A Personal Letter To God

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This is a letter to God written on my reading wall here. I keep silence how it will be interpreted. From all this message I hope you have a blessed day here. :)

Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



When all my life a true father be the very heart of God in our destiny,

I ask you listen as long as you can remember,

When God planned this creation,

This exact time spend for your perfection may offer more than where we will be in time again,

Where all you are God given comes from the very hands of this provider who meets all your needs,

What has happened for you plans,

May you know this,

Always be filled with hope,

Your future loved this epic with everlasting faith within,

God knew about this unconceived being even before you were not familiar in all your ways,

For your show in this existence is made in Gods image,

A day I was born so moved by what I saw written in this book,

When love weave our talk back in its forgotten pages,

A strange feeling of peace in my eyes watch those events at home,

This way for life ahead may parade beautiful petals in every spoken word,

May the song of love become those thief in every listening ears,

Unless ultimate truth disguise my every habit for the hope I seek here,

My grants from Mother Earth never be its fragile victim on this unknown understanding,

All creation may be my heritage I will live for a journey from its dignity,

Our time may not be pits on the swearing the name of one God in every earth religion called humanity,

Whatever golden tribute I am willing to pay in this worldy life may be pursued within my mind,

Countless your voice may rejoice this song,

God never stops HIS crafts being lost,

Like Gods treasured possession,
HIS soul in this desire I try to establish in me,

This greatest creation God has given my marvelous existence undone,

When your faith find me carries from the bottom of all this heart,

I listen every desires your heart gave for our delight moved with peace,

Possibly I am unimaginable to do more for you,

For God is our greatest encourager,

My true father stood by this side in all my troubles,

I find HIS comfort may wipe every tears when I am close to brokenhearted,

For all the pain I suffer as take away in this life,

I am revealed Gods human representation as Jesus,

With HIS ultimate sacrifice,

In HIS eyes of love I ask for peace, wisdom and strength;

Today I want to look at the world understanding everything with patience and silence,

Helping a memior of my existence with humble, gentle and good;

Please make my story in this life ahead,

Never ignoring all my past experiences,

When I look into those appearances,

I seek a time that calls for,

Appreciating the goodness in everyone,

For you see others as they are blessing that remain with us,

When my tongue speak no evil,

Today I dont layoff fair intentions,

For us your presence make us fortunate,

Father, wrap my costume in your kindness;

Where days reflect your perfection in us,

My heavenly father,

Thank you for our challenging life howsoever on this Earth,

Thank you for your gifted free will to inspire love with care and to be loved,

Thanking happiness in very tears of love I can overcome adversity,

If I ask you something today,

A hope for an end to world suffering, pain and wars;

A happiness for a beginning of a world filled with light and everlasting love,

A harvest I can always thank you for this health we are blessed here,

Finally Thank You reading for this love letter,

May you may answer our call solving all problems worth investing this time,

A story for I may be here. :)

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