The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

"Leave a man crying and pissing his pants in fear. Check. Killing someone because they fucked with your family, uncheck." Kerim growled.

"Ava told me what she wanted and I respected her decision. Believe me, he would be dead otherwise." Dom sighed. His body was aching and he was extremely exhausted.

"Where is Katherine? I would have thought that she would have noticed that you're not in bed by now."

"Dominik Moreau."

"There she is." He grinned as they entered the foyer.

She was standing at the bottom of the stairs. Her features in a furious scowl as she glared at them both. "Where have you been? You are supposed to be in bed. I was taking care of Laney, otherwise I would have noticed you weren't there earlier."

"We were taking care of something."

"Taking care of what?"

"Nothing that you should worry about."

She continued to glare.

"Sweetheart, I'm going up to bed now. I promise not to leave the room for the next 24 hours."

"Make it 48 and we have a deal."

"How am I supposed to shower and go to the bathroom?"

"I'll help you. I'll even throw in me naked in the shower with you."

"I'm all yours. No getting out of that room for 48 hours." He encircled her with his arms. "I love you."

"I love you too but you still have to tell me what was so important that you got out of bed to do it."

"I will upstairs after our shower."

She rolled her eyes. "It better be worth it."

"Being with you is always worth it."

They started up the stairs together. Juliet was coming down them. She shook her head when she passed them.

"What have you guys been up to?" She asked Kerim once she was with him.

"I'll explain in a bit. I was thinking of going to the warehouse right now. I should get over talking with Austin."

"Wait until tomorrow. I want to have you all to myself." She kissed him on the cheek.

"What has you all lovey?" He arched a brow.

She sighed. "I was making sure that Maleah was alright."

"How are they?"

"Right on schedule. They should be arriving in Canada in a few days."


"Yeah. Now...I think it's time for us to..."

"Get a room please." Chey chuckled as she came down the stairs with James. They had been in her room for most of the day. Partially because they had been sleeping and another because why the hell not. "When are we going to have the family meeting where you tell us exactly why what happened last night, happened?"

"Tomorrow." Kerim answered.

"Alright. Well, I'm going to go with James and spend the night there. I think I need a bit of space from the house."

"That's fine. We'll let Katherine and Dom know."

"It's okay. I already told them before they locked themselves up in their room. I'll see you guys bright and early tomorrow. I want answers."

"You'll get them."

She walked out of the house with James. "I hope I'm ready for whatever I hear."

"What do you think they'll tell you?"

"I don't know. Maybe that they're criminals or god...they could be mobsters. Only people like that get attacked in their own house."

"Let's not think about it." He tried to distract her. "How about we go shopping for a bit? It's still early enough for us to get a few hours before dark."

She pouted. "Will you go in the dressing room and pretend to be my gay best friend?"

He grinned. "Gladly, only this time I'll make out with you in there. Maybe we'll do other things too."

"You naughty man." She laughed. "I like your ideas though."

They headed to the stores. She tried on clothes and he gave his opinion. It reminded her of the beginning of their friendships. She had cared for him for so long.

They did three hours of shopping and then went to dinner.

He took her to a great italian place and they talked. It kept her mind off of the current situation at home.

In the end he took her to his place.

"Looks like Charlie isn't here." He set down his keys on the coffee table.

"I wonder what secret she's keeping. Do you wonder?" She sat down on the couch and stretched her legs.

He sat down beside her and massaged her calves. "I do and I think it's a man. What I don't know is why she would keep him secret?"

"Maybe she's ashamed of him. He could be butt ugly."

"That's not very nice." He chuckled.

She giggled. "Or maybe he's old. Like, grandpa old."

"He could also be someone we know and that's why she wants to keep him secret."

"Hmm, but who?"

"I don't know. Why don't we talk about ourselves?" He rubbed higher to her thigh.

They had a bit of fun in the dressing rooms but not enough because they were conscious of other people around them.

"Do you like what I'm doing?" He gave her a devilish grin.

She took a deep breath when his hand slid under her skirt. He wasn't touching her where she wanted it most but his finger trailed little circles above it. She couldn't even answer his question.

He leaned over her and kissed her lightly, his fingers dipping underneath her panties at the same time.

She was liking this massage much better with each passing second. He delicately caressed her. Her skin flushed and she felt hot.

Her panting escalated and she turned the kiss passionate. She raised her hands to dig them into his hair. Pulling him closer she let go.

Her muscles tightened but he wasn't there to wrap around. She whimpered. God, she wanted him badly.

The click of the front door had them separating abruptly. She scrambled off of him and he too stood up. He pulled her hand and led her to behind the couch where they could compose themselves.

It had to be Charlie and they would be embarrassed enough if she guessed what they had been doing. Chey had to fix her skirt and get her breathing back in check.

"Thanks for dropping me off." They heard Charlie speak followed by the sound of kissing.

Chey covered her mouth to stop from giggling. So it was a man.

" to stay?" Charlie gasped.

Something fell to the floor. It wasn't hard enough to be anything that might break. Probably her purse. A small moan came from the doorway.

James wanted to stand up and interrupt. He couldn't keep listening to his cousin getting it on. Chey put her finger to her lips to keep him quiet and shook her head.

The front door shut and there was scuffling.

They listened as they heard the kissing and moaning, hoping that Charlie and whoever she was with would go to her bedroom.

The couch moved against their back as the couple fell on it.

A garment was ripped and buttons went flying everywhere.

Charlie sighed in clear pleasure. "Oh...oh Linc."

"Linc?!" Chey shrieked and stood up from behind the couch. Indeed it was Lincoln ravishing Charlie on the couch.

She quickly tried to cover herself as he had already undone her bra. "What the hell are you guys doing here?!"

"Us?! What about you two? Aren't you supposed to be dating Maleah?" Chey crossed her arms and frowned at him.

"She left me for that idiot of a partner she had. I have a right to screw whoever I want." He aggresively answered back.

"Screw?" Charlie arched a brow.

"Sorry, sleep with. That doesn't sound any better. I have a right to move on and have a girlfriend. How's that?"

"Much better."

"Um, before we continue this. Could you, possibly, put something on?" James gestured to Charlie's arms covering her naked chest.

"Right." Linc shrugged off his shirt and gave it to her to put on. He had already ruined hers too badly for her to use.

She put it on and sighed. "We were going to tell you, at least I was...soon."

"I really don't know what to say." Chey clicked her tongue.

"There's not anything you should. It's my life and Charlie's." He looked at her. "I'm fine and happy with what I'm doing."

"I guess you're right. I just worry of what's going to happen when Maleah comes back thinking you two are together and you're with someone else. She's going to be heartbroken."

"She left. She broke the relationship. I don't worry about that because when she comes back, she's going to jail."

"I think we'll leave you alone. We were doing something when we heard you arrive. That's why we were hiding behind the couch. We'll see you in the morning." James put his arm around Chey. "Have a good night."

"You too." Charlie smiled slightly.

Each couple made their way to their own room.

James shut the door. Chey still had a frown on her face. "Our family is crazy secretive."

"And you thought it was boring. Remember?"

She grunted. "Silly me. I got what I wished for. An interesting family."

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