He’s in his office upstairs.” she said.

We went up the stairs and into a an office. I noted how there was no hallway or doors.

A man sat behind another desk. He was in a red and green heartrender forta. He had graying hair and a mustashe.

He looked up.

“Matal.” he said. “Alimic. You’ve arrived.”

He bowed.

“Now, I assume we should be getting the war plan ready, correct?” said Commander Wright.

“Yes.” I replied.

We went over to a small table where maps were laid everywhere. One large one showing a coast side and The Dark One’s fortress was on top.

We covered every last detail: where troops were placed, how many of each troop, and where they were in each group. The sun was going down when we were finally led away from the building by a guard.

We were put into a guest building, with three bedrooms. Natalie, Ella and Alina were in one room, John and Jacob in another, and The Matal and I in the biggest one.

And there was only one bed.

My mind whirled as I looked out of the window. The Matal said he would be back from seeing about dinner, and I was just thinking. I didn’t want this marriage. I was too young. Well, according to Majics, no I wasn’t. And I was a majic. I had to follow orders, even as a queen.

I took a breath. How did I even get here? I was abducted, The Matal was king, I was a lower, I was training when The Dark One hit the Temple, and I was taken hostage. On our way to the place where I was supposed to marry, I got rescued, taken underground. I saved The Matal’s life. After becoming queen, we ruled any majics loyal to us. Then, we wed.

I remembered the fight I had nearly a year ago. It changed my life. I laughed. All over a glass owl? Really? She threatened me over an owl figurine? She could’ve just bought one herself, couldn’t she? It was stupid!

I was roused from my thoughts when the Matal came back.

“We’ll need to make a speech tomorrow.” said The Matal. “Just so you know. And Commander Wright is getting troops ready. We’ll have just a few to spare.”

I nodded.

He sighed. “Stacy, I know you don’t want to be like…. This. But we have to.”

He took my hand and whirled me around. I looked into his brown, hazel eyes. They were shining.

“I just… I’m not used to it.” he said.

He shrugged. “I’m not either. Guess that’ll just make it better. Or worse. Or both.”

I smiled. “I’ll give it a chance.”

Then, without thinking, I threw myself into him. My lips met his. At first, he looked a bit dazed, but then returned it.

We broke a moment later. I, a bit out of breath, said, “Uh… so….”

He grinned. “Ella, Natalie, and Alina are downstairs. They want you to go with them for a tour of the base.”

“Ok.” I said. “ Let me just get on my forta and I’ll be good.”

I went into my pack and dug through to my forta . It was a bit dirty. I used my tailor skills to freshen it up a bit, do my hair in a quick bun, then go downstairs into the main room, where two couches and some chairs were placed in the wooden room.

“There you are.” said Natalie. “Looking good.”

“Good!” Alina practically shrieked. “She hasn’t brushed her hair in days!”

We all laughed. “Chill!” said Ella. “C’mon, lets go.”

We left. The sun was going down, but the place was still busy. When we got to the square, soliders were still training, and some were at the bakers and sewers, buying some goods.

“I have some coins.” I offered. “Let’s go see a baker.”

“Alright.” said Ella, but Alina stopped us.

“Jacob would kill us.” said Alina.

“He’ll have to kill me.” I pointed out. “I offered.”

She shrugged. “Ok.”

We walked up to the nearest tent with a sign that read:


Baked Goods Sold Here!


I walked up.

A young woman looked up. “How may I help you today?”

“What’s your best baked good?” asked Alina.

“My chocolate chip muffins are quite the seller.” she offered.

“We’ll have seven.” I asked, offering a whole golden coin.

She stared. “Soldiers don’t get paid that much.” she breathed.

“That’s because she isn’t one.” said a voice behind us.

We turned to Commander Wright. He was standing there, relaxed.

“That’s the queen.” he said. “The Alimic.”

The woman’s eyes went wide. “I’m so sorry, majesty. Take whatever you’d like.”

I handed her the golden coin. “Please. Take it.”

She grabbed it and curtsied. Then, she took seven muffins and put them in a bag.

As we left, she continued saying her thanks. Once we detangled ourselves from her, it was getting very dark.

Commander Wright led the way.

“I  don’t suggest you are out so late.” he advised as he led us up the cobblestone path. “The soldiers get a bit…. Rough.”

“Meaning?” I asked.

“They can forget their manners fast.” he said. “I sugguest you go with more guard next time.”

“My friends and I are quite the match for anyone.” I countered. “And I’m sure your soldiers will do well to remember I am their queen.”

As we got to our building, Jacob opened the door.

“There you are.” he said. “Dinner is here.”

“It’s perfectly fine.” I said. “Commander Wright was kind enough to show us back.”

“You were lost?” said Jacob.

“No.” I said quickly.

He sighed. “Alright.”

Commander Wright bowed and left, and the girls and I entered the shabby building.

A dinner of soup, bread, and muffins. I had to admit, the muffin was very good.

“Where did you get these muffins?” asked John.

“A local baker.” I said. “She was kind, and seems to be, very good at baking.”

“I’ll agree.” said The Matal.

I shrugged off the couch. “I’m going to bed.”

“Same.” said Jacob. “We’ll be busy tomorrow.”

“Excellent.” said Alina. “I hate lazing about.”

We all said goodnight and went to bed. The Matal stayed downstairs to give me time to change into s nightgown, and he got dressed downstairs.

We layed in bed, staring at the ceiling. We were silent. Sharing the bed was so wierd, but we kept to our sides of the bed. Still, it was a good sleep.



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