The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter 111

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Chapter 111

Noah insisted on walking Angel up to her hotel room. She thought it wouldn't be a problem. She was also too busy thinking of what she was going to say to Eli.

What the hell had he been thinking? Actually that wasn't the problem. He thought himself rightful in whatever he wanted to do.

"This is me." She stopped her brother. Huh, brother. It had a nice ring to it.

He took out his hands from his pockets and instead rested them on his hips. "So...I had a good time with you at the club."

"Me too. I liked finding out more about you. You're turning out to be a great guy. More than I expected." Her brow furrowed.

She didn't want to start caring for him but it was too late. She had come thinking on getting her revenge and leaving. Then she found out she had a brother and had wanted to see what kind of person he was. Now...she couldn't let it interfere with her mission yet she didn't want to do anything to hurt him.

"I guess we'll keep in contact. Maybe go out for coffee."

"Or dinner." He smiled slightly.

She nodded slowly. "Yeah, dinner could be nice too. Goodnight Noah."

He went in for the kill. He thought everything had been going well between them and he knew she liked him. They had laughed and talked, enjoying their time together. At least until he got upset because Briar left with Eli.

That could also have a bit to do with why he went in to kiss Angel.

Just as she saw it coming she shoved him hard and made a noise of disgust. "What the fuck?! Were you going to kiss me?! Oh my god!"

He was completely taken by surprise. "Yes, I thought..."

"He was right. I can't believe Eli was right. You were flirting with me. You've been flirting all night." She started pacing in the hallway. "Oh god."

"I thought you flirted back. I'm sorry." He felt embarrassed. "I shouldn't have assumed. I swear I won't see you again." He turned to leave but she called him back.

"Noah, wait." She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Look, it's not that you gross me out or anything. Although thinking about you kissing me definitely grosses me out but not because of you. It's more of who you are to me. I'm not making sense."

"You really aren't."

She turned to her door and unlocked it. "Come in. We've got to talk."

He was hesitant but he followed her in. He was curious to know what exactly they needed to talk about.

Her room was pretty regular for the most part. It was a small suite. There was a connecting door that led to the one next room like it was stationary.

She went and plopped down on the sofa. "You can sit next to me. I won't bite."

He slowly made his way to her and sat down.

"I promised your mother that I wouldn't tell you anything. Seeing as you tried to kiss me, I think I should break that promise. We cannot have misunderstandings. You may think you like me that way but it's for a different reason why you like me. I feel a connection to you and the reason why and me...we're...well..."

He put a hand on her shaking knee. It was not meant as a sensual touch. It was to let her know that it was fine and she didn't have to be nervous.

She didn't know why she was so damn nervous. She was a fearless person. "You're my brother."

"Excuse me?"

"Half brother to be precise."

He frowned. "That's not possible. I'm not your brother or half brother."

"You are."

"My dad would never cheat on my mom."

"I don't know that but he's not the parent we share. The same mother birthed us."

He leaned back on the sofa and stared at her. "How? I mean, she' and I are..." He huffed and crossed his arms trying to process what she told him. "My parents were married for almost five years before they had me. My mom would not have had a baby with another guy."

"It was before they got married. They were together. Look, it's a complicated thing and I'm only here to tell you that I'm your sister."

"How old are you?"

"I turned 27 last month."

"Oh my god, I tried to kiss you. You're like 7 years older than me." He made a face.

She was not amused. "I'm not that old."

"You certainly don't look it. I thought you were my age. 20."

"I'm not."

He continued to look at her, trying to find similarities. They both had dark hair. He had blue eyes but those were thanks to his dad. She had brown eyes like their mother. She did look somewhat like her.

Why didn't his mother ever tell him? Why hide the fact that he had a sister?

Wait. More importantly, who was the father? It couldn't had been his father. Was it an old boyfriend?

"I see that you have a lot on your mind."

"I have a lot of questions. I...I can't believe I have a sibling. I always wanted a sister. Granted I wanted one younger than me. How did you find out about me? Is that why you moved here?"

She shook her head. "I found out about you after I had moved. I'm mainly here to find out about my father. Actually who it was that murdered him. His information led us to your mother and I spoke to her right away."

"How long ago?"

"About two weeks."

" going to the event last week was no coincidence?"

"No. I wanted to meet you as soon as I found out about you. I wanted to know what type of person you were." She smiled. "I'm glad that I decided to."

"Me too. This feels weird."

"I'm sure it does."

"I have a lot to talk to our mother about."

"Your mother."

"Yeah, you're right. I guess you don't think of her as that."

"I don't. I have my own mother and father. The ones that adopted me. I can't exactly think of your mom as something to me since she did give me up because she didn't want me."

"That couldn't have been the reason. I'm sure that it was probably because she was too young. She wanted you to have a better life."

"I doubt that. Once she tells you how she ended up pregnant you'll know why I know that she gave me up."

They silently sat there thinking.

He felt an eagerness inside him to get to know her. To find out where she had grown up. If she had any brothers and sisters. Just anything.

She grinned. "You want to ask me something."

"Some things actually. What was it like growing up for you?"

"It was alright. I have a loving father and mother. They love me and raised me with morals. I was a good person."

His brow furrowed. "Was?"

"I don't think I'm that good of a person anymore. A lot changed in my life these past few years. It's not important to our relationship. You don't have to worry about it."

"Okay. Do you have other siblings?"

"No, only you. My parents adopted me because they couldn't have children of their own. I have been the only one."

"What do you do for a living?"

"At the moment nothing. I used to go to college to study to be a vet but that didn't end up working out later on. I then decided to get my nursing license. Did that for a couple of years until I came here."


"Yeah, it's not as exciting as wanting to be a UFC fighter." She winked. "Pretty prestigious career."

"It will be soon. Now that I know you're my sister you are going to have a ticket along with my family. I want you there."

"I would be honored and proud to be there."

"What's up with Eli and you? I thought that he might be your boyfriend but you seem to be annoyed by his presence."

She sighed. "He's a complicated thing. We kind of owe each other in a way. It's hard to explain for you to understand."

"Oh." He lowered his gaze. He had hoped to get something out about him.

"You don't like him."

He shook his head. "Not really."

"Especially after finding out that he had sex with Briar tonight."

"That's really none of my business." He cleared his throat and turned his attention to the material of the sofa.

"It's okay to admit it Noah. What I don't understand is that if you don't like it, why not do something about it?"

"I told her that I didn't want to keep doing this no strings attached thing we had going on. I kind of gave her the liberty to do what she wanted."

"Is that what you wanted though?"

"In a way. I want her. I want a relationship. I don't think she does. Tonight kind of confirmed it."

"If you really want her I think you should fight for her. Insist that you are the person for her. Tell her how you feel."

"What if I pressure her too much and I end up losing her?"

"Then that's a chance you are going to have to take. I don't like Eli being with her anymore than you do. I have my own reasons but I think you can do something that will change her mind."

"She's going to be moving to California in a few months though. What am I going to do then? That's states away."

"Do you plan on staying here forever?"

He shrugged. "I don't know."

"Hmm. I hear Las Vegas is a great place. A lot of fighters there and more chance of becoming famous. There's also other career choices."

"I like what I do."

"Then think about what I said."

"How did we start talking about us being brother and sister to me maybe thinking about moving?" He chuckled.

"That's usually how conversations evolve." She laughed. "I'm just saying that you shouldn't let something good slip from your fingers without trying to make it work first. Unless it's going to bother you the fact that she had sex with someone else tonight. Is it?"

"It's going to be freaking weird but no, I don't think it's going to bother me. I was the only guy in her life, the only one she had been with. I guess I understand her wanting to try someone else."

"See. If she accepts having a relationship with you then it means that she cares about you and enjoys being with you a lot more."

"We'll see. This is all if I decide that I should fight for her. If there could maybe be a chance."

"I'm sure there is." She more importantly wanted Eli to get his claws out of Briar. Maybe if he saw that she was spoken for he would leave her alone.

"I guess I should go. It's really late." Noah stood up.

She followed suit. "Do you want to stay? You can sleep on the sofa bed. That would also give us a chance to talk a little bit longer."

"I don't know."

"Come on. I want to get to know more about you. I like talking to you. You keep my mind off of other things."

He concented. "Alright. I'll stay."


They sat back on the sofa. It was going to be a long night but neither of them was bothered by that.

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