The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Chapter 142

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Chapter 142

The next few months flew by.

Maleah and Ava graduated along with four others into the new Special Unit division. They were six in total and would be starting their work in another week.

Briar was in college and Noah was officially a UFC fighter. They were busy by work and classes but they kept their plan of spending every weekend together.

Charlie and Linc were stronger than ever. Their love had not diminished and they were happily married.

Chey and James continued to stay as they were. There was no need to rush into marriage and their parents had finally accepted it.

Sophie was walking again and without any help. Joe and her were already planning their return to the US.

Beth and Adrian had welcomed their son into the world the same night Randy went into labor. The two boys would now share a birthday. Dean and Jonathan.

Jake was in college and living the city life. He had yet to see Maleah again but it wouldn't take too long.

Everything seemed perfect but not too much.


"You really didn't have to do this mom." Maleah surveyed the arranging some party planner was doing.

"It's not only for you. Ava graduated as well. It was Katherine's idea too."


Juliet smiled. Okay she had done most of the planning with Katherine. "This is also a farewell party, Ava's leaving with Mitch in a couple of days and won't be back until New Year's."

"You've made your point, it's not always about me."

"You should go get changed."

"Why?" She was wearing jeans and a shirt.

"You should look nice. You never know who's coming."

"It's only family. Including Lincoln and Charlotte." To her it wasn't Linc anymore. It was him, a guy she used to know and sadly was still family.

"Still. I bought you a dress that I think you'll love. Go." Her mother ordered.

"Fine. I'll be down soon."

"And do something with your hair. Curl it."

Maleah rolled her eyes as she turned toward the door. Her mother was acting weird. She had never cared about appearances before.

Grudgingly she went up to her room and found the black dress her mom had put out. It looked nice and a bit revealing. She was sure that whatever Ava wore would be even more so.

She put on the dress and actually made the effort to curl her hair. After getting into some high heels and hoping that she wouldn't teeter to her death she went back downstairs.

The party had started as all her family had somehow arrived while she got ready.

She was congratulated by aunts and uncles, including her grandparents. She was sure that they were more proud of Ava. Ava who had changed a lot in a year.

Maleah could even say that they had become close. Not too close but she didn't hate her.

She nervously stood to the side after all the forced smiling. Seeing everyone together was nice. Yes, it still hurt when she saw Linc and his wife but she was learning to shut them out.

Her mother came over when she saw her.

"I need you to get something from my car."

"Me? Why me?"

"Because I have to go talk to my parents. Here." Juliet gave her the keys.

"What am I getting?"

"Um, my planner."

She blinked. "You have a planner?"

"Just go get it." Her mother shooed her towards the side of the house.

Maleah thought her mother had lost it. Since when did she have a planner? Why did she need it this instant?

Mumbling under her breath she came around the house and to the front. There were a lot of cars and she knew her mother's was deeper than the others.

A car came up the drive but she didn't want to be bothered by who it was.

She found the car and unlocked it. She looked in the front but there didn't appear to be any kind of notebook. Her mother was a clean freak that was for sure. Not a smudge or piece of trash anywhere.

She closed the door and looked in the back. There was something under the driver's seat. Seeing as she had opened the right side she did not want to go all the way around.

Leaning in with her bottom out of the car she reached for whatever it was. It wouldn't budge as her fingers skimmed it. She pinched the edge of it and pulled, lifting one leg in the process to somehow try to make herself longer.

"Well this is a nice view."

Her eyes opened wide when she heard the familiar voice. The shock brought her to want to upright herself but somehow the foot on the ground slipped. She hated high heels.

A hand wrapped around her shin and another grabbed her hip, preventing her from diving into the car floor. Which probably would have been better in her situation.

Slowly they let down her leg and she was able to get herself out of the car.

The other hand never left her hip. When she was out she was basically pressed up against a masculine frame. Her back to his chest.

She closed her eyes and let the smell of his cologne fill her senses.

Her body reacted to him in a way that said it still remembered him.

"You can't even look at me?" He asked softly in a teasing tone. "I know you're embarrassed but still."

Her face felt hot as she opened her eyes and turned around to look at him. His hand slipped around her lower back and was now on her right hip.

Her heart seemed to stop in her chest as her dark eyes landed on his baby blues.


His name brought a rush of memories and a longing so deep that she didn't think it could possibly be real.

She had stopped thinking about him. Forced herself to forget about her talk with Ava. Her cousin had been right and she had wanted to bury it.

Yet here she was, feeling something that she wasn't sure how it could be possible. Not after only knowing him a few months.

She swallowed nervously.

"I saw you and since my main reason for being here is you, I thought to come over and say hi. Hi."


"You look good."


"Wow. Never thought you would ever answer with one word. Unless you're upset."

She chuckled slightly. "It's nothing. I just...what are you doing here?"

"Your mom called me. Somehow she knew I was living here."

"You're living in the city?"

"Yeah. I'm actually attending community college."

"That's amazing. Congratulations."


"So she invited you. My mother."


She smacked her lips. They were still standing there with his hand on her hip.

"Oh I got you something. I left it in the car. I'll go get it."

She was finally able to breathe properly when he stopped touching her. She put a hand to her heart feeling the way it sped up.

He jogged over to his car to get what he had for her.

She locked her mom's car and forgot about what she was supposed to be looking for. She took a moment to compose herself and followed after him.

He closed up his car and turned around. "Now I don't know how you feel about gifts but...I saw it and I thought you would like it."

It was a semi large box. She took it and set it on the hood of his car. She pulled at the ribbon and opened the top. It was a stuffed teddy bear dressed as a police officer. On the shirt pocket it had a name stitched into it. It read Megan.

She smiled and pulled it out.

"Your mom invited me a week ago and told me the reason. I already knew you were an officer and I thought this would be ideal. I got the name put on it because it reminded me of happier times, when you were in my life."

She hugged the bear.

"I was hoping that you hadn't forgotten about me."

"I'm not going to lie. I tried to forget you and I would have had more success if you hadn't shown up today." She didn't want to look at him. She continued to stare away with the soft plush against her chest.

She closed her eyes when she felt his hand move away the hair from the side of her face. It curved around the nape of her neck and he stepped forward, turning her face towards him. With the other he lifted her chin and kissed her.

She didn't fight it. It wouldn't matter anyway.

It was a short kiss but full of meaning and intentions.

"I've been wanting to do that since before we came back."

She didn't know what to say. What could she?

"Guess we should go back inside to the party. I'm keeping you from your guests."

"We should go there. I...I was supposed to get something but it's probably not important. Why did you come? The real reason. I know it's not for the party since you probably don't know many of them. Why?"

"For you. We can talk after." He offered her his left hand for her to take.

She reached for it with her right and saw the ring he was wearing. She lifted his hand. "You kept it."

"Yes. I couldn't part with it. I felt like it was the only connection and memory of us. Looks like you kept yours as well." He grinned as he rubbed the finger where she had the ring.

Without another word they headed to the house. She led him to the back of it where the party was.

It would probably seem weird for them to be holding hands but she was going to enjoy it for however long it lasted. She hadn't felt happy in a while and this felt like it.

She had his gift under her other arm and they came out to her family.

Her mom was the first one to notice them. Her mouth actually curved up into a bright smile. She walked over to them and met halfway.

"Jake, I'm glad you came."

"Thank you for inviting me."

"Look what he gave me." Maleah showed her the bear.

"Nice gift. Why don't you introduce him around, I'm sure he knows a few here."

"You're right. Oh and I didn't find your planner."

Juliet shrugged. "It's fine."

Maleah narrowed her eyes suspiciously at her mother. With a shake of her head she walked away with Jake. "So who do you know around here?"

He looked around. "For starters I know James. His parents are friends with mine. We spent some summers together when he would go visit. Especially during the Harvest Fest."

"Oh yeah, they went last month. I didn't go or Ava since we had to finish our course."

"I didn't either. I think this is the first one I didn't go to. I was busy with school."

They reached Chey and James.

"Jake, what a surprise." He grinned and clasped him on the back.

"Jake." Chey gave a nod of her head. She remembered him from last year.

"My mother invited him."

"That's nice."

James and him caught up on everything so far since the last time they had talked.

Ava had already seen them from afar and was soon by Maleah's side with Mitch. Laney was in his arms.

"Who is this?" She nudged her. It caught Jake's attention.

"This is Jake." Maleah gave her a look.

"Oh...the famous Jake McIntosh. Hmm, I think he rather looks better with you than Linc ever did. I'm Ava, Maleah's cousin and best friend." She held out her hand.

He chuckled and shook it. "Nice to meet you."

"This is Mitch, the love of my life." She smiled up at the man in question.

Mitch held on to Laney with his left arm and shook Jake's hand. "This is Laney, our daughter." He lightly tickled her under the chin so she would look up. She had shyly been trying to hide her face against his shoulder.

Ava was taken aback by his introduction of Laney. He had never called her their daughter before. Could it be possible to love him more than what she already did?

"Hello Laney. You're very pretty." Jake told her.

She giggled and held on tighter to Mitch.

"I love kids. Hoping to have some someday soon."

Ava wiggled her eyebrows at Maleah, who rolled her eyes at her. Her cousin was never going to change and she really didn't want her to.

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