Hot Chocolate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

When you remember something you shouldn't have remembered.

I'm just wondering about how my day at work will end today. I'n not losing my job, I mean, it's Friday and I'm just thinking if it would go just fine. I've been hearing a lot of issues lately yet I try to divert my attention to less-stressing stuff. Always been like that since then. How long have I been running?
Setting that aside, I realized how quick the time passes by. First half of the year is ending soon. I looked at my watch and thought maybe I left home early. I'm almost at my workplace. The passenger sitting beside me seems to be talking to himself. We're the same, but at least I keep everything inside my brain.
The sun is looming behind the fluffy clouds. How I wish I could fly and scoop some of that cloud and put in a jar. Sounds weird yet wonderful. Daydreaming never fails me. 
I am finally at my workplace. My cellphone's low on battery, gotta charge it. I wish I could go to salon soon, my hair is getting dry and long. Maybe some hair treatment as well. It'd Friday anyway, and long weekend is up after this. I deserve pampering for surviving the week.
I turned on my computer and stare at the monitor for a few seconds until my office mate approached me.
"You like hot choco?" she asked.
"Yeah sure." I said.
She handed me over a cup of hot choco. I thanked her of course.
I keep on trying to remember the last time I had a hot choco drink. A little cloudy but I'm getting there. 
Now I remember.
It was a year ago. I could still the remember the person sitting across the table eating pancakes with me. I remember eating pancakes, too. I don't usually buy though. Actually, I never did. It's a waste of money.
Beside the pancakes was a hot choco. 
Oh damn, I remember. 
It is something I should have never remembered.

Submitted: June 09, 2017

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