Dreary Slumber

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Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



I caught the sugar sickness of a damsel in distress. There's a power in my touch . That puts my love to rest. She sleeps in hibernation . Dreams of the constellations. As I connect her wings . I know what I've been missing. Slowly , up her skin I move my hand. My gravity fingers dig in her back . She sighs so long for she can't breathe . The feelings overwhelm She's in love with me.

She knew on the day that she was born . That if she fell in love with me She would be scorned. Could these fairytales become all wrong ? As I sit alone waiting for the coming dawn . She left a hole in my love . Now I pixelate the night of devoid arms. Praying to the gods to release my charms . So I can patch up this hole. Before the emptiness can reclaim it's toll.

Her angelic light makes me bleed. In my nightmares where I awake and scream. If the sickness makes her want to kill. The pieces of heaven residing still . She left a hole in my love. Her words can fill my mouth. She's a puppet master with no way out. I'm a heart on a string . Everything that I don't want to be. I need the end , to patch up this hole.

So I restrain the mourning of my tears. To save me the rest of her remaining years. Lightning strikes in a vinyl storm . one last kiss to lift up her dead arms. I can hear a true voice from under . That evil keeps in a dreary slumber. Somewhere deep inside of her. Is the holiness escaping only to wander. My patience grows , but her lips are thin. The poison signals the sickness again. Another hole in my love. Silence descended from up above.

Now again , i sit alone on the streets she paved. Patiently waiting for the coming age. To patch up this hole. Before I fall ill to the eternal blows.

She finally awakes with hunger pains . Starving for my love in the acid rains. As my soul melts away. It drifts into hell where it will stay. Into the mystic vapors She walks along. Now that my holes are forever gone. A memory buried in a lamented past. A promised rest. Sleeping in peace at last. .

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