Bell to Kill

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Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



Genre: “Short Story”

Title: “Bell to Kill”


Thunder! Light! It was, what he said to me that day, he was so kind to me. The gravestone tell me strange story, “Why are the letter in cursive” then I thought, “Why people leave the world quickly”, I meant the good people. I went to the Church then, everybody were busy in their prayer. Everybody was saying, “he was too good, such a pious man”. I heard even more gossiping, “He was like an angel”. Another voice approached me nearby, “May God blesses his soul, and he was such a charming personality”.

I feel exhausted and wanted some relief and rest but suddenly, the bell ring at the door. As the bell ring randomly owl screaming came, “Stop!.......... Oh GOD mercy……..! Please don’t………” I was lost in my deepest thoughts. When I come to normal awareness the bell was still on ringing. I approach cautiously with curiosity of fearful joy. It was my neighbor, who said, “Hi, Max! I have lost the keys of my apartment, if you wouldn’t mind I’ll spend the night here”. I was still in that deepest thoughts, he punch his tomb and said, “Hey Max!  Wouldn’t you mind if I spend the night here with you”. I said, “No, it will be my service and pleasure”.

It was mid night, when suddenly, I awoke from my nightmare dream. I was like a thirsty sparrow looking and searching for the water. I walked straight to the yard; I thought there must be some water. But what I found, I was shocked! It was a terrible sight, you won’t believe it what I saw with my innocent eyes. I was terrified and vex, feeling that still I’m dreaming. The Max was sitting on the floor, doing a kind of meditation but what I saw, was those twenty one spirits like shape around him. There was a loud murmur, “Max! Will you chill on the blood of others”. Max agreed, “Yes”. There was another voice from the side like a little child, “Will you eat the rotten meat of the others”. Max agreed, “Yes, I will”. The third one cried in womanly manner, “Will you give your faith and religion for this pride to be one”. Max laughed on and said, “I have already done that so”. Then there were clapping and a chorus song;



Bat and Rat friends for witch,

Right and wrong bubbling in ditch,

Right and wrong bubbling in ditch,

Human, Human, Ay Human,

Bloodshed, Bloodshed, Bloodshed Union,

Right and wrong bubbling in ditch,

Right and wrong bubbling in ditch,

Any beast and an angel pitch,

Right and wrong bubbling in ditch,

Right and wrong bubbling in ditch,

Drumming your ego for fame,

Never to think for such shame,

Right and wrong bubbling in ditch,

Right and wrong bubbling in ditch,


He was in full ecstasy that he was kneeling and bowing to those spirits, I believe so. One spirit cried, “You have blessed with eternity now”. The spirits were sharing their hands in his hair like a preteen age child in mother lap. There were twenty one lanterns, I think so. But what my heart provoked was, “He’d been astray from the path”. This voice, yes! This voice aroused my anger for such a bloody thirst Murder. It was like coming from the deepest dark hell. Oh Murder! Murder! I shouted. I picked up a knife on the nearby table and walked slowly towards him. The clock struck on 2 A.M. I don’t know what happened to natural atmosphere, as there came strong wind with high storm and light. The sound of thunder told me, “Oh! Yes, you’ve to do this job”. The wind appreciated my struggle too. I went straight to like hungry leopard for the prey and mark in arch in his stomach.

I heard sorrowful last words, “Oh God be merciful…………..On me……………Please!............Stop”. But I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t. I strongly hit him on head to the floor. There was red blood like old red wine of Rome. I felt the smell; a smell was like a collection of Jasmine flowers. I don’t know, my sense did not perceive the true smell. What was it smell like. My hands were red like a bride preparing their hands for marriage ceremony in East. Suddenly, the bell ring, “Bell to kill”. “Oh, yes, kill to bell”. What nonsense! In haphazard voice I cried, “What…………I hav…….. Done….” What, a murder, murder of a human. “Oh, no!”,The ring faster and faster. I turn out my voice like a frog in happy summer, Thunder! Light! Storm! With flash of light I read a notice on the wall.

“Don’t …………………………..judge……………………..Outer”

These three words, I don’t know. What was there more on…..! The bell sound became faster. Hush! I picked up the knife and cut my throat.



© Copyright 2018 Wisal Ahmad (Dwaa Mady). All rights reserved.

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