The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Chapter 127

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Chapter 127

Bright and early friday morning Jake and Maleah packed the car with their suitcases for the weekend and anything they would need for the trip.

It was only three hours away but she insisted that she liked munching on something.

He knew that well since they had spent a whole month road tripping.

"Finally we are on our way there. We are going straight to the convention."

"I thought we had to check into the hotel first." She took off her sandals and put up her feet on the dashboard.

"That will be after our first meeting. You think you can make nice with the other wives and husbands that aren't part of the convention?"

She looked at him.

"Of course you will because you are pretending to be my wife already." He smiled.

She rolled her eyes. "I'll be the best wife there. Promise."

"Thank you."

"Sure whatever."

"We are supposed to have dinner reservations at a nice restaurant tonight. Thanks to the business I work for."

"Who knew that software companies were rich."

"I know I'm only taking over an identity that isn't mine and I don't even have a degree in anything above me working at an office but I think I found my calling. After all this is over I'm thinking of going to college."

"Seriously? At this age?"

"Well I thought maybe, I don't know."

"I'm joking. If it's what you want you should do it. Don't let anything stop you from getting what you want."

"That's surprisingly nice coming from you."

"I can be nice when I want to. I've gotten to know you and you have actually proven me wrong in a lot of things. After what's happened I believe in taking a chance. When I get back home I'm going to tell Linc that there is no point in waiting for anything. I've loved him always. He and I should take it to the next step. Not the moving in thing, the marriage thing. I'm tired of always waiting on him. I need to take the reigns and if he can't then he's just not worth the time." She frowned.

"Is that what you really want? To get him?"

Why did the tone of his voice bother her. It was almost as if it hurt him to say it. "Yes, of course. I've always known that he was the one I wanted to live the rest of my life with. He wouldn't have accepted to date if he didn't feel the same in some way."

"Are you sure?"

"Jake, I encouraged your dreams. Can't you encourage mine?"

"I'm sorry." He stared hard at the road.

The atmosphere turned slightly awkward and uncomfortable. They kept silent for the rest of the trip.

She sat up when she saw the large building where the convention was going to take part. He parked the car and they got out.

It was all going to be over softwares.

Jake took her hand. She was about to protest but noticed that other couples were doing the same.

They were still supposedly newlyweds after it only being a few months from their 'wedding'.

They got inside and were handed name cards.

"All the spouses are over there drinking and mingling." Jake showed her where they were in a large room. "I'll be in the other one having a meeting. We should be out in an hour. Have fun. See you in a bit." He kissed her on the cheek and walked off.

Her stomach felt weird as he walked away. Strange.

She went straight to the bar. "Anything alcoholic?" She asked the bartender.

"Not at this hour. I can make anything virgin."

"I haven't been one in years. Guess I'll see if I still remember what it was all about. Give me anything that's popular at the moment."

She watched everyone as her drink was blended.

There were the perfect housewives. Probably whose husbands worked on the top offices. They were blonde, operated and with bleached white teeth. They stuck together.

Then there were the misfits who looked uncomfortable being there. She thought lower level like her Jake.

The husbands whose wives worked were huddled by the television watching something sporty on it.

She debated going to them or to the misfits.

"Here is your drink."

She grabbed her frozen virgin drink and sipped it. Tasted like strawberries.

One of the Perfects, that's how she thought as a nickname for the rich housewives, glanced her way. She flipped her hair over the shoulder and said something to another one.

One by one they turned to look at Maleah and together as a group walked over to her.

The misfits and other husbands stared at them in awe. Maleah just wanted to roll her eyes. These women were just that, not goddesses.

"Hi there. I'm Whitney." The first bleached blond that had seen her exteded a hand. She had an expensive diamond tennis bracelet that flashed with every movement.

"I'm Megan." Maleah shook her hand.

" quaint. This is Britney, Alisson, Ashley, Katie, Michelle and Donna." She introduced the others not like she would be able to remember them all.

"How nice."

"We noticed you here all alone and I decided to extend the invitation to join us. We were thinking of going to the hotel and having a spa day while our husbands are busy."

"Spa huh. I'm not much of a relaxing kind of gal."

Whitney laughed in a pitching way that had Maleah wishing she could cover her ears. "You're so funny. 'Gal', I've never heard such a term. You will have fun with us. I promise."

"What about the other people here? Besides, this meeting isn't going to take long." She motioned to the others in the room.

"Oh those people don't matter." Whitney lowered her voice. "Just look at how they are dressed. No, we only extended the invite to you because you truly are refined and you are also married to Joseph McKinley."

Maleah arched a brow. "How do you know who I'm married to?"

"The name tag silly. You're last name is McKinley. My husband says he's going places the way he's smart. It also helps that he's a tall glass of handsome."

"So I'm only being invited basically because I have somewhat blonde hair and my husband is sexy as fuck?"

Whitney cleared her throat. "Not in those terms exactly but yes. It helps for us special housewives with handsome and intelligent men stick together."

"I'm definitely not interested now. Thank you for the invitation but I decline."

It looked like she didn't know what to do. That perhaps she had heard wrong. "I'm sorry, are you saying no?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to make real aquaintances with those women were there. Maybe even some of the men." Maleah got off the stool.

With drink in hand she headed over to the misfits. She was sure that Whitney and her posse were staring after her.

She didn't care. She didn't like people like that. That cared about themselves as if they truly were goddesses to walk this earth.

She set her drink on the nearest table and smiled at the women. "Hi, I'm Megan."

"Hello." One redhead pushed her glassed further up her nose. "That was incredible. No one has ever declined an invitation or gone against Whitney."

"She's like the devil in prada around here." Another woman who had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and no make up whatsoever on her face said.

"Well I can be a bitch to rude people. I hate it when others are belittled. You all seem nice enough. I'd much rather talk to you."

"I'm Reba." The redhaired shook Maleah's hand. "And yes I get it's weird since I have red hair as well as the actual singer."

"I'm Lindsey." The ponytail woman introduced herself.

The rest of the women did the same.

"Nice to meet you all." Maleah told them. "Is it me or do I get the feeling we are going to be bored this weekend."

"Definitely going to. Baxter comes every year and it's always the same. He's gone all day and I'm stuck here." Reba sighed.

"Hey! What about me? Am I a painting on the wall or somehthing?" Lindsey frowned at her.

"I'm thankful for you of course but I wish that there was more for us to do."

"Uh, there is. We make our own fun. How about tonight since our husbands are going to be out earlier than tomorrow we go out drinking." Maleah suggested. "And real alcohol, none of this virgin crap. I lost it a long time ago for a reason. I want to have fun."

The women looked between them uncertain.

"Come on. Our husbands are bad asses. They can do something I have no idea what it is. We should be the ones to teach them to unwind. Now if they don't want to drink then that's on them but we're the ones dealing with the household. Let's do this ladies. You too men." She raised her drink to the husbands at the other table.

"I'm in." Reba grinned. "I could do with a little bit of wine."

"Fuck wine. Shots."

Lindsey laughed. "I never thought that Joey would be married to someone like you."

"What do you mean?"

"Well Lucas says that he's quite the hardworker. He picks up things quick and is always helping others. He's not just sitting on his ass at the desk. Nope, he's hands on, doing what he has to no matter how long it takes."

"Oh, I didn't know that." Maleah hadn't thought about how he could be at work. She knew he was doing good since he hadn't been fired or quit.

"You're lucky to have married a man like that. We all are. We do deserve to have some fun." Lindsey continued.

"Great then I am going to look for great bars." Maleah looked through her phone to find anything near where they were staying.

"Oooh can it have dancing please? Baxter and I haven't gone dancing since we were in college."

"Dancing and drinking it is."

She found a place and got all their phone numbers. She sent a group text to them with the address of the place.

"I think the shuttle can actually drop us off there." Reba said as she looked over the address. "Getting back to the hotel is going to be the hard part."

"We can also get designated drivers like our spouses that have to get up early tomorrow." Lindsey added.

"You are right."

They continued to talk. Even the group of men joined in. Not all of them had a wife that worked in the company, two had husbands. They were all in for the fun.

The perfect housewives were excluded from the invitation. They weren't even there to complain.

By the time Jake came out with the others Maleah was excited for the upcoming plans.

"We are going drinking and dancing tonight." She let him know as they headed for the car.

"I'm glad you made friends." He chuckled. "I'll be looking forward to that."

"Great cause I plan on giving the rest of us a fun weekend."

He liked seeing this side of her. She looked carefree. He was glad for this weekend.

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