The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Chapter 135

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Chapter 135

"Nooo...I don't want this vacation to be over." Ava pouted. She was laying with the other girls out in the sun.

"It was bound to end. Only one month." Chey stared out into the water with her shades on. "I miss home yet at the same time I wish I could live on this island full time."

"Didn't the original part of our family do that at the beginning? Shouldn't we do that?"

"Would you really want to live on an island alone without stores or anything near by?" Briar asked.

"I personally wouldn't be able to survive without connection to the world." Charlie agreed with her.

Ava clicked her tongue. "Actually, we do have wifi here and you know, local tv. That means that you could keep connected to the world. You've got a point though. Mitch loves working at the bakery, I wouldn't be able to ask him to move here with me."

"Look at you. Your plans revolving around a guy." Chey teased her.

She rolled her eyes in response to her sister's comment. "Point is I love him and my life is with him."

"When did we let men define us? Are we stupid for letting them?" Tricia turned onto her back.

"Love is stupid that way." Briar smiled. "We love it at the same time."

"They also do things for us. Noah is moving to Nevada to be closer to Briar once she's in California. That's something."

"Esteban is going against his mother's wishes and agreeing to have a small wedding." Chey countered to Tricia's comment.

"Also my cousin is dating Ava's crazy ass."

Ava glared at Tricia. "How is that him doing something for me?"

"Seriously? He could be with anyone else and he chose you. Of course after Chey rejected him." Tricia smirked.

"Really Tricia? You and Ava are going to be family some day. Mitch and I just didn't have that click that they did." Chey sighed.

"You're lucky I love him too much to hurt him by hurting you." Ava stood up off the ground. "I think I'm done baking in the sun. Good day to you." She stomped as much as she could in the sand towards the house they were staying at.

"You really did it this time." Chey shook her head.

"I'll lighten up on her when they get married. Maybe even when they get engaged." Tricia shrugged. "The only one I like is Laney and that's the only reason I'm not too rough on Ava."

Charlie giggled. "That's going easy on her? Wow. I wouldn't be able to stand someone picking at me."

"Girl, you are in for the motherload. Maleah isn't going to be happy you married her man. She is going to go after you, guns blazing. I feel sorry for you. What I do to Ava is going to be childish in comparison."

"Stop scaring her." Chey chided. She turned to Charlie. "She makes a point though. When Maleah gets mad...woo, she can be a bitch."

"How nice. I think I'm going to head inside." Charlie did the same as Ava and left.

"Thanks for terrifying my cousin." Briar laughed. "You're joking though right."

The girls looked at each other. She got it, they were not joking.

"It will be fine. We'll talk to Maleah and she'll understand. With some luck she's been having sex with Jake, that guy she left with, and we're all worrying over nothing." Chey tried to be positive.

"Can't wait to see her again." Briar said sarcastically. She remembered her barely. She hadn't spent much time in her presence and the woman did look tough.

She wished Charlie the best of luck.


"Do you think that Maleah is capable of beating the crap out of me?" Charlie asked Linc as soon as he arrived from playing basketball with the guys.

"Where did that come from?"

"You answer first."

"Do you want the honest answer or the lie?"

"Oh my god. I'm going to get my ass handed to me by your ex."

"You won't. Maleah will understand...hopefully. Who told you that anyway?"

"Tricia. Chey confirmed it."

"I have got to tell them that you are too sensitive for this."

"I am not. I just don't like that type of confrontation. I'm good to a certain level. Like taken by surprise but usually by men who want to hurt me. Not by psycho bitches."

"Just don't let her hurt you. It's my advice and I'll talk to her."

"Sure. As if that is going to go over well."

"It will. Are we still planning to eat outside?"

"Yes, we only have a day left here. I want to spend some more alone time with you on this paradise. Then it's back to the city and work. Also your ex. Do you have any news on her?"

"Only that she's living in the Moreau house. She hasn't tried calling me but that it only because she knows that when I'm on the island I like to disconnect from my phone as much as possible."

"Did they tell her about you and me?"

"No. Apparently her parents left the job to me seeing as I'm the one that's going to break her heart."

"How nice of them. Are you going to want me to be there?"

"I'd prefer if you weren't. I'm thinking of inviting her for breakfast as soon as we're back and getting it out of the way. It's also a public place where she won't use bodily harm on me."

"Good riddance. I'm going to go get dressed and you will get our picnic munchies ready."

"Shouldn't I take a shower? I do stink of sweat and victory."

"Alright but only a quick one. I made us some pasta salad and cupcakes that your aunt Avery made this morning. I think she calls them breakfast cupcakes."

"Oh those are good. Can't wait to eat them."

"Then hurry up."

They both headed to their bedroom. She got dressed while he took a quick shower and changed.

They were out of the house and walking towards a more private side of the island in half an hour. They wanted to enjoy the walk and that's why they didn't take a cart.

The air was breezy and she took a deep breath.

She was going to miss being on the island. They would be here next year though which did make her happy.

They settled on the sand close to the water but not too much that they could end up getting wet.

They ate and talked about what they were going to do once back at home. It wouldn't change much in her opinion. They had been living together for some time. Only this time they were married.

After eating their cupcakes they laid back on the blanket and cuddled together. The remains of their picnic already put away.

"You are going to have to be more careful at work, you hear. I'm too young to become a widow."

He chuckled. "Anything can happen to anyone not just because of my job. Something could happen to you on the way to work."

"Maybe but you're more at risk."

"I promise to be more careful."

They laid out in the sand for a while until they decided they should go back to the house. They grabbed everything and went back.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in bed together wishing they could stay on the island forever.


Mitch led Ava blindfolded to where he had everything set up. He hadn't done anything extremely special for her as a date and he thought to fix that.

He had asked for a bit of help from her father and Dom had gladly helped getting everything ordered to the island.

The set up was up to Mitch.

He stopped her when they were near enough.

"Are we here?" She was excited. All he had told her was to get into a dress that clung to her body in the right places. It was sexy yet demure if that made sense.

Then he had blindfolded her and taken her on a ride before they stopped to walk. Her stomach fluttered with nerves.

What was he planning?

"I'm going to take off the blindfold." He moved behind her to take it off.

She felt him against her back. The silk cloth slipped from her eyes and they adjusted to the darkness. Well not much darkness since there was some light.

Her mouth opened in awe.

There were torches of fire on either side of a small walkway. Red petals were spread throughout the sand between the torches.

He offered his arm. He was dressed in a dress shirt that matched the color of her red dress and had on black slacks. They were both barefoot as well.

She took his arm and they started walking down the path.

"This is beautiful." The sand and petals felt soft beneath her feet.

The walkway led to something that was set up closer to the beach. When they neared the structure she was amazed once again.

There was an actual gazebo. It was white with roses along the edges. Candles were lit all around outside of it on the sand as to not catch fire. The place glowed in the night. The waves of water rolled close by.

It was magical.

An emotion so deep and full pressed inside her chest and threatened to come out of her.

"Do you like it?" Her back was to him and he couldn't see her expression.

She swallowed and turned to him. All she could do was nod. If she dared to talk she would probably burst into tears.

His brow furrowed. He raised his hands and gently cupped her face. "What is it?" There was concern in his voice.

"It's nothing bad. It's one has ever treated me like you do. Sometimes I think that this is a dream and that I'm going to wake up one day to have all of this gone. No more you, no more unconditional love and I don't want that."

"Of course you wouldn't want that and it isn't going to happen. I'm only treating you like a person I love. None of this is a dream. It's reality, your reality." His eyes were warm as they looked into hers. "Do you believe me."

She nodded with a smile.

"Tonight I plan on us having a special night. Your mom and dad are taking care of Laney. There will be some dancing, a bit of wine and privacy."

"Privacy out here?" She giggled.

"Yes. I'll show you after we dance." He let her go and kneeled down to where there was a small speaker with a mount for a phone, his phone. She hadn't even noticed the small thing in all the sand.

He put on the song they had dance at the christmas event.

She grinned and went into his arms when he stood to dance. It was supposed to be tango but they swayed instead.

"I remember you saying that you didn't want to dance this type of music with me. What changed your mind? Rather, why didn't you want to in the first place?"

He sighed with a smile. "I could already tell how you made me feel then. You were not the kind of woman I wanted in my life and I didn't want to fall for you. Then being there at the dance...I didn't want it to end. For a moment you let down your defenses and your arrogance. I liked it."

"That night felt special in a way I also didn't want." She bit her lip. "You made my heart beat in a way that scared me. I will never regret dancing with you though."

"Me neither."

The song came to an end.

"I think we should get the blankets and cover the ground. We'll drink the wine in privacy."

"I'm still wondering about that."

"You'll see."

The blankets were folded a ways away. She helped him cover the sandy ground. There were a few. By the time they were done the ground was comfortable enough to sit and lay in.

He brought in the wine that had been in a cooler and a couple of glasses. There was also a plastic container with a two cupcakes.

"Something sweet." He set them down and told her to sit down on the blankets.

She did as he said and watched him. He pulled a string long gauzy cloths came falling down, one side of the gazebo at a time. When the last one fell they were encased away from the world. They could still see thanks to the candles outside.

He tightened a string on the bottom and that was going to keep the cloth from blowing around.

"Now I get it." Her man was smart and romantic.

He poured the wine and they clinked glasses.

He had even thought of having pillows which came in handy when they were going to fall asleep.

When they finished the wine she scooted closer to him. They started to kiss.

The night wasn't over by a longshot.

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