Hurt And Life

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everything happens for a reason, maybe it is not the time yet to know it but soon you will be thankful for the hurts

Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



Once I did experience hurt, can't deny that it too bad at its time, bad to the level that I lost the sense of which day are we and who are around me (literally) I was not able to feel the world around me and did not know where am I heading to. When time passes I did get the lesson from life, sometimes it is a good thing to be hurt it's the life way to wake you up, so you can figure out what you are doing and go back to the right path, don't be afraid to go and experience life again because to be afraid is to be dead while you are alive, being hurt doesn't mean being broken. Stand up and be prepared for the next lesson. The scars in your heart will remain, but those scars will make you stronger for the next stage of your life. even if your darkness was too long just be patient the sun will rise sooner or later.

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