Descent into Madness

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Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



I really wish I could go back and start that day again. The days where I was able to laugh and smile, play football or go hiking. Those days, I was happy, free and most of all adventurous. But, nowadays, I can’t even remember if I took my pills today. Sometimes, I don’t even remember the layout of my own room, it feels as if someone, or something, is changing the positions of my property. Maybe it’s the monsters in the closet. I still can have adventures in my room with all my ‘friends’, I mean I have John, or was his name Terry? Well I have lots of ‘friends’ who have come back from the Great War.


Forty-seven years of age, living on my lonesome like I was a lone wolf, lost from its pack, accompanied by the void of madness that I’m slowly descending into, bit by bit. Some days, I’m chained, chained to the bed that keeps me captive, until my end date. Never have I left this room for twenty-three years, it’s because of something, I can’t remember for the life of me. Something to do with my family or something. I will remember later, I always do.


Oh sweet Hannah, she comes to see me each, and everyday. Oh bless her. She reminds me of my sister. Oddly enough, her name was Hannah too, must be a coincidence. Me and Holly talk sometimes about the Great War, I always ask, “How was the time in those filthy trenches” and she always answers, “Muddy as ever”. However, whenever I seem to blink, he seems to disappear. I call out, “Harold, where have you gone?!” I think his name was Harold. He never responds though, I just think he’s playing ‘hide and seek’ in the closet. Maybe he’s the one that moves everything!


Dr Philip came sometime last week. Wait... Is it Saturday or Sunday? It doesn't’t matter, anyway he made a visit to me. I would have got myself ready before he came but, the monsters in my closet must have strapped me to the bed as I wasn’t able to move my arms or legs. The Doctor came in and with a polite greeting of, “Hello Mr Charles, we have some news.” Delightful, it must have been from Craig.  I delightfully asked, “Is it that letter, the one I was promised sometime ago from the Great War?” Dr Charles must have seemed upset with the way he glanced at me. His eyes, which seemed to be owned to the saddest animal in all the lands. Trying to find his tongue I said, “Are you going to spit those words out?” He took a deep breath and said, “God has a greater plan for you…”


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