Watchmen And the Troubles Of Light

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Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



The pits chew me up . The heavens spit me out. From a lunar shadow , I am born again. She cloaks these desires made of lethal pretends. Until the end times begin. Here she is in madness. An illusion of a lasting sadness . A key to a new conception baring seeds of a deadly deception. My brethren guide my yearn. By the light of a lantern with an everlasting burn. As my virgin heart is required to learn . To owe the love that can't wait it's turn.

Lunar angels , Sister of the night. Walks with an army to penetrate my life. Allow the pain to seep into a world so strange . Where devotion to beasts Is forever slain. I shouldn't have meddled Clearly she's insane. A haunted gauntlet who's name is shame. She tells me all her thoughts about the stars that fill polluted skies. And grants to me my fortune. The place in time where I will die.

Only those watchmen . Allies to my side . Can bring me the power to force my heart to thrive . Beaten and demolished . From the hands of a crime. Written on a stone by the one in the sky. She is heaven inside hell. A liquid that dries in a well. A luring corpse with a unending veil. A voice with a tempting song. That synchronizes melody with a December black psalm.

My brethren saviors fail to know the secrets of a shallow love that can swallow dedication whole. But in my mind , as I go floating far above the clouds. I close my eyes and fall for certain. Not thinking that she'd live forever.

The watchmen bring the light that flickers and fades. Dimly lights the path and glows the way . To my resting place. . Then I knew exactly where I was. I knew the meaning of this life. I knew the emptiness of youth. I knew the destruction in her heart. I knew the vacancy I curled. And I knew the silence of the world .. Now she stands with her head held high. From the distance of the sun . Where a beaming light will forever shine. .. Now I am just another forgotten life. .

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