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Lakeside Romance

Status: In Progress

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Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Something I really enjoyed writing and debated showing to the world- so why not the blissfully anonymous internet? I'm no writer and don't plan to be, but I would seriously love to hear any opinions you have.
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Something I really enjoyed writing and debated showing to the world- so why not the blissfully anonymous internet? I'm no writer and don't plan to be, but I would seriously love to hear any opinions you have.


Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



Remember, I thought to myself, be spontaneous, be different, try new things.  I knew if I wanted to experience exciting moments, or the adventures I’d always seen in movies, I would have to put myself out there.  I needed to take a risk, a leap of faith.

I was seated inside our rental house on Crystal Lake in Wisconsin.  All the parents had gone to the other house for “fun time,” meaning they were all going to get wasted and rely on their wonderful nephew (Matt) and niece (me) to take them home.  Around me were my cousins, squeezed in every possible seat in order to gain a good view of Shark Week on the television.  I was extremely aware of a certain body that was pressed against my right side, but I refused to let myself acknowledge the feelings it brought up.  Instead, I averted my gaze from him and leaned around the little cousin that was sitting on my lap for a better look at the screen. 

After a gory ending to a not-so-child-friendly tale (or should I say tail- shark joke), it was time for the younger kids to go to sleep, so while John and Suze went up to our room with droopy eyes, Matt and I piled everyone else into two cars so we could drive them to the other house, where everyone else slept.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open long enough to get there- that is until Jason hopped into the front passenger seat.  God dammit, what was it about the night that made him so much more attractive?  All of a sudden I felt like I’d just chugged three red bulls, and my eyes shot wide open.  Following Matt, I maneuvered my way carefully through the insanely rugged and bumpy dirt road, now suddenly glad I had all this extra energy.  But I had trouble focusing on driving, what with the lights of the car casting perfect shadows across his sharp features.  I tried my best not to look at him, but couldn’t help a few glances. 

We finally arrived, and I parked behind Matt, and then began to help the kids out of the car and into the house.  By the time we got there, the adults had settled down, merely whispering and laughing drunkenly, lounging together in the living room.  I thanked God for this, or else we would never have been able to get the kids to sleep.  Once upstairs, the boys had gotten a bit riled up and were running around, refusing to get into their pajamas.  I helped Matt in the effort to calm them down while Jason took the girls and led them to bed. 

After a few minutes, we seemed to have the boy situation mostly handled, so I went to go check on Jason and the girls.  I peeked into the bedroom to find him sitting beside the youngest, telling her a story about a magical, wish-granting fairy to help her sleep.  I sighed, listening to his soothing voice.  He was so good with kids.  She started to snore just as he was finishing, and he looked up to see me watching from the doorway.  Caught, I stepped into the room and was thankful for the darkness to hide the blush on my face.  I opened my mouth to say something when I was interrupted by a shriek outside.  We walked out of the room to find the boys piling on top of Matt, and, despite his best efforts, he was going down.  We helped pull them off of him, and tried yet again to settle their endless energy.  One of them, named Simon, jumped on my back and said, “I want to go to bed with Millie!”  Jason dragged him off of me and playfully threw him on the couch, then turned to me and muttered, “I think he has a crush on you.”  I rolled my eyes.  It was obvious he did, but it was also obvious that he was 10 and had no idea what love was.  “I know,” I responded, and he looked at me, surprised.  I wasn’t stupid-of course I knew. 

Once the boys tired themselves out, we tucked them in and turned out the lights.  Matt took his parents home, but mine wanted to stay “a bit longer,” which was drunk-parent for “we’ll be sleeping here tonight.”  Just in case, though, I settled in and started a movie upstairs.  Jason came in a bit later with a bottle of whiskey he’d swiped.  “Want some?” he asked, holding it out to me. 

“No thanks,” I answered. “I still have to drive my parents home, remember?”

“Oh please, you and I both know they aren’t going home tonight.”  But he took the bottle back anyway, taking a swig. He sat down next to me, (and I mean right next to me, surprisingly close considering he had the entire couch to space himself) and watched quietly. 

By the end of the movie, Jason had gotten himself pretty hammered, so I took the bottle away from him. 

“Hey, that’s mine!” he complained.

“Sorry, but you’ve had enough.”  I said, standing up.  “I think I’ll take a walk.”  Drunk Jason was making me uncomfortable, and I wanted some fresh air. 

“I’ll come with you.”  He said, standing up surprisingly steadily and following me outside.  He came up beside me as I walked along the lake.  “You know, I didn’t know you were so keen on other’s actions.”  He slurred.


“Simon’s little crush on you.  I didn’t know you noticed.”

“Of course I did. But it doesn’t mean anything.  He’s just a kid.”

Jason paused.  “So if they’re younger, there’s no chance?”

Instantly his face popped into my mind, as he was a year younger than me.  “Not necessarily.  But he’s 10 years old, Jason.”

“Any other preferences, Ms. High-Maintenance?”

I laughed, but the topic of this conversation was making me uncomfortable.  “Um… well I suppose he would have to be taller than me.” I stammered.

“Done. Next?”

What?  “Er- I guess strong.  You know, athletic.”

“So done.  Anything else?”

How drunk was he?  “Why do you want to know?” I asked, confused.

“Well I thought it was obvious.”  He reached his arm around my waist and grabbed me, pressing me against him.  His head lowered so he was looking into my eyes, which had widened in shock.  He was so close to me, our noses brushed together.  “I can’t believe I was actually jealous of Simon and his thing for you,” he whispered.  He obviously wasn’t thinking clearly, so I opened my mouth to object to this nonsense. But he reached his free hand to brush away some of the stray hairs that had been blown across my face, and the words disappeared, rendering me speechless.  His touch sent electricity all over my body that I had never experienced before.  I felt him continue into my hair until he gently cradled my neck.  Suddenly his lips were on mine. 

Most people claim that first kisses are awkward and uncomfortable, but I must say that mine was nothing like that.  He fit me like a puzzle piece, and I instantly forgot about the world around us.  I wasn’t thinking about who he was, who I was, what this meant.  I was consumed by the feeling of those perfect lips dancing with mine.  I reached my arms up to his shoulders, wrapping them around his neck.  I was the one to pull away for air, what with his swimmer’s lungs. 

“Jason…” I breathed, barely able to speak.  It was astounding, the effect he had on me with just one kiss.  I needed to be careful or I might not be able to resist him.

“Come on, I’m your perfect guy.  I’ve got it all- strength, height.  What more could a girl want?” he muttered jokingly.  Nothing, said the reckless voice in my head, whom I promptly told to shut up. 

“I don’t know, I just think-”

“Then stop thinking.” he said, cutting me off.  He grabbed my hips with both hands and thrust them flush with his, then trapped me in his arms as he leaned down to kiss me again.  This time his movements conveyed a fierce determination and hunger that sent my heart ramming in my chest.  His hands roamed my back and hips, surprising me so much that my knees gave underneath me.  Sensing this, I felt his muscles tense as he held me tighter and lifted me closer to him, supporting me.  My chest pressed against his own chiseled one, and I enjoyed the firm feel of it.  After a few more seconds, Jason seemed to be gaining confidence at the positive response I was showing from his advances.  He pulled his mouth away from mine for a second, and gave my bottom lip a sexy nibble.  Surprised and aroused, I opened my mouth with a gasp, and he took his opportunity.  Diving back in, his tongue slipped past my defenses and began working wonders.  I instinctively followed his lead and, despite my conscience screaming at me to stop, slipped out of reality and immersed myself completely in Jason. 

All too soon, he disentangled himself from me, breathing hard.

“My room.” He said huskily, and I nodded.  My sense had gone out the window and was long gone- all I could think about was whatever I needed to do to get back into his arms.  Turns out I didn’t need any alcohol; a bit of boy attention was all it took to send me into a whirlwind of future regrets.  He reached down and grabbed my waist, lifting me so I settled on his hips.  Taking my weight effortlessly, he walked back toward the house while I wrapped my legs around him and nuzzled his neck.  He let out a grunt, and not because of the exertion.  I began to plant kisses along his shoulder and collarbone, and I felt him shiver.  As he walked through the front door, I was relieved to find that the adults had moved to the back patio, and couldn’t see us.  I worked my way up to his chin and cheek, blocking his sight, but he didn’t seem to mind.  He switched his main focus to me and moved his mouth back to mine while using one hand to feel around for his bedroom door.  He found it and pushed his way inside, walking blindly through the dark until he tripped over the bed.  I fell back with a squeal of surprise, and he landed on top of me, laughing.  He lifted himself up on his elbows.  His eyes softened and he paused for a minute, looking down at me.  Then he gave me a soft, slow kiss that made my chest swell with a new, yet equally unfamiliar sensation.  He rolled off of me and rested his head on a pillow, and I moved next to him, laying my head on his chest.  His arm rested around me, comforting and intimate.  We laid there for as long as I can remember.

I was warm.  And cozy.  I felt like I was still in the dream I had just woken up from.  There was a faded light that seeped through my eyelids, telling me it was morning.  I felt him pressed against my back, keeping me safe from everything bad in the world.  His arm was wrapped protectively around me and I felt safer than I had in a long time.  His presence was filling a void that had never been filled before, an emptiness that I hadn’t even realized existed.  I rolled over, nuzzling closer into his chest, and I felt him reflexively hold me, tucking my head under his chin.  I could almost hear an alarm pulsing through the back of my groggy mind, warning me of…something.  But I pushed the thought away, wanting to stay in my euphoria for as long as possible.  I opened my eyes and looked up at Jason’s sleeping face and smiled.  Suddenly it dawned on me.  Jason.  Last night.  The kiss.  I shot up, startling Jason awake, and looked at the clock on the bedside table.  6 AM.  I’d fallen asleep.

“Shit!” I whispered to myself, panicking.

“What? Geez Millie, you scared me!” he said, rubbing his eyes.

“We fell asleep!  I have to go!”

He looked at the clock “Why? It’s only 6. Stay a little longer.”  Tempting as that was, I got out of bed and headed for the door.

“Wait!” he said, scrambling out of his covers to come after me.  I opened the door and stepped into the kitchen, looking for my keys.  “Millie, stop.”  He demanded, catching my wrist.  He pulled me toward him and held me against the kitchen counter, giving me a long kiss.  I savored it, promising myself it’d be our last.  He pulled away but kept his face close to mine.  “Your parents are still here, remember?  You would have slept over anyways.” 

“Yeah, but not in your bed,” I whispered back.

“Whatever. Just say you slept on the couch. It’s going to be ok, Millie.”  His voice was like silk, and I felt myself relax. He pressed his forehead to mine, comforting me.  Soon though, he pulled back and got a mischievous look in his eye.  Oh no.  I needed to end this relationship as a one-night-thing, not further it.  He leaned in, but I slipped out of his grasp, moving toward the fridge. 

“Lets, uh, get some breakfast.  I’m starved!” Jason turned around, looking insulted.  He shook it off, though, and stepped behind me, a bit too close.

“I’m not really hungry.  At least, not for food,” he growled, leaning close to my ear and reached around my waist to hold me near him.  I stiffened at the feel of his breath on my neck, and I knew I couldn’t resist him.  The way he touched me was so natural, like his hands were made to be there.  I turned around and placed my hands on his chest, ready to give in, when I heard footsteps walking thought the living room, toward us. 

I shoved him away from me, maybe a little too hard.  Surprised, he lost his balance and fell backward, knocking over a pot on his way down.  It hit the ground with a loud crash just as my mother walked into the room.

“Oh my goodness! Are you ok, Jason? What happened?” she asked, bending down to help him up.

“Nothing, I’m fine. I just… fell,” he said, giving me a dirty look.  But I pretended to be oblivious and searched the fridge while trying to look innocent.

“Oh dear, you’re bleeding!” she gasped, motherly worry clear in her voice.

I turned around and looked down at him.  A sharp edge of the pot had cut his arm as it fell, and it looked kind of deep.  I knelt down beside him

‘’Oh god, I’m so sorry- uh, that you were hurt,” I added awkwardly.

“It’s fine, its nothing.  Doesn’t feel as bad as it looks.”  He stood up and smiled bravely, but he winced when Mom took his wound to examine it.

“That doesn’t look good.  Millie, take him to the bathroom and help clean him up,” she said, and I knew she had a feeling this was somehow my fault- perhaps the guilty look on my face gave it away.

“Oh- no thanks.  I’m sure he can take care of himself.” I shot a look at Jason to help me out, but he said nothing, just smirked and waited.

“Nonsense, don’t be rude. Help your cousin out, you’re family!”

“Second cousin,” He and I corrected simultaneously as blushes appeared on our cheeks.

“Whatever. Go!” she then promptly shoved us out of the kitchen and towards the bathroom. 

“Thanks for the help back there.” I muttered sarcastically, following him into the bathroom.

“Hey, it’s your fault I got hurt in the first place,” he retaliated, a bit sourly.  I wondered if it was really the cut that was bothering him, or the fact that I was seemingly uninterested in him.

“I said I was sorry.”

“Yeah. Nice save, by the way,” He grinned.

“Oh, shut up!” I retorted, punching his arm.  He winced, and I felt bad all over again.  I reached down and took his hand gently, turning it to look at his injury.  It was still bleeding somewhat heavily, and I wasn’t quite sure how to care for it.  I grabbed some paper towels while he sat on the sink, and pressed them carefully on to it, trying to stop the bleeding.  He grimaced a bit, but it wasn’t too bad, so I pressed a bit harder.  I wet a paper towel and continued to work on cleaning it, and after a while I broke my concentration to realize he had stopped complaining.  I looked up and saw his eyes were on me, watching me as I worked. 


“Nothing.  You look cute when you concentrate.”

I blushed.  No one had ever said anything remotely that sweet to me before, and it felt lovely.  “Um, I think we should put some of this on it.” I pulled a bottle of rubbing alcohol out of the cupboard behind him.  He groaned.

“I know.  But it will help decrease the risk of infection, plus it’ll heal faster.” He still didn’t look very enthused about it, so I leaned a bit closer.  “And maybe, if you’re a good patient, you can have a treat afterwards…” His eyes popped, and he looked at me misceviously.  “Why doctor, that’s not very professional!” 

“Alright, never mind then.”  I said, teasingly getting back to business.  “Get ready, this could be painful.”  I got ready to press an alcohol-soaked cloth in his wound.

“Wait! Wait! Um… treat first?” he begged.

I sighed, looking up at him.  “Alright, I suppose.”  He smirked, gently hooking a finger under my chin and bringing me towards him, kissing me softly.  I was almost so entranced by it that I couldn’t betray him, but I knew he wouldn’t let me otherwise.  So, I pressed the alcohol right onto his cut.

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