The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114

Two months ago Adrian and Beth had moved to his small town. The divorce had been finalized and they had been busy making a home there.

Now they were standing in front of each other at town hall with a small group gathered of family watching them getting married.

She had insisted on something small and he had no objections. They had agreed on it only it had taken a bit of time to arrange.

The judge officiated the basic vows and they repeated them.

They were pronounced husband and wife. Sharing a sweet kiss they sealed the deal.

Charlie clapped along with everyone else.

They made a cute couple and Beth looked beautiful in her simple wedding dress. She had gotten something that was loose around the waist for she was now five months along.

"There's something about weddings that just makes you fall in love." She whispered to Linc.

He agreed. "I think it's the fact that two people are commiting to each other for forever. Although sometimes it doesn't work out. There still is that hope, the couple has to be perfect for each other." He looked at her.

A small smile quirked up her mouth. "When Beth married Edward I tried to convince James to crash the wedding."

He chuckled. "Why?"

"For fun. Obviously he said no and wanted to stay in pigging out on ice cream. Maybe you and I would have met then."

"Maybe. I like how we met later on though."

"It was a little bit fun even if you were annoying."

"Me? I wasn't the only one." He brushed a strand of hair that curled on the side of her face. He pushed it behind her ear. "I'm glad we're here today. Kind of makes me think of things."

"What things?"

He smiled secretly. "Give me a day and then I'll tell you."

She pouted. "I don't like having to wait."

"I know. Come on, everyone is congratulating the couple and I should be doing it as well. She's my sister and I need to give her a big hug." He took her hand and they stood up off the wooden pew.

Beth and Adrian were being hugged and congratulated as they neared.

"Linc." Beth giggled and hugged him as tightly as her belly would let her.

"Sis, are you sure you're not caring twins? It looks like your carrying more than one baby in there." He teased her.

She punched him on the arm. "Is that any way to talk to your sister after you haven't seen her for so long?"

"I still love you."

"I love you too."

"This time I know he loves you and he's going to make you happy. The other dude may not have worked out well but I've got a good feeling about Adrian."

"Me too." She glanced at her husband. He was talking with Charlie. "I see that you're happy with Charlie as well."

"I am." Linc looked at her. "I'm happier than I thought I could ever be."

She raised her brows. "Does that mean what I think it does?"

"I think so. I don't know, seeing you up there promising to love and cherish...through good and bad...I...I want that and I think I have it with her."

"You've only been living together for a little over two months."

"I know but it feels like we've known each other for a lifetime." He cleared his throat. " her."

Beth grinned. "Really?"

"Yes. God, I love her with my whole heart. This feeling is definitely weird."

"That's how love is supposed to feel." She laughed with him. "Well, I wish you the best and I promise to be there on the front row."

"I know you will be." He kissed her on the cheek. "I'll let you greet the rest of the people here."

"I'll see you back at our house for the celebration."

He gave her a nod and went to Charlie. He gave his congrats to Adrian and put his arm around her to lead her outside.

Everyone started heading outside to their cars. Their house wasn't that far off from the town center. It was a nice one story with a spacious back yard.

Linc had helped set up the outside with chairs and tables for the reception.

The mothers went inside the house to make sure the food was ready to be served out. They were all getting along well.

Katherine, Delilah and Avery felt right at home. They had helped cook up the feast.

They waved off the girls and told them to entertain their men. Chey said something about women's rights but she still went to find James in the group of men outside.

Briar found Noah and linked her arm with his. He smiled at her and kissed her lightly on the lips.

They had started dating after that day he dropped her off at her house from the hotel. A week later she said yes to being his girlfriend. They had been strong ever since.

He had been supportive when she got her college acceptance letters and she had helped him find a place to move into in Vegas. She would be living with him for a month when he left in July and then she would move on to the college she had chosen in August for when classes started. Everything was planned out.

"I like weddings." He pulled her away to have a bit of privacy.

"You do? Why?"

"Because I think of the woman I would like to marry one day."

"What kind of woman would it be?" She slyly took her arm from under his and pretended to be interested in the tree in front of them. She walked around it touching the trunk.

"Sweet, loving, a little hard headed, independent and knows what she wants."

"Wow. What about characteristics?" She smiled.

He grinned and followed her. They disappeared from the eyes of the others and were finally alone. "Blue eyes that make me weak at the knees. Dark brown hair that slides between my fingers when I touch it. Lips that are soft against mine."

He rested both his hands on the trunk keeping her trapped between them. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and glee.

"The only woman I can think like that is you." He stepped closer and was up against her.

Her breath hitched as she had the trunk against her back and Noah to her front. Her hands were up on his chest. She moved them to his shoulders and stared into his eyes. "You want to marry me?"

"I do. Not now because we're too young but somewhere along the line. What do you think about that?"

"I feel like it's too soon yet at the same time I want to take that leap with you. I might be crazy."

"Crazy in love." He chuckled.

She blushed.

"You don't believe me?" He arched a brow.

"I don't know. We haven't said it to each other."

"I don't need to say it to know but if it would please you..." He moved a hand to cup her cheek. "I love you."

She smiled as his lips caressed her own. He paused after one kiss. She licked her lips. "I love you too." With another grin he kissed her again. This time it was deeper.

He pulled her away from the tree and into his arms. She clung to him and wished that they were somewhere more private than just behind a tree.

The sound of his aunt Delilah saying that the food was ready had them breaking away.

He was breathless as she. She laughed and asked him how she looked.


"I meant if my make up was still okay."

He nodded. "You look great. Nothing is out of place."

"Good. I'm starving, let's go eat."

They held hands and went back out to everyone as they made a line to serve themselves from the table filled with dishes.

"Where were you two?" Chey asked them as they got in line behind her and James.

"Just talking." Briar blushed.

"More like making out I bet. Where did you find a place? I've been dying to get my hands on James but I can't find anything secretive enough."

James rolled his eyes but he too wanted a chance to be with Chey. They had driven all night and then gotten to the hotel too exhausted to do anything. They woke up to get ready for the wedding and here they were.

He didn't know what it was but love hung in the air after a successful wedding ceremony and he wanted to show Chey how much he loved her.

"Behind their large tree." Noah motioned to it. "Although if you're going to do more than make out I suggest you go back to your hotel room."

"Good idea. I definitely want to do more to him." Chey bit her bottom lip making James feel uncomfortably stuffy in his dress pants.

He turned away from her and looked at the food as they made it to the front. Thankfully his mom was helping with the serving. That definitely brought him down like a cold shower.

"Hi sweetie." She got a plate for him and put what he would like to eat. "I can't wait until we're celebrating your wedding."

"Mom..." He blushed crimson.

"What? A mother lives for these things. My babies getting married, having children, being happy." She handed his plate. "Don't you want to make me happy?"

"I do but it's weird talking about it when Chey is right here."

Chey stepped up at the mention of her name. "What are you talking about?"

"When the two of you get married." Maddie told her with a happy smile.

"" Chey was taken by surprise. She looked at James not sure if this was a topic he even wanted to talk about. She hadn't given it much thought either.

He gave her a reassuring smile. "I was telling her that it's something you and I haven't spoken about. I also think that we will when we both decide and is the right moment."

"I completely agree with that." She felt a little relieved. Huh, she wasn't a bad girlfriend then. "The moment is not here yet." She turned to Maddie. "I definitely believe it to be in the future, maybe in a couple of years."

"Probably a little less than that but we'll see." James told his mother. "We're going to go eat now."

"Alright, go on." Maddie focused on Briar and Noah. "Now you two..."

Chey and James quickly made their escape laughing at the other couple. They were sure in for an interesting conversation.

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