The Sa'reals (Feel the Magic, Fame, and Legacy

The Sa'reals (Feel the Magic, Fame, and Legacy

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction




This is the story about 3 young African American males with a destiny involving magic. Their lives will never be the same after one bachelor party!
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This is the story about 3 young African American males with a destiny involving magic. Their lives will never be the same after one bachelor party!

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Bachelor Party of Clinton Staffon

Author Chapter Note

Chapter one starts with a bachelor party that goes left, but I won't spoil it for you. Read and find out for yourself. I'll post a few paragraphs of the first chapter for starts, all commentary is welcome.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 08, 2017




Raleigh N.C – The Hampton Inn on Glenwood Ave

“My idea worked! The ballroom is packed with all my friends, and the strippers have just arrived,” says Clinton Staffon to himself while glancing around.

“Man, this is a nice party, but the rumor is you planned and paid for it all yourself. Is that true,” asks an approaching guest.

Clinton gulps a bottle of Goose, “Man hellll yeah, this is the bachelor party Clinton Staffon! I didn’t want a cheap, half-assed planned one. That is not good enough for a multi-millionaire like me. Have another drink; it’s all paid for thanks to me!”

All eyes are on the strippers as they come in strutting in green, glow in the dark, g-string bathing suits and high heels. None are out of shape and all have huge breasts along with curbs.

The strippers start dancing when one of them eyes a young man who has just walked in and she says, “Hold up! Turn the music off!”

The music stops!

“I want that one that just walked in to come to me!”  

“Hold da fuck up! This is my goddman party. I paid fo dis shit, only I say when the music goes off, and I want all eyes on me,” says a drunken Clinton.

The stripper eyes Clinton who is 6, 3 240 pounds with a bald head. He has a dark brown complexion, and his mustache and goatee connects around his large lips.

“Relax married guy, you will get your turn, but right now I want him,” replies the stripper.

Clinton’s family members calm him down while the D.J turns the music back up.

The stripper gazes at the man who has just walked in standing at 6 foot even, 175. He is light skin with black, wavy hair in an all even cut and has a full but not thick beard. His eyes are blue which is what first caught her attention.

The man smiles, taking a drink as she takes her bikini, bra off dancing on him. She looks him in the eyes with her hands around his shoulders grinding on his lap, “You look like the pretty boy, playa type. What’s your name?”


“You seem so modest Timothy. I’m going to have to change that!”

“I’m very modest, but I love to have a good time,” and Timothy sticks a in her g-string.

All of a sudden, Timothy starts to feel nauseated just as another young man walks in.

When the man steps into the party, he immediately starts to feel nauseated as well, and he spots Clinton at the bar, “Aye man, what the hell kind of party did you invite me too where I haven’t even drunk or ate anything and I feel sick!”

“Oh shit, muthafukn’ Damion, glad to see you made it, now shut the hell up and have a drink, you probably just nervous because you never seen naked women before!”

They laugh, and Damion has a drink despite the pain in his stomach.

Another stripper comes up pulling Damion away from Clinton who raises his tone, “What da hell, did I not pay for all yall bitches to come up in here and take your clothes off and at the same time giving you the chance to make money! I will be damned if I don’t get first dances from all yall hoes! This is my goddamn party!”

But again, the drunken millionaire is restrained by his family before he embarrasses himself and them.

The stripper takes a second look at Damion, who is 6 foot even 185, muscular with an even brown skin tone, bushy eyebrows, and nicely twisted dreads hanging in a corn rolled style well past his shoulders. He has a mustache and thick hair around his chin.

By now, Damion has picked the stripper up letting her grind on him while he holds her in the air momentarily forgoting about his stomach.  

“I see you are not shy at all,” says 2nd stripper as she rubs Damion’s thick eye brows.

“Not in the least,” and Damion grabs tighter grinding back on her.

Damion and Timothy are dancing with the strippers when the pain increases to where neither can no longer dismiss it.

Another young man enters immediately feeling the same pain and a stripper observes him while he holds his stomach. He stands 6 foot even, with a dark skin complexion. She thinks he is very attractive in his slender 160 build. He has only a mustache but the whitest teeth and nicest lips she’s ever seen.

As the stripper goes over to the newest young man, Clinton stops the music screaming, “This is the third time I have been disrespected by some 2 dolla’ hoes! What da fuck! Jamie, I realize you just got here and I mean no disrespect, but I paid fo’ all these bitches and I can’t even get a lap dance at my own party!”

The 3rd stripper ignores Clinton wanting to see about Jamie, but he puts a hand up, “I just came to congratulate Clinton, besides I don’t pay women to dance for me; I have better things to do with my money!”

“I was just..,”

“Now might not be the best time to dance on me anyway, excuse me.”

Jamie runs to the bathroom just as Timothy and Damion do the same.

Clinton is eyeing the strippers, “I want all yall bitches out of my party right now! I will order new bitches that will be respectful! I got money, I can do that,” but millionaire, full of his self Clinton never gets the chance to throw the strippers out because someone else beats him to it!

As the three young men make for the bathroom, the room suddenly starts to shake. and

“Goddamn, am I drunk as hell or is North Carolina having its first earthquake,” says Clinton.

The doors to the ballroom burst open, and standing there is a woman dressed all in army green with daisy dukes, a stripe green sports bra with a small jacket covering her arms open in the front showing her cleavage, and high heels. She is voluptuous with naturally long hair hanging to the middle of her back and her manicured nails are extremely long. She’s beautiful with her 5’11 height and there are six women behind her. They are dressed the same as her, three on each side except they are wearing pants and considerably shorter.

They advance as the tall woman rhymes, “This room is too dark, let the walls be lit burning nothing, and let the fire not end, until I say when!”

At those words of command, all the walls in the room catch on fire, burning a bright orange. The guests try to put out the flames with water and fire extinguishers, but it keeps on burning and oddly enough to them, the fire’s not burning the building down, setting off alarms, or even spreading; it just surrounds the doors and exists!

“No one leaves and no one gets in until I get who I came for, and that is Clinton! Where’s the bastard,” says the tall woman.

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