The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Chapter 131

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Chapter 131

It was sunday morning. A week after waking up in bed together.

Like Maleah had predicted, things had changed between them. Mostly because of her as always.

She was the one that had avoided him at all costs in the house. Since for the first three days she didn't have dinner with him, he had started to work late as to not make her anymore uncomfortable than she already seemed.

He would get home around nine every night. He had even gotten his boss to accept him to work Saturday.

Sunday was a no and that meant they would have to be in the same house all day.

She made coffee like any other day. Had breakfast cooked as well when he came out.

"I'm going out in the afternoon." He informed her as he served himself coffee.

"I am as well."

"Good." He took a sip. "I'll stay in my room for the morning."

"Okay. I'm going to go work in my garden. I'll be in to make lunch."

"I can make my own. Don't worry about it." He took the mug of coffee with him to his bedroom.

She put away what was left from breakfast and went into the garage for her gardening tools. The day was nice and summery.

Even though it was a good morning she couldn't completely concentrate on her flowerbed.

Too many thoughts filled her head. She didn't know what she was feeling and it frustrated her. Why did things have to get complicated?

Why did she make them that way? That was the better question.

She should have kept her hands to herself. If she could take what happened that night back she would.

"Hey Megan! Are you ready for girls night later?" Alice appeared in front of her. She hadn't even heard her approach.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"It's going to be fun."


"What's wrong? You sound troubled?"

"I'm good. Tired but great."

"Alright then. I'm taking Pookie out for a while. I'll see you later."

Maleah gave her a nod. She was going out with Alice and a few other women. Coming along was also Reba and Lindsey. She had stayed in touch with them since the trip.

She picked up her tools. It wasn't worth being outside if she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing.

As Jake had said he was spending the morning in his room.

She decided that she should rest before going out and turned on the water in the bathtub.

The water was warm as she got in. She had put in floral soaps and rose petals. She should have lit a candle to add to the smell.

She relaxed for an hour. The rest of the day was spent in her bed. She heard Jake leave after noon. She wondered if he was going to be with John and the guys.

It was most likely since she would be with Alice.

The rest of the afternoon flew by and she was getting ready at five for her night out.

At five thirty she was ready and making her way outside to Reba's SUV. Her vehicle was large enough to drive them all.

They were going to have dinner together at a nice restaurant. From there they would be going to a bar for drinks.

It was always drinking with these ladies.

"I'm glad I met you. I have fun with you." Reba clinked her glass with Maleah's. "I wish we had met sooner."

"I agree. You've brought us out of our shell." Lindsey took a sip of her martini. "I missed this fun me. It reminds me of college days before I became a housewife."

"Cheers to meeting Megan. A wonderful neighbor." Alice was tipsy by now.

Maleah and the other women touched glasses and drank. She was going to miss them, even her neighbor from hell.

For a moment she wished that all of this was true. That she was supposed to live in her now home. That she had married Jake and that this was what their future would be like.

A little part of her told her that this could be possible. All she had to do was stay with Jake and forget all about Linc.

It was too hard to do. To give up on everything she had dreamed since she was a young girl.

The night continued on until late.

Reba had to call her husband to see if he could get a taxi to the bar they were at and drive the suv.

When Maleah was dropped off the lights were on the living room. Jake wasn't there though. He had only been courteous.

She hesitated at his door. She had a couple of drinks but she was nowhere near enough to give her the courage to actually knock.

With a resignated bow of her head she went to her room.

As soon as she closed her bedroom door her phone rang in her purse. She took it out and recognized her mother's number. Not that she had it saved but she did have it memorized.

Her chest tightened. Had something happened?

She answered with trepidation. "Mom?"

"Hello Maleah, how are you doing?"

She smiled. She had missed her mother's voice. "I'm okay. What's going on?"

She heard a sigh. "There's so much I have to tell you. Some is going to have to wait though. More importantly you should know that Austin Gordon is dead."

"What? How? When?"

"It's been a while. Now before you get upset that I didn't tell you before, you should know that the police looked through his things and there was no evidence that you and Jake hadn't done anything. It meant that you and him still had to go on with your fake identities."

"I'm just glad that asshole is dead."

"Everyone is."

"So what does this mean for us?"

"Right. That happened back in April. Finally they were able to locate another place where he kept files and stuff.'re coming home. Not exactly now but soon."

She couldn't believe it. She sat down on the bed. "How soon?"

"It could be a few more days or another week. They found the evidence and they just need to confirm it. That's what they have been doing for the last couple of days. I dared to call you because of that. We'll make all the arrangements necessary for you two."

Her mother kept going on about what she and her father were planning. All Maleah could think about was that this farce was going to be over.

Jake and her were going to go back and each go their separate ways.

That made her chest hurt and bring tears to her eyes. This was what they wanted, what she wanted. To go back home to her old life as if none of this had happened.

Could she actually go back to how things used to be? Could she forget the months she spent with Jake?

Deep inside she knew that she would never forget him. He had burrowed himself in her heart since the very beginning. She used to see him as a pain in the ass and sometimes did when he annoyed her.

Even then she had found time to enjoy being with him. He made her laugh, he pleased her in little things. He had actually matured since they had arrived.

"I bet he's going to be glad to get out of there." Her mother continued.



"Right...yeah, he's going to be ecstatic."

"I'll let you go then. I will keep you updated and let you know when you two can start your drive back."

"Thanks mom for everything. Dad too. Tell him I miss him to death."

"He misses you too. I'll let him know. Love you."

"I love you too."

Maleah put her phone on the nightstand. She stood up and headed out to Jake's room. She lifted up her hand and hesitated.

Should she tell him? What if they just stayed here and continued with their life?

She knew that was hopeless. They were living under false identities. Also Jake deserved more. He liked what he was doing and he should get the opportunity to pursue that.

She knocked.

It took a few minutes but he opened the door. It looked like he had already been sleeping.

"Hey." She smiled slightly. "My mom called."

That woke him up. "What happened? Is everything okay?"

"Yes, better than okay. She said that Austin is dead and they have recovered the evidence needed to clear our names."

His mouth curved up into a grin. "Does that mean..?"

"Essentially yes as soon as the investigation is over. We're going home. It could be next in this upcoming week."

He thought of what they would be leaving behind. This life they had made for themselves. He didn't want to mention it since she wasn't either. "I guess this is definitely great news for us. We can go back to our old lives as Jake and Maleah. No more Megan and Joey."

"Yep. No more of that." She bit her lip.

He smacked his. "Was that all?"

"Yeah, sorry. I won't keep you up since you have work tomorrow. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Maleah." It looked like he wanted to say something else but stopped and closed the door.

She walked back to her room. She closed the door and leaned her back against it. She slid down and hugged her knees.

Silently she started to cry as she realized that in the end this isn't what she wanted.

Unaware, Jake was doing the same.

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