The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Chapter 132

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Chapter 132

"We'll be coming as soon as I'm walking." Sophie assured her parents.

They were at the airport saying their goodbyes.

Randy and Grant were going back home. The arrangements had been made. Joe and Sophie were staying in australia until she was completely recovered.

"Be safe and take care of each other. Whatever you need you better call us." Grant told them.

"We'll be fine. I'll take good care of Sophie." Joe assured him. He took her hand and squeezed it lightly. She gazed up lovingly at him.

The call was made for the plane they were boarding.

Randy hugged her daughter tightly. "I'll call you as soon as we land."

"Alright mom."

Grant kissed her on the forehead. He didn't want to leave her but Randy wanted to go home. Sophie was old enough to stay where she wanted. Especially having someone like Joe by her side.

They said their final goodbye and left to get through security and to their plane.

"I'm going to miss them." Sophie stared the way they had gone.

"Of course you are. When have you ever been separated from them?"

"Just during the divorce. I'm going to put all my energy in getting recovered though so that we can meet them soon."

He pushed her out of the airport and to their car. They would be living in the small house. He had a job and could make the payments.

They had already made arrangements for the physical therapist to go to the house instead of him driving her. He would have to work more now. Someone was also going to be helping her during the day until she got the hang of getting out of her chair and doing things on her own.

"I'm going to make you dinner." He told her on the drive home.

"What are you going to make me?"

"Eggs and bacon."

She giggled. "Is that all you can make?"

"I can also make pancakes from a premade mix."

"You're lucky I love you otherwise I would mind starving to death." She teased him. "I'll take breakfast for lunch though. Sounds delicious."

When they got home she helped him mix the batter while he got the eggs and bacon going.

"I wonder how we plan on surviving without parents."

"We'll do great. We can take this as practice."


"Practice for the future."

She blushed as he turned toward the stove. She definitely saw him in her future. There were things that she couldn't wait to do with him. For one there was sex.

She refused to have sex with him until she could use her legs well enough. It was just something that she wanted.

He obviously respected her decision. That only made her love him more.

How could she have been blind throughout all those years that they had grown up?

Sometimes she thought of Jake. She was no longer angry that he left. It had worked to her favor and Joe's. If he hadn't left she never would have found out what a great man his brother was.

She wished Jake the best wherever he was. She also wished that his name would be cleared.

Her mother had told her the news that Lyn had received a few days ago. Things were looking good and perhaps he would show up once everything was over.

Sophie wouldn't be there but she hoped that if they ever did see each other again things would be friendly between them.

Joe asked for the batter and she set her attention to what they were currently doing.

They had lunch in no time.

"Do you want to do some walking before tomorrow?" He asked her when they got the dishes done.

"Yes but only half an hour. I don't want to be too tired tomorrow."

They went into the living room where there was space for her to walk. He helped her stand up and then let her use his arms to keep her balance.

She walked slowly and painfully. She didn't stop though until she had accomplished her goal. She was resisting longer than when she had started.

If she kept this up she would be walking in no time.

They stopped after the thirty minutes. He helped her get to the couch and sit down.


"You did good. You don't have to say thank you." He pulled her to lay on his chest. He turned on the television and they laid there for a few moments.

He loved her very much and all this time they had spent together only made that love grow stronger.

He had no doubt in his mind, never had, that Sophie was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He played with her hair as she stared at the screen. Her mouth rose into a smile.

That's how they spent the rest of their day, together.


Chey ran through the trees. She was trying to get away from James. Her giggle carried out by the breeze towards him.

He chuckled. He was close and she knew it.

They had gone hiking. She was growing tired and had suggested they find the forbidden pond. Okay, technically it wasn't forbidden but no one really went there unless it was to you know.

She had initiated it as a game. Now they were running through the tropical foliage like nutjobs.

He reached her and scooped her up in his arms. She squealed and held onto him.

"I caught you!" He grinned triumphantly.

"I let you catch me." She kissed him on the cheek. "We're also here, just through those trees."

He carried her through where she told him and nearly dropped her when he saw the place. It was a small waterfall. Clearly it was manmade. Flowers and other plants grew around.

He lowered her to her feet.

"It's breathtaking, isn't it?" She grinned happily.

She had seen it a couple of times before but only quick glimpses.

Legend had it, and she was sure it was right, that her uncle Daniel's parents had concieved him here.

The water was filtered so that made it a little less weird. Then again she wondered how many of her family members had come here to have sex. Just like she had come to do.

James had the same idea. Mostly it was to cool off from the hot day.

They took off their clothes. Once they were naked they went in the water, holding hands to steady each other.

It was warm and came up to the top of their chest.

"Oh this is heaven." He sighed.

She had to agree. The water relaxed all of her muscles. It was also cool enough to stop her from feeling hot.

"If we ever get a house we need to have one of these built in our backyard. It will be our little romantic spot."

"Until we have kids. Then we'll turn it into a playground."

"Or we can have some kind of coverage and have a really big yard where we can have a small playground as well."

"How would we keep it covered for the kids? I don't want to worry that they might drown."

"Good point. We can have it covered like they do with a jacuzzi. Then when we want to use it all we have to do is uncover it. Our kids will be inside sleeping so we won't have to worry about them coming out and seeing us."

"You are one smart cookie." She splashed water at him.

"Hey!" He splashed back.

They went back in forth, swimming closer to each other until their water match turned into a make out session.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to get him in her.

He bit her bottom lip and pulled it through his teeth. "I don't think so Miss Moreau."

She pouted. "I thought we were going to have sex. This place is for that. If we're lucky we might conceive." She joked.

He chuckled. "Not ready for kids just yet but we are definitely having sex." He unwrapped her legs and turned her away from him.

He caressed her arms and led her to the edge of the pond. He positioned her hands to hold onto it and moved her hips towards him.

She spread her legs and closed her eyes when he entered her from behind.

There was more fluidity with the water and as of yet they hadn't done it underwater. As always the sex was hard and deep.

She was glad they were in the forest away from her family. She could let go once again and scream in pleasure.

It felt as if he always found her right spot that kept her coming with each stroke.

She barely managed to hold on to something and stay above water. This gave her an idea of something she wanted to do.

With a grip of his hand she told him what she wanted to do. He stopped thrusting into her and pulled back out of her.

Mischievous smile in place she pushed him to the edge. His back hit the wall keeping the water in the pond. She kissed her way down his chest and went under.

She had very good ideas indeed.

He groaned and moved his hips to the rhythm of her mouth. Every couple of minutes she came up for air and went directly down again.

He was close after a few times.

She got in a lungful of air and got down, intent on it being the last time.

He tried to pull out but she gripped his buttocks and kept him deep.

He groaned and in mid eruption heard someone coming around the pond. He couldn't stop what they were doing in time.

"Hey James, what are you..." Briar's brow furrowed at her brother's odd face and then noticed the pile of clothes. Noah bumped into her from behind.

"I thought we were going to...Oh, hey." Noah looked embarrassed but not as much as James.

He was bright red. That wasn't the end of the awkward situation. Chey came back up with a smile, her back to the visitors.

"God, that was a big one. I almost drowned." She laughed.

"Oh my god!" Briar ran away screaming.

Chey turned around shocked. "What the hell are you doing here?!" She yelled at her cousin.

"I...I...we...god, we were planning on doing what you just did. Oh this is gross. I'm going to...I'm going after her." Noah stepped back with a disgusted face and ran after Briar.

"Oh my god." She covered her face with her hands. "Did that just happen?"

James stared after the empty space where his sister had just been. "My sister just saw my orgasm face and if that wasn't enough, she now knows you swallow. Along with Noah might I add. Thank god it wasn't any of our parents, especially your father."

"I am mortified. Only because you're her brother. Had it been anyone else this could have been a laughing matter."

He pulled her into his arms. "It's okay. We will survive this. The four of us."

"We should really put on our clothes and go see how they are."

They got out of the water and dressed. They headed back out the way they had seen Briar and Noah head out.

They found them at the golf cart they were using. Noah was trying to comfort Briar.

"I just saw my brother...and then she...oh god. I wish I could forget I ever witnessed that."

"Believe me, me too."

"Hi guys." Chey called to them nervously. "Whatchadoin'?"

Noah glanced her way. "Having a difficult time forgetting what we saw."

"Sorry about that. I wish there was some sign we could up to say 'This is occupied. Sex in progress.' That would be so helpful."

"Sadly such a thing does not exist." Briar groaned. "It's not bothersome to know you two get it on. It's disturbing when one sees it."

"At least you didn't see any private parts. That would have been another horror." Chey volunteer.

"Babe, that's not helping." James put his arm around her shoulders. "Sorry Briar. On another note, had you and Noah gotten there first it would have been us witnessing that."

She looked at Noah and he nodded. Yeah, they could have very well been the ones to get caught.

"I'll live for the moment. I can't see you though, much less look you in the eye." She indeed averted her eyes from her brother's.

"Totally understandable. The pond is all yours." Chey told them cheefully.

"Ew." Briar made a face.

"We are not having sex there at all on this trip." Noah went around behind the wheel. "See you guys later. We're gonna go do something else."

He drove away from them. They had a long walk to do to get back to where they had left their cart.

"Well that was something." Chey clicked her tongue.


"Lesson learned. Do not have sex in public places where you might get caught by a family member."

"We will follow that rule while here and at home."

"At home we have locks."

"Correct. Only here."

"I had a good time though. The maybe getting caught thing was kind of hot, didn't think it would actually happen but it had my adrenaline running."

"I thought it was hot too until Briar and Noah showed up. We have to do it again when we get our own pond."

"Of course. There we can put a sign on our fence."

They continued on the way talking about what else they would put up so that this never happened again.

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