The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Chapter 139

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Chapter 139

Jake put the last bale of hay inside the barn and closed up the stable door.

He was currently working at the ranch. He couldn't exactly stay there without doing some work. He hated it but he did it.

He wiped his hands on a rag and cleaned his forehead from sweat.

In August he was moving back to the city. He had already signed up for classes at the community college there.

While living there he had liked it. Except for the whole Austin thing he had enjoyed living in a city full of people that didn't know him much other than the small town.

His mother was proud of him and his father, well he still needed to prove himself to him.

"You done in there?" Ryder called to him from outside.

"Yeah." He came out to his father.

"Alright, it's time to go in. Your mother is going to want me ready for our date night."

"I'll go into town and have dinner. I can also go sleep in one of the vacant cabins. I really don't want to be home for the end of your night." He cringed. He didn't like thinking of the things his parents might get into.

"I'll tell your mother then."

"I'll tell her when I go in to shower and change. I'll be quick about it."

They got on their horses and headed to the house.

Jake had tried to get in contact with Maleah. He had wanted to let her know that he was there for her after finding out about Linc but she hadn't answered calls or texts. He gave up.

That didn't mean that he forgot about her. She was very present in his thoughts.

It was another reason why he was moving back to the city. He wanted to be in the same place as her. He was hoping to run into or try to visit her at home considering he knew where she lived.

He didn't want to act like a stalker but he could at least try a little. He didn't like being without her. These couple of weeks had been quite lonely even if he had family around.

After a shower and change of clothes he said goodbye to his parents and drove to Randy's diner. It would be the next best thing to a homecooked meal.

He entered the busy place and got a seat at the counter.

Randy smiled and went over to him. "Hello Jake. Menu or usual?"

"I think I'll have a menu. A glass of sweet tea as well."

She gave him a nod and gave him the plastic menu. She bustled off to get the tea.

As soon as she had seen him she had asked him to forgive her. It wasn't her right to tell him to leave. She had known how much he loved her daughter and she thought she was protecting her.

He had been nice to say that he didn't need to forgive her. He admitted that he may not have been supportive or be anything like what Sophie needed and got from his brother.

They were nearly back to how everything used to be with the exception of the relationship he had with Sophie. Who wasn't even here.

She came back with his tea.

"I'll get the portobello burger and sweet potato fries."

"Going healthy I see. Worried about keeping in shape?" She teased him as she wrote down the order and put it up with the orders for the cook.

"I feel good with myself just got used to a way of cooking. Maleah liked a lot of vegetables and healthy eating."

"You talk about this girl quite often. Her family's nice from what I've heard."

"They are. They helped me when they didn't have to." He sighed.

"So. When do you plan on seeing her again?"

"I don't know. She won't return my messages."

"Maybe you'll see her when you move to the city."


"Don't give up. I know there's someone out there special for you. It wasn't my Sophie but it will be someone that you need."

"How are they doing by the way? I can't exactly ask my mother because then she thinks I'm still in love with her." He chuckled lightly. "My dad is also suspicious of my questions. I'd rather ask you as long as you know that it's only for wanting to know how they are."

"I know you and I know it's with good intentions. Sophie's doing great. She's walking more and we're hoping that they'll be back by the end of the year if not sooner."

"That's great. I'll be glad to see her again. Although she might not want to see me."

"She will. I know she misses you and I don't think she hates you anymore. Joe has helped her a lot."

"I'm glad. Shouldn't you be at home resting? I keep forgetting your pregnant when you're behind the counter."

She waved her hand like it was nothing. "I'm okay for now. Wait in another month I won't be working here. Grant already wants me to stay home but I think as long as I'm fine I will continue to work. I'm not pushing myself too hard either."

"Well I might still be here by the time you give birth. If not I'll come back to see the baby."

"I would like that. You're a part of our family. You'll be like an uncle to the baby."

"What are you naming him?"

"We're between Jonathan and Zachary."

"Good names."

"I know. I hope that we'll decide on one soon. Maybe once we see his little face we'll know." His order got called out and she got it. She set the plate in front of him. "I'll let you eat now."

He was left alone to have his dinner. Once he was finished he was going to a cabin and sleeping there. Tomorrow he was going to have to wake up early like he had for the past two weeks.

No one said coming home was going to be easy.


"Ohmygod, ohmygod."

"Calm down Tricia. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly."

Tricia did as Chey told her.

"Good. Now what is the problem?"

"I'm going to kill my mother in law before she even becomes that." She pinched the bridge of her nose.

"What did that old hag do now?"

"I got a bunch of hatemail through my yahoo account. She apparently somehow got it from somewhere and told all the family members that I was the one that pressured Esteban into a small wedding. That I was the one that didn't want his family there. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with her."

"Can you actually do anything though?"


"Then stop worrying about it."

"His family hates me and they don't know me."

"Exactly. They don't know you so they don't matter. This day is going to be about you and your man. You two are the ones that should be happy not someone else."

"I know you're right but I still feel guilty."

"Don't. She's a b and you don't need her in your life. Besides, she'll get over this. She has a ton of kids that still need to get married."

"Yeah but it's her golden boy getting married now."

"Listen to me. She don't matter. You do."

"Okay, okay, I'll listen to you. Sheesh." Tricia laughed.

"Good. Now focus on the big day which is tomorrow. Who cares if you get hatemail. Delete the account. You don't even use it anymore."

"You're right. I'll do that."

"Is everything set for tomorrow morning?"

"Yes. We reserved the park, my moms are currently baking for tomorrow, the dress is in my closet and Esteban is at his brother's house."

"Everything is in place. Can't believe we're having another wedding so soon." Chey did a little jig.

"My park wedding cannot compete with the island one. That thing was simple yet amazing."

"Yours will be as well. You'll see."

"I'm glad I have you as support." Tricia gave her a hug. "You calm me down in the most stressful moments."

The door burst open. Seeing as it was Chey's apartment it was not a surprise. It could be anyone in either hers or James' family.

"It's time to party bitches!"

To their luck it was Ava. She was wearing the sluttiest outfit known to humans, her hair high and done. The girl looked like she was going to go sell herself.

That would be a surprise now since she had actually been monogomous the moment she and Mitch got together.

"What are you wearing?" Tricia eyed her. "And does Mitch know?"

"Oh he knows alright." Ava winked and stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth.

"Oh god. I think I'm going to throw up."

"Hey, I had to convince him somehow to take care of Laney. He also said that you needed to relax cause your future mother in law is the shedevil herself. His words actually and not mine. I think I'm rubbing off on him other than just body parts."

"If I agree to whatever shenanigans you want to do, will you stop saying things like that?"

"Sure. Can't make any promises after tonight though. It's hard not to think of the things..."

"Okay, we're going."

"Not dressed like that you're not. Thankfully, I have brought something with me." They hadn't noticed the bag in her hand. "Also, Charlie is going to be joining us. She said she had to get out of some handcuffs first."

"You sick freaky people." Chey laughed.

"Look who's talking. James looks sweet which means he must be an animal in bed. I bet he pounds your ass." Ava rolled her eyes.

Chey turned red which basically confirmed her accusation.

Tricia laughed. They were not the kind of people that were brazen like Ava but it was funny.

"Now choose what you want to wear. Charlie said she had a slutty outfit somewhere. She knows how to have fun with her man."

They opened up the bag to find revealing clothes.

Tricia got a pair of short shorts and a halter top that had a plunging neckline and no back. "I really hope you are not taking us to some strip joint where we will be the entertainment."

"Of course not."

Chey got a skin tight dress that barely covered her bottom. The front was also pretty revealing. She wished she was going to wear this in front of James.

"Go get dressed. I'm going to get the straightener and curler hot. I'm sure you have a make up kit in your bathroom." Ava told her sister.

"I do. We'll get dressed in the guest room."

They went off to do her bidding and she headed for the master bedroom and bathroom.

She had invited Maleah but because Charlie was going to make an appearance she had refused to go. In part Ava wanted to integrate her in the family because that is what she was.

Even though she said no, Ava had sent her the name of the club they would be going to.

This was an impromptu bachelorette party. She just wanted to get Tricia dancing and drinking. Not too much though since she had to be ready in the morning but to forget about her troubles.

Mitch had been agreement. He had not agreed with her choice of outfit but he knew her and he wasn't one to try and control her. All she had to do was remind him that she was exclusively his and that no guy would have her heart or body like he did.

He trusted her enough to believe her. She had been truthful as well. There was no other guy that could ever change her mind about her man.

Her sister and Tricia finally came into the bedroom dressed. One did her make up while Ava helped the other.

Charlie arrived somewhere between that time and they finished up getting ready.

They piled up into Ava's car since it had been her idea and drove towards the club.

They looked sexy and hot. Tricia had initially thought this a bad idea but then again she needed this. Nothing cured her stress than some well needed dancing.

They were barely in line when the bouncer waved them over. He recognized Ava from her crazier times and let them in.

The music was pumping and the atmosphere was insane. There were people dancing and drinking all around. Bodies grinding into each other.

They got a drink each first and then got to the dance floor.

Ava had gotten one of those plastic crowns and sash that said bride. She forced Tricia to wear it and then the party really started.

Other girls danced with them. Men offered them drinks and tried to convince her to run away with them. It was all in good fun.

The night went on. At around one Ava decided that it should be enough. Tricia was going to need some sleep, they all were.

"Let's get out of here ladies!" She yelled over the music.

Holding hands they made their way through the still partying people towards the door.

She had kept to her one drink maximum since she was the one that had to drive them back home. Tricia was dropped off first at Esteban's. Charlie was left at her apartment complex and Chey at hers.

Finally the only one left, Ava, went to Mitch's place.

She took off her shoes at the door and tiptoed to the guest room. Laney was sleeping soundly in the bed Mitch had gotten for her. He had been sweet enough to decorate her room in a girly way. There were large beautiful butterfly decals on the white walls. Her bed covers were in hot pink mixed with light. It was great and her daughter loved it.

She closed the door and went to Mitch's bedroom.

He was also asleep slightly on his side. With a mischievous smile she took off her clothes as quietly as she could.

Finished she slowly got on the bed and pushed him to his back, straddling his hips.

His eyes fluttered open and he smiled. "You're back."

"Mmhmm and I'm here to continue with what we started before I left."

"Started? I thought we both finished."

"We did but I'm feeling especially frisky now." She moved her hips and felt him beneath her.

Although he was sleepy he couldn't control the way she made him react. He quickly flipped her onto the bed, her body beneath his and kissed her.

He was feeling a little frisky himself.

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