The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 101

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Chapter 101

Briar had barely been able to sleep the rest of the night and in the morning after the party. She didn't know what had happened but it couldn't have been anything good.

She shut off the shower and got out. After wrapping herself up in a towel she went out into the room.

Noah had showered before her and put on the clothes he had brought extra in the bag he packed.

They had known beforehand that they would be sleeping in a hotel room.

Things were not lovey dovey at the moment for them. She was upset at the way he had acted with that woman they had met last night.

He hadn't said a word about it and it only made her more frustrated.

She roughly put on her clothes as she thought of the way he had smiled and gazed at her. The way he spoke and laughed as if she was the funniest woman in the world.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked at last when he couldn't take anymore of her scowl.

"Did you like her?"


"That woman in purple. Did you like her?"

"Yeah, she was nice."

"Is that all?"

He sighed. "Get to the point, Briar."

"Fine." She turned to him and crossed her arms. "When she asked you if I was your girlfriend you were quick to say no. You actually sounded appalled by the idea."

"I only spoke the truth." He scoffed. "Would you have wanted me to lie and say that you were?"


"God damnit Briar! What do you want from me?!" He yelled. He was tired of this situation. He had questions about last night and this thing he had with Briar was only adding to the confusion. "Either you want me as a boyfriend or you don't. You cannot act jealous when we are nothing."

That hurt. "Are we really nothing though?"

"You tell me. We are two people who always say we are not dating yet we fuck. So I guess that just makes us fuck buddies. You don't want us to be anything. Being truthful, I'm getting sick of this shit. I want a girl to call girlfriend, to take at events and proudly present her as such. I want someone who I can make plans with for the future. Who when I suggest we move in together it will make her happy not feel like she's giving up on her dreams. You won't give me that."

He ran a hand through his hair. He was tired and honestly, yeah, he had liked the woman from last night. She was nice and had made him feel good about himself. With Briar it was always about limits to a certain degree.

"I don't think I want us to keep going on like this. I can't do it anymore." He sat on the end of the bed.

She tried very hard not to cry. Her chest felt like something was pressing against it. A lump rose in her throat. "Okay." She croaked. She couldn't do this.

In silence she grabbed her things. They were done just like that.

At the door she stood. Before leaving she told him one last thing. "I hope you get everything you want from life."

"I had it."

She refused to look him in the eyes.

"Now I won't."

She shut the door.


Charlie hugged Linc from behind. She pressed her cheek between his shoulder blades. His body had been tense but it slightly softened.

"You didn't talk at all last night when you got back here." She whispered.

He took her hand where it was on his stomach and lifted it up to his lips. He kissed her wrist. He was thankful that she hadn't pushed him to speak in the early hours of the morning.

He had gotten home and went straight to her in bed. They had sex, only it was different this time. It was like she knew he needed the calm and silence of it.

She had given her body for him to use and responded back by using his.

He needed her. Not only for the good times but also for the bad. With Maleah, she would push and pressure. They would argue and in the end not always make up.

With Charlie...hell, it was perfect.

"If you need to, I'm here." She pressed a kiss on his back.

He turned around and kissed her lips. They welcomed him with gentle caresses. He pulled away with a peck and simply stared at her.

Her mouth curved up into a smile. "What is it?"

"Will you move in with me?"

Her eyebrows raised in surprise. "Move in? Like together?"


This was all a surprise. They hadn't been together for even a whole month. Yet the idea brought her happiness instead of anxiety.

"What do you say? Do you want to?"

"Surprisingly yes." She giggled. "Yes, I'll move in with you." She swung her arms around him and kissed him enthusiastically. He chuckled against her mouth but tried to kiss her back.

He led her back towards his bed. No, it was their bed now. Unless of course she wanted to change it and get another one.

The idea of her changing around his place didn't put him off. He would welcome it.

They spent the next hour pleasuring each other until they ended up tired and satisfied.

She cuddled up next to him. Drawing imaginary figures on his abs with her finger. He was staring at the ceiling, his arm comfortably behind his head and the other around her.

"What are our plans for today?"

"I think I'd like to stay here with you. I have to face my family tomorrow."

"I was serious about you being able to talk to me. I'm here for you Linc."

He gave her a light squeeze. "Thank you."

She waited to see if he would say anything more. Something was bothering him a lot and she wished she could ease it away.

"They have secrets. Secrets I'm not sure I want to find out. Yesterday..." He sighed. "I don't know what is going on, all I know is that it's serious."

He rubbed her shoulder.

"I found out my sister is having a baby with your cousin."

"Adrian. I thought you knew that?"

"No, I didn't. Turns out Edward is a prick."

"Yes. He's been mistreating Beth since they married. I was surprised to know Adrian and her had an affair but I should have seen it coming after the trip in October. How do you feel about that?"

"As long as he makes her happy, I'm happy. She deserves it you know."

"Adrian does too. They love each other."

"Well, she's getting a divorce. Edward's going to give it to her."

"He is?" She didn't know that part. "That's good."

He nodded. "Yep. So about moving about next weekend?"

"Sounds good. We're going to have to talk about what we bring of mine and what you get rid of."

"Alright. I have no problem with that."

"You don't have like anything weird here that maybe it wouldn't be a good thing for me to find out?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know. A weird toenail collection or panties from strange girls in a drawer. You could also turn out to be like Christian Grey and have a play room."

He was laughing at that point as she joined him. "No, I don't have any of those weird things you described."

She clicked her tongue. "Too bad about the play room. I wouldn't have minded a bit of tying up and being blindfolded."

"I may have something but we'll leave it for another day." He mysteriously added.

"What? You're not going to tell me?"


She smiled. She enjoyed these moments that they teased each other. Then a thought came to mind. "What is your family going to say to you and I living together? I mean, does this mean we're officially something?"

"I wasn't going to tell them unless they asked. It's really none of their business. If you want to tell your family it's fine by me. I think just the way they have been secretive I think it fits. To us being something official...I like it. Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"Considering that I said yes already to moving in, yes. I do want to be your official girlfriend. We're going to have one of those monogamous relationships right?"

"Yes. I don't like sharing."

"I don't either."

"You know, we're compliment each other well."

"I know. It's a little freaky but I like it."

"Me too. Quick, what do you want to eat?"


"You read my mind. I'm hungry."

"Get the phone and order delivery. I'm too lazy to get dressed into something to go get our food from down the street."

"You're right. I don't have the energy either." He reached for his phone and dialed the local chinese restaurant. He ordered what he liked and she added a few things. He hung up and continued to lay there. "They said thirty minutes. I have 29 until I have to get up and put on a pair of shorts.

"I wish we could stay in bed forever."

"I thought you liked working."

"I do but I think I'm starting to not like it much when I don't get to see you."

"At least soon you'll be coming home to me. I work a lot as well. You've seen how hectic my schedule has been."

"I know." She tapped his skin. "What is going to happen when you find Maleah?"

His muscles tensed. He had avoided thinking about her as much as he could. "She is going to go to jail."

"Did her?"

"Yes but it was more as a friend. I think I always knew that I couldn't give her the love she wanted."

"She couldn't have loved you too much if she did all those bad things. Then running off with Jake...I didn't know him much other than he was dating Sophie so I can't say that he wasn't capable. He was so adament that he was innocent though.

"But he wasn't, along with Maleah."

"Does it hurt to think about her?"

"It does. We grew up together. I thought I knew everything about her. I was wrong."

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For you having to deal with all of this. I wish I could make it all better."

"You are. Being with me, you've helped me forget about everything that I have to deal with." He kissed the top of her head. "I don't know how I would be right now if it wasn't for you."

"You would probably be at work."


They stayed in bed for a while longer until he had to get up when the food arrived. She arranged the bed for them to get in again.

They didn't bother with plates as the food was in containers.

He turned on the television and they put on a movie on Netflix. It was a comedy and they settled down to eat.

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