Can't be saved

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Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



I forgive you! I forgive you! 
I'm trying to say it, as loud as I can, because you can't seem to hear me. 
I don't understand! 
You just keep asking, your cries echoing in my head. Bouncing off my brain, something starts to ache. 
I try again, to comfort you, but your inconsolable. Yelling that your sorry, and holding me close. 
I'm watching from above, but it's not a scene I recognize. 
The sound of your broken sobs vibrate off the walls around is. I'm in your arms, but you can't seem to hold me tight enough.
There is red, so much red, so vivid in the light, glinting off of the tiled bathroom floor.
Are you hurt?
I'm sorry, I say. Or at least I try. I must've done something wrong, if your crying so much! 
Nothing but silence comes from me. 

Down below, I can see me looking right at you, horror in my eyes. 
Still, I can say nothing, as you continue to beg. 

The screaming begins, becoming louder with each passing moment. 

Your begging me to stay, but  I don't understand, I'm right here! 

Your voice is becoming softer under the roar in my ears. 

Suddenly I drift, floating further  away.
You and I become distant shadows down below. 
Everything brightens, and I'm really just a bit sleepy. 

Then I realize, 

I was the one screaming. 

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