The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Chapter 123

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Chapter 123

"Thank you so much for coming with me to pick out a dress. Heaven knows I need your expertise." Charlie went into the large bridal shop.

"Kissing ass is going to get you nowhere." James joked. "I'll be very judgy of everything until I'm absolutely sure you look stunning. Unless you of course find something that you absolutely love."

"I'm glad to have been able to tag along." Chey admired a wedding gown that sparkled under the flourescent lights. "I might end up choosing something myself."

He glanced back at her. "I thought we were going to do this after another year down the road first."

"Doesn't hurt to look." She teased him.

"Well I need something breezy. I don't want to feel too hot in the sun."

"Perhaps chiffon. Are you looking for something short?" He went to one of the racks.

"Nope. I want traditional in that sense. Could we perhaps have a white bikini underneath so Linc and I can have some fun in the sun afterwards. I was planning on getting married in the morning."

"If that's what you want."

He went around grabbing a few dresses as the other two girls looked around.

"I'm definitely getting something short. It is going to be hot. I'm so excited that we're going to have a wedding this year there. It's always fun but this is going to make it even better." Chey gushed.

She thought it was a little too rushed but who cared. It was going to be great. She was really looking forward to it.

"Time to try these on." James ushered Charlie into the dressing room. "We have to find something today if we want to have it by the time your wedding date arrives."

"Got it captain." She closed the door after herself then realized she was going to need help getting a couple of pieces on.

"I'm here." Chey came to her rescue as she knocked on her door. She was let in and helped.

The dresses were all gorgeous and she felt the pressure to pick one. James kept going around and finding new things for her to try on.

She thought about having her hair in a more natural look. Curled and down would be great. Perhaps pulled away from her face though. That meant that she should definitely wear something off the shoulders.

They spent their whole saturday in the store with her trying dress after dress.

She finally found the one she wanted to get married in. James and Chey agreed with her.

"You are going to look beautiful. Linc wouldn't dare say no to you." Chey hugged her.

"Thank you for that. This is the dress." Charlie squealed as James got in on the hug.

She went back into the dressing room to get changed. The dress fit her perfectly which was what she needed. She didn't want to waste any time with alterations.

The dress was put into a bag of the store and they left.

"I'll look for shoes later on. I had a great time with you two."

"We did as well. I didn't know that there could be so many gowns of the same material and almost same design. I swear I would have thought that you had worn the dress you chose earlier."

"Ah, I know which design you're talking about." James nodded to Chey's comment. "It was completely not the same one. The color was slightly more cream and the material was tulle."

"Sometimes I wonder what I would do without your designer knowledge." She elbowed him lightly in the ribs. "When we decide to get married though you are definitely not going to go dress shopping with me."

Charlie laughed. "I wonder how either of you are going to take that. He's going to be desperate to find out what you're going to wear and you're going to be worried you didn't choose the right thing."

"Probably." He chuckled.

"The day was fun but I'm going to go meet up with Linc at home. Do you think I could leave my dress at your place?"

"Of course. I'll put it in my closet for safe keeping until we leave for the island."

"Thanks. I'll see you two soon." She gave them a hug each as goodbye and walked off to where her driver was waiting for her.

She no longer had Nelson which made her slightly sad. She was used to looking over her shoulder and seeing him.

When she got home Linc was looking over some files at the table.

"Hey." She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. "Work?"

"Yeah. Some details on the case. How was dress shopping?"

"I found the dress thank god."

"Where is it?"

"I left it with James, he's going to keep it for me. I couldn't risk you seeing it before the wedding day. Did you get our tickets sorted?"

"I actually wanted to tell you about that."


"Don't worry it's nothing wrong. We'll be taking both jets."

"What jets?"

"My grandparents have a jet which has been recently upgraded to fit more people and Dom's jet as well, who also happened to buy a larger one. The family keeps growing and no one likes to ride coach."

"Wow, I'm marrying into money." She giggled. It was obviously a joke since her family was also loaded. Only instead of having jets they had helicopters. That was obviously not going to make the ride to Brazil though.

"Ha." He chuckled. "Thing is we're all riding in them comfortably. There is no need to be buying tickets for our trip. We leave in exactly a month."

"Got it."

"Chairs and everything we'll need for the actual reception will be taken care of over there. My mom said she was supposed to contact you about it."

"She did actually, yesterday. We spent an hour or two going over arrangements. It's all going to come along. If nothing does though then we'll just have everyone standing. I'm sure I can get James to get a course online to be able to officiate."

"I like how you think."

"What are we having for dinner?"

"I was thinking take out unless you want to cook."

"I'm too tired to do it."

"Take out it is."

"I'll get the menus from our drawer. You stay there looking pretty." She stood up and went to the drawer and asked what he wanted.

"Chinese is fine." He rubbed his eyes. He was tired of working. He really couldn't wait until he was up in the jet going towards their vacation.

Since the family had grown it had been upgraded. There were a few more houses and other things to do. There were still golf carts to use as rides which made it better to keep the small roads.

Their movie theater stayed the same size though since not everyone wanted to go at the same time.

It was still their small bit of paradise away from civilization.

He missed it and enjoyed their stays. This year he and Charlie would be occupying one of the houses all to themselves. He had requested the one deep into the heart of the island surrounded by the tropical forest.

They would have their privacy yet if they wanted to see everyone else they could.

He was going to take advantage of their alone time seeing as it would serve as their honeymoon.

It excited him. The prospect of getting married soon. Time couldn't go faster.

"I'm going to shower. Do you want something before I go do that? That way you don't have to get up."

He shook his head. "I'm fine thanks."

"I'll be right back. The food will be here in half an hour. I should be out by then."

He went back to the report as she left the kitchen.

They were missing something on Austin Gordon. They had turned the house upside down but found nothing over the murders.

Looking further into the man he found that he had gone back to his hometown to get back property of his brothers.

He tapped his chin.

They hadn't found any storage units or other properties under his name. Where could he have all that he aquired? Unless he sold it.

Nope, that wouldn't be it. For some reason the man struck him as a person that kept a grudge. If he faulted the Wilkins in his demise, getting rid of memories would be something he wouldn't do.

He made a note to look for anything in his brothers names.

The police didn't have any leads on his murderer which were good. He and Daniel were pushing for a deal gone wrong. Then they could shelf the case until they could find further evidence to clear Maleah and Jake's name.

He wasn't sure how soon he wanted it cleared. He wasn't prepared for her to come back into his life.

She would because they were family in a sense. It was just that his marriage was something she was not going to take lightly. He knew her enough.

He closed up the folder and decided that he would continue on it at a later time. He wanted to spend some time with Charlie.

The food arrived slightly earlier than anticipated. He paid for it and went to change in their bedroom.

She was wrapped in a towel and looking for clothes when he entered.

He smiled as he looked her over. Her hair was twisted into a wet bun on top of her head. She gave him a sly look.

"See something you like...detective?" She bit her lip sensually.

His eyes smoldered at her words. "Not so much as like but love. You are being a very bad girl."

She giggled coquetishly. "How am I being bad?"

"By partaking in public nudity."

"What are you...ahh!" She squealed when he yanked away her towel. Okay now she was completely naked. This role playing was getting very hot. "Oh no...looks like you caught me. Am I going to jail?" She put a hand on her hip and stood straighter.

His eyes wandered over her form. "Definitely." He took out his handcuffs from their place on his waist. "Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

She shivered at the huskiness in his voice and did as he said. She felt the presence of his body directly behind her. She moved her head to the side as his breath flew over her ear.

His lips pressed against her neck. She let out a sigh at the connection. They trailed down her shoulder.

He handcuffed her hands and then began to touch her. His began to caress her hips, then her stomach and upwards to cup her breasts.

The pads of his fingers gently touched her nipples. They tightened into points and he pinched them lightly. She gasped and leaned back against him.

She desperately wanted to touch him but couldn't. This game was exhilirating.

One hand stayed on her breast and the other slipped down. Her breathing became heavier as he cupped between her legs.

She couldn't hold back the moan as he touched her most intimate part.

She licked her lips. She panted and didn't know what else to do other than stand there as he almost had to hold her up completely.

A finger slipped inside then another.

"Oh god...Linc..." She tried to close to her legs but that didn't stop him.

"I want to see you..." He whispered into her ear. He moved her slightly to the side towards their dresser and bed.

She blushed when they stopped directly in front of the mirror. He could see her perfectly now and hell it did things to him that he never felt before.

His member strained in his pants but he wanted to satisfy her first. He continued to slip his fingers in and out of her.

She stared at the mirror, gazing and stuck. It was freaking erotic to see what he did to her.

Soon she couldn't take it anymore. She bent forward but that wasn't much help because he kept her against him.

Her legs shook and her insides tightened. She was going to come and she could feel that it would be the hardest she ever had.

"Look at me..." He nibbled her ear and she stared into his eyes through the mirror.

"I can't...stop."


She cried out as the feeling overcame her. She fought to keep looking at him but it was too good and she closed her eyes.

He held on to her as her legs gave out. He liked watching what he had done to her. The way her skin began to sweat, the way her cheeks flushed red and the way her lips smiled after feeling satiated.

He slipped his fingers out of her and picked her up instead. He laid her on the bed on her side. He unlocked the handcuffs and took them off.

She moved her arms and rolled onto her back. She stretched towards him, pulling at his shirt.

"I want all of"

How could he say no to that? With a grin he helped her take off his clothes.

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