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commentary - this is one of my favorite writings. this is about the emotions I was going through because my ex is literally 5 minutes from me but things are not as they should be. this piece was
inspired by Salvia Palths "girl".

Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017




I stare at my phone some nights

And I pray to god

That you write me or you’d call

Why don't you call?

You could save me

From myself, or this darkness

You said your hearts broken, but it’s you who’s doing this

You say, there’s nothing worth saving

And that’s where I draw the line

Why do I love you?

You always hurt me...

you told me you’re sleeping with other guy's

I wanted you to be mines forever

And I, could never forget your face

but you say you smile more now that I’m gone

Blood on the walls

but you girl, you never cared at all

And I told you, that god wants us to achieve

you shouldn't have given up on me

I stare at the phone and  I wait for your call

But you let me down, you don't feel anything

One day we’ll sit and laugh and eat again

I feel you like, hazy family memories

So warm, dark lit

Candles, when we make love again

And I will tell you “I loved you the entire time”

As I pull down your jeans and underwear

You’ll make all those noises, I used to hear

And you will say,

“after we’re done, you cannot stay”

And I’ll drive home

and you will text, to see if I made it back


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