october 31st part 3: farewell skully

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Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



October 25th April and Jasper got released from Jail, Father Matthew went to go pick them up from Lakesville prison, Father Matthew asked where am I dropping you guys off, April replied! to my House. I am so disappointed with you April and Jasper why did you guys do that for? We’re Sorry Father we will make sure it won’t happen Again, it better not! Father Matthew had an angry look on his face as he taken off, to drive back to the Church. it was nine-o-clock when Father Matthew arrived at the church, the power went out, he was not expecting that! He went in his office to grab a torch, and made his way outside to check the electricity box. when he fixed the electricity Skully appeared in front of him, then he, punched Skully in the face! he was running as fast as he can, But! Not quick enough! Skully Teleported straight to Father Matthew, Skully grabbed him with one hand and chucks him to the ground he walks slowly towards Father Matthew, and cuts his head off with a machete, Skully then cuts all his body parts, picked it all up, then went to go put it all in the casket inside the church. The next morning Sister Gloria made her way to the church, she saw blood foot-prints leading to the casket, she seemed frightened! She slowly walks to the casket, then opens it! As she pants, while covering her mouth, Gloria had tears coming out of her eyes and said oh my god! She quickly dialed nine-one-one explaining everything to Detective Leroy, he wants her to stay calm. On the phone Gloria was breathing heavily she was having a heart attack, Gloria! You there! Gloria! Detective Leroy rushed his way to the church, he sees Gloria on the ground, he called an ambulance and told them to get to the church Quick! Gloria! Gloria! Stay with me! The ambulance suddenly arrived, they put Gloria on the bed then they lifted the bed and putted her in the back of the ambulance van. Detective Leroy called April, and asked for her and Jasper to come visit Sister Gloria at the hospital, when April and Jasper arrived, they were looking at Sister Gloria laying on the bed, Detective Leroy left the room and went to talk to April and Jasper, they asked why does she look upset? When they heard the news that Father Matthew got murdered they were in shock, April says see what I mean the more people are alone and not safe Skully is going to keep doing this, I know you guys are upset we haven’t caught the son of a bitch yet, Jasper had an angry tantrum and said to Detective Leroy my brother and her sister are dead now father Matthew is dead too, you’re a fucking cop, do your job! Come on April, let’s go! As they stormed off, and left the hospital. April and Jasper went to Lakesville Cemetery to visit Oliver and Cindy, Jasper wanted to do a surprise for April, that will make Oliver and Cindy proud of him, Jasper looks straight at April, he bends down on one knee, April! Will you marry me? She says in a happy teary voice, yes! they were both excited, Jasper speaks to Oliver and Cindy, telling them the good news, April and Jasper said their goodbyes and they will see them again.









Another Special Surprise in Lakesville! Eric and Jamie are all grown up, they are both twenty-three years old, they decided to get married as well, the same like April and Jasper. Father Matthew’s Assistant Father Quinn, said he is happy to be in charged for the two special weddings, the wedding date is on October 31st (Halloween) Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright were sitting on the chairs at the front, having a good conversation, she went inside to cook dinner while Mr. Cartwright wanted to sit outside for a few minutes, when he got up! Skully was speed walking towards Mr. Cartwright, then axed him in the face, Skully Grabbed and bought him inside. Mrs. Cartwright looks straight at Skully, holding Mr. Cartwright, as he pushes him to the ground, she panicked! Then she went to grab a knife and use it against him, he quickly gets his hand and slapped her across the face, Skully grunts when he stabs her three times. Jenny went next door to their house she walked inside, Hello! Mr Cartwright! Mrs. Cartwright! Soon as she walked in the kitchen, she screamed! and ran back home to tell her mum, they called the Ambulance and the police, they were on their way to Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright’s House. Detective Leroy called Father Quinn, telling him the horrified news, Father Quinn arranges the funeral for tomorrow and he told Detective Leroy, to tell everyone in town to come, Family, Friends, everyone! alright I will see you tomorrow Father. It’s been nine years since Jenny and Jamie haven’t seen each other, Jenny rocked up at Jamie’s House, Hey Jenny! Hey Jamie! Eric! Is there something wrong? you look upset! come in! they sat down, Jenny explained to Jamie and Eric that Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright are dead! Jenny! I’m so Sorry! You guys look good your very Happy together, we got some news but if your upset it’s not good to talk about it, nah it’s alright tell me! Eric and I are getting Married wow that’s good Congratulations, they both replied thanks, you’re coming, right? yeah of course! there’s two weddings! Ours! then, April and Jasper’s both weddings are on the same date, October 31st that’s kind of creepy because of Halloween yeah true. Ok I will see you guys at the wedding, have a good night! you too! Jenny was on her way walking home, her mum said, Jenny its late! where have you been? I went to visit Jamie and Eric! Their getting married, so is April and Jasper, when is it? Both on the same date October 31st that’s odd! because of Halloween, that’s what I said! Anyways I’m off to bed, Night! Night love! Since tomorrow is Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright’s Funeral Jenny went straight to her room, she Kneeled on her knees! And, prayed for them! tears were coming out of her eyes, she grabbed some tissues and wiped the tears from her eyes, she laid down in bed, and went to sleep.











The Residents in Lakesville, Family and Friends! are off to the Cemetery to celebrate the sad life of Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, A loving couple who’s been together for seventy-four years, they will be missed, name of the father the son the holy spirit, they all say together, Amen! Jenny did a Eulogy for them, saying in a tearful voice Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright were wonderful Neighbours, loving and caring people! they did not deserve this, they mean a lot to me I will miss you guys a lot, Jenny wanted to present a song to them, the Audience were proud of her, Father Quinn thanks Jenny for all the good work she put in, everyone all had their moments to pray and say goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright! they all left the cemetery, walked to their cars, then headed home. Detective Leroy went to the hospital to check on Sister Gloria, when he went to the room he saw that she wasn’t there, and he asked doctor Hernandez, where Gloria is! He said to him I’m sorry the heart attack got worse, she didn’t make it! Detective Leroy left the hospital in tears and drove to April’s House, Jasper was there as well, he explained the news about Sister Gloria’s heart attack to them, it’s hard for everyone in lakesville, the whole town is like a huge family and they all stick together.

October 31st (Halloween) a nice sunny Afternoon, the day has suddenly come, Family and Friends in Lakesville, are gathered here for two special weddings Eric and Jamie! Jasper and April! Everyone at the wedding had a smile on their faces and were very proud, April’s mum Tiffany and Jasper’s Dad Ralph turned their heads and saw Skully staring from the window, they quickly got up and ran out the church, April and Jasper went to get their mum and dad to come back in. after the wedding was finished they went to the hall to celebrate, they had food, drinks, cake and had time to dance and have a good night for the brides and the grooms. The first to dance was Eric and Jamie, second became April and Jasper, then everyone else got up with their partners and danced for the whole night, Jamie, Eric, April and Jasper thanked everyone for coming and, they appreciated it. The wedding has finished, before everyone left! they went to the brides and grooms, they hugged them and said congratulations, it looked like everyone had a fun night! because it was a long day, they were getting restless, then they all headed back home to lakesville! Jamie had a nightmare vision about how to kill Skully, the only way he dies, Jamie must do it.








Jamie was making her way to Skully’s House, she sees Skully standing outside the front, she Rams her car into Skully! she grabbed an axe from the car boot, Skully looks at her! and says! Jamie I’m begging you! she answers in an angry voice, Go to Hell! She Chops Skully’s head off then, starts chopping all his body parts, she started a fire, then dumped the head and body parts into the fire, The Lakesville Residents were very Happy and they never heard of Skully Again, he is now with the devil and that’s where he belongs. 

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