The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter 110

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Chapter 110

"Hey. Have you guys seen Briar?" Chey asked Noah and Angel concerned.

She had been dancing with them and then she wasn't. They hadn't paid much attention since they were drinking and having fun.

Now that they had decided to leave they couldn't find her.

"Wasn't she dancing with you guys?" Noah asked not the least bit concerned.

"She was but we've been looking for her and she's not here. We have got to find her. What if she's in trouble?"

"She isn't." James put his arm around her shoulders. He was getting worried but he had to take control of the situation. "I think one of us should look outside. Try her cell phone again."

"Isn't this her purse?" Angel waved to the one on the counter. She had noticed it when they had first arrived. She had seen Briar next to it before she had downed her drink to get away before Noah could notice her.

"That's it. She wouldn't go anywhere without it."

"I'll call a few friends of mine and they can come help us. We can also stop people in the entrance and ask if they've seen her." Linc told them.

He and Charlie had arrived late and they hadn't seen Briar at all. They hadn't even known that she had come until they were told to help look.

"We'll go look outside." Noah said. "Will you help me?" He asked Angel.

"Of course."

"Maybe that friend of yours can help too."

"Right." She looked around the crowded club for Eli. She couldn't find him. Now that she remembered she hadn't seen him since she told him to fuck off. She had been rude and she didn't regret it.

She did however remember that there were consequences to her actions. When Eli was upset the whole world needed to look out.


"What is it?"

"It doesn't look like he's here. He probably went back to the hotel." She said trying to brush it off as nothing. "I'll text him to see." She took out her phone and sent him a quick text. 'Where the hell are you?'

It took a few seconds for him to reply. 'Hotel. Nowhere near Hell. I wish though."

'Please tell me you didn't take a snack.'

'Better. I had dinner.'

"Mother..." She pinched the bridge of her nose. Her phone pinged.

'Tell that ex lover of hers and her family that she's with me. Alive. They will see her tomorrow when she awakes.'

'They better.' She turned off her phone and cleared her throat to get the attention of those around her. They were still trying to figure out where to look for Briar or decide to call the police.

They looked at her and quieted.

"What is it?" Noah asked her.

She smiled as if nothing was wrong. "Briar is fine. I just texted my guy friend and they are together."

"Where?" James asked. "And why did he take her?"

"It seems that they took an interest in each other." She clicked her tongue. "She's fine. She'll see you guys tomorrow is my guess. Right now they are in his hotel room."

It was enough hint for them to understand what went on.

"Get it girl. Man, I thought Briar wasn't going to let loose tonight. She definitely needed it." Ava grinned. "Your friend is H-O-T. I bet she had fun."

Mitch sighed. Ava was beyond drunk, there was nothing he could do to keep that pretty mouth of hers shut at a moment like this.

Noah's jaw clenched.

He shouldn't feel the rush of jealousy but he couldn't help it. To think of Briar with Eli. Why would she do something like that? Why would she jump into the arms of another?

Maybe she never cared for him at all.

"Well, guess we should all go home." Charlie stifled a yawn and took Linc's arm. At least her cousin was okay. Otherwise what kind of psychopath would let them know that he had her.

"I had a great time! Love you all!" Ava blew kisses to all of them as Mitch half carried her out towards the exit of the club. She stumbled along and giggled. "I had the best night tonight."

He sighed and picked her up to cross the street. She held tight to him as he walked to his car. He set her on her feet while he fished for his keys.

She kept her arms wrapped around his neck. "Mitch...look at me."

He smiled as he found his keys and looked at her.

"I think I'm falling in love with you. Don't know why I feel like I should tell you but I do."

His smile stilled. "Ava..."

"Shh...I don't want to hear you say you don't love me or you're not falling in love with me." She pouted. "I don't want to get hurt right now. Let's just keep this little secret between us. No one can know because then they'll find a weakness in me." She lifted a hand and touched his cheek. "You are my weak spot and someone could get to me through you. Laney too, although that's pretty obvious because she's my kid."

"I'll keep your secret." He promised. "Come on."

He unlocked his car and let her in. Once she had her seatbelt secure he got on his side. He drove them to his place. It was late and as drunk as she was, she probably wouldn't find her bedroom at her house.

He lived in a modest apartment complex. He helped her out and up the stairs.

Inside his place he took her to his bed and started to take off her shoes. When they were off he put the blanket over her.

She snuggled into the soft material. "Thank you for taking care of me."

"Don't worry about it." He got in next to her and stared at her face. She looked carefree and calm. Her eyes drifted shut. "Ava...I want to share a secret with you." She probably wouldn't remember this in the morning.

"Hmm?" She continued to keep her eyes shut.

"I think I'm falling for you too."

She smiled. Her breathing evened out and he knew she was asleep. He turned off the light and went to sleep.


Austin finished up with the prostitute he had found on the street and pushed her away. She wiped her mouth and stood up to get her bag.

He was enraged and needed release. He had told Ava that he wanted to see her tonight but the little bitch had written back that she was going to be busy.

He thought he didn't need someone like her and went out looking for a replacement.

Angrily he zipped up his pants. He got his release but he wanted Ava on her knees not some cheap whore.

Not that Ava was any better. She was an expensive whore, that's what he thought of her. An expense he wanted in his bed when he ordered it. Not when she decided to grace him with her presence.

If she thought that she was going to be managing him then she was dead wrong.

He took charge and he made the orders. It didn't matter that she was Dom's daughter. She was a woman that needed to learn her place.

She reminded him so much of Randy. Just like her, she needed breaking in.

He should not have remembered that slut. He had gone over to her apartment only to find out that she was no longer living there. The landlord said something about her leaving the country.

Then he had paid for information on Grant and Sophie. Only to find out that they too had left the country.

Needless to say it had blown him away that Randy thought she could double cross him. Oh, she was going to regret it once she came back. They all were.

He left the motel and drove to the warehouse. It was late and he wanted to do something other than go home alone.

He checked his phone on the way. No message from Ava.

He didn't need to be waiting on her. Parking the truck outside of the warehouse he sent her a text.

'Meet me tomorrow at my house. Wear only a trenchcoat with fucking sexy underwear. 8 pm.' He hit send and got out of the truck.

She had better be there or else he was going to show her what happened when one didn't do what he said.

"Austin." Lenard greeted him as soon as he passed the double doors. He was with a group letting them know what to expect for the shipment at midnight. "What are you doing here?"

"My job. You got a problem with that."

"Take it up with the boss. He's in the office. I heard you weren't supposed to be here."

"Like hell." Austin went into the hallway leading to his old office. He opened the door without knocking.

Juliet was on the desk talking to Kerim who was sitting on the chair. Her cold eyes regarded Austin silently.

"Lenard told me that I'm not supposed to be here. What does that fucking mean?"

Kerim glanced at his wife. She smiled in an icy manner. "That means exactly what he said. You are not supposed to be here. You fucked up the last shipment. At the moment you are on...what do people call it?" She smacked her lips. "Ah yes...probation."

"You have no right to do that. I did nothing wrong. I checked the shipment and it was short."

"I find that hard to believe. Juliet, Lenard and I rechecked everything on sunday and it was perfect. You unrightfully accused Dalton of being treacherous." Kerim told him. "I'm trying very hard not to kill you already."

"What's stopping you?" Austin took a step forward.

Juliet gave him a warning look. "A few questions and issues are stopping us for the moment. Once we get the answers we want...well...there won't be anything in our way."

"My way, love." Kerim corrected her.

She rolled her eyes. "Fine. Kerim's way. Go home Austin. You are starting to look ragged and not up to par. You should try and fix that before it lands you in more trouble."

Austin kept at bay all he wanted to tell her. Instead his mouth twisted into a cynical smile. "As you order...boss."

She grinned.

He turned on his heel and slammed the door close behind him. He held himself in check until he got outside. There with a cry of rage he kicked the tire of his truck.

He would show them. He would get back at Dom and his family.

He took a calming breath.

Oh, he would get back and he would make Dom beg on his knees not to hurt more of his family.

The one he would start with was Ava.

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