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Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



If I wake from this sleep with you. I fear my nightmares will come true. Restless riddance to the forecoming sounds of hearts buried in shallow grounds . Keep this love within a coma . Never to smell my lustful aroma. Translucent shadows in an arc of possession. Moving swiftly into a cry's recession. Do I partake in that day of doom ? Or fall to slumber under a harvest moon?

So many scars that wonder within a mutilated skin . Healing slowly before it begins again. You sleep sound in your tired body now . As I play the part of a saint on my knees. Morning pain and misery. Lonesome whispers through the trees. Her ageless beauty is like a breeze. That fills my lungs for me to breathe. I'll always need her more than she will ever need me. Although that she pollutes my mind . A different someone is so hard to find. In amidst this heartbreaking slaughter . I wonder why I even bother ?

I'm counting the blessings underneath a devil's shell . Picking my pockets from the pitts of hell. A heart's slow death , seared with pain . A soul who wanders in a fire reign. Into thy stars where goodness gazes below. Wondering why true love never shows? I find a place of serenity . To escape the claws of reality .

Star light , Star bright , my intuition has lost it's fight. Beauty glass in soft blue eyes . My vision bleeds the tears of sight. To see nothing but pain forever more. Wondering why I love her to the core ?

I walk in my wonderland , in a flame ever so bright . Dragging my heart on a chain. In a devoted valley that will never be the same. Star light , Star bright , Please keep her with me... For just one more night. ..

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