Happy Birthday

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complicated relationship

Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



I left a card on your chair.  I can’t hand it to you I can’t make people stare, because when people stare people wonder and when they wonder, then they talk.  So I deliver it on the sly and leave it there for only you to find.  It is a simple smile shared intimately between two people.  Almost innocent, almost ok.  But there are worlds within that almost.  Worlds of secrets, worlds of lies, worlds of alibis.  

You will open the seal knowing it was my lips, my tongue that touched it last and your fingertip will linger there, your strong hands will release the card from its sheath gently, one finger slipped inside to open its pages wide, letting you deep into its secret the hint of my perfume lingering left behind in the dark folds, moisture from my breath conjured in your ear hearing my voice a sensual whisper reciting the words sharing the almost with you. 

Almost a lover, almost a fire, almost an answer, almost an end.  Happy Birthday my friend.

KHD 2017

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