The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Chapter 143

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Chapter 143

"Oh look, Jake's here." Charlie commented.

"Jake?" Linc frowned and saw him. He was talking with James and Mitch. Maleah was nowhere around him. "What is he doing here?"

"I don't know. Maybe Maleah and him kept in touch." She turned toward the refreshment table.

He followed after her and took a plate for her.

"How do you feel about that?" She asked casually as she looked over what might appetize her.

"There's nothing really for me to feel about it. Although I don't think he's a good guy for her."

"Why not?"

"The guy was in a bad business. He was an associate of Austin Gordon. Who's to say that maybe he did know everything that was going on and only pretended not to."

"Jake isn't like that. A little part of me always thought that he was innocent."

"Well I never did and I still don't."

"Are you sure it's because of that and not because he might be with Maleah?"

"Really? Again with the jealousy."

She smiled. "You can hardly blame me. It's the hormones."

"Alright you have a point." He chuckled. "Can't wait until we tell our parents."

"Me neither. I would like to tell them right now but this is not the right occasion. I think a certain someone still needs a bit of time to get used to us. I don't want to know what would happen if she found out we were having a baby."

"You're pregnant?"

They both turned around to see Maleah a few feet away. Her usual plain expression towards them was turned into a crushed one.

"Yes. We haven't figured out how to tell the family yet."

Her jaw tensed. "Is it because of me?"

Charlie bit her lip.

"You don't have to worry about tiptoying around my feelings. Why don't I tell them as a good will towards you." Her tone was sarcastic but she took one of the glasses from the table and a spoon.

Turning to the others she tapped it a bit loudly. Charlie wasn't sure how the glass had kept together and not shattered.

Everyone's attention was caught.

"Good, I have your attention. Well, it happens to be that this is not only a happy occasion over Ava and I's graduation. Oh no, Lincoln and his lovely wife have news to share with us." She glared at them for an instant and turned back to their family. "They are going to have a baby. So congratulate them and don't worry about hurting my feelings, none of you cared about that when you went to their wedding." She slammed the glass down on the table. "Congratulations." She hissed at them before turning on her heel and heading for the house.

"I think it's safe to say that she's still not over it." Charlie whispered to Linc.

The family looked at them awkwardly.

Ava quickly thought of something to change the mood. Everyone knew that music made the soul forget all the bad and weird things.

"This is a party people." She was glad that someone had decided to put out light music. She went to the source and changed it into something more lively. "Enjoy."

The conversations started up again and a few went to congratulate the happy expectant couple.

She was on her way to tell Jake that he should go after Maleah but it looked like he had thought of it on his own. He was already on his way to the house.

Mitch curved his arm around her waist. "She'll be fine. I think it was just a shock. Don't worry about it."

"I know. It's just, I thought she was barely getting over it."

"That guy is here. He'll make her happy."

"I hope you're right."


Jake remembered the room that he had stayed in with Maleah almost a year ago. He knew he would find her in there.

He knocked lightly and opened the door.

She was sitting on her bed facing away from the door.

He closed it and locked it. He quietly made his way to her and sad down beside her.

"I know I'm acting immature about this whole situation but I can't help it."

"You're hurt. It's understandable."

"No it isn't. I wish I could just forget everything we shared. Get over it, that he's married and he has his own life to live. Yeah, it's not with me but he deserves to be happy and not have me hanging over him like a dark cloud that could strike them with thunder at any moment."

"That was an excellent comparison." He teased her.

She gave him a look and went back to staring at the wall.

"What is it that hurts you the most?"

"Just the way everything went. She and him have everything I wanted."

"Then why not do your thing. Do everything that you planned for your life."

"It's not that easy."

"Why? We can do anything we want in our life. Tell me. What is the first step towards what you want?"

She sighed. "Finding the right guy. Loving the right guy."

"Okay. Who's that?"

"If you're asking me if it's you, the answer is I don't know. I don't know if I want you to be that guy. I don't know if I want to believe in love again."

"Why not?"

"I don't want to get hurt again."

"If I can promise you that I will never hurt you, would you give me a chance?" He turned towards her, hoping that she would look at him and believe him.

"You can't promise that."

He cupped her cheek and turned her face to him. "I promise that I will do anything in my power not to hurt you that way or any other way that I shouldn't. Yes, I may do something that you don't like which I don't think counts as hurting but I mean in breaking your heart..." He looked into her eyes. "I promise to keep loving you for as long as I live because there's no mistake Maleah, I love you."

She was becoming weaker, she could feel herself trying to believe him. Her defenses seemed to be crumbling under the weight of that one sentence.

"I think you feel something for me only you're too scared to want to pursue it." His thumb caressed her bottom lip. "Please let me in." He leaned in and pecked her after every word. "Believe" He deepened the kiss.

She kissed him back slowly and interwined her tongue with his. Her hand slid up his chest and undid the first button of his shirt.

She took her time to undo the rest. Without breaking the kiss he took off his shirt. His hand went up her side and found the zipper of her dress.

They did have to break away for her to get out of it.

This time she was sober and knew exactly what she was doing. She got back on the bed bare of anything and helped him with the rest of his clothes.

They didn't bother using the cover of the bed, the door was locked.

He kissed her body slowly and wickedly. She returned the favor by licking every part of him.

He held himself on top of her. Her lips trailed up his neck as he lifted her leg and curved it against his hip. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp.

This was much better than the other time. All her senses were alert and everything felt like it was happening for the first time.

The atmosphere was steamy with their love session.

For there was no mistake, she loved him.

Denying would no longer work. Jake was her weakness whether she wanted him to be or not.

Linc may have been a man she loved, her childhood sweetheart but he was not the one meant for her to share the rest of her life with.

The love she felt for Jake was one that had grown for someone that was meant to be hers in adultlife. They hadn't grown up together but they had somehow become friends and then it had moved onto another thing completely.

Every touch, every kiss continued to prove to her that he was the love of her life. That if he was the one to break her heart she might not survive the devastation as much as in turn he would not be able to handle it.

His left hand touched up her arm until it made contact with her right hand. Their fingers curled and held, their rings touching. Her hand was pressed into the soft mattress as she fell apart beneath him. Her free arm held him tighter and her fingers dug into his back.

His other hand continued to hold her leg over his hip. He kissed her and welcomed the rush of release. He didn't want the moment to end.

He never wanted anything to end between them. He didn't want her out of his life anymore.

He felt her hand move from around his back and into his hair. He raised his head to look at her. She seemed to be taking in every feature of his with her eyes.

"Always and forever?" He asked smiling.

She nodded. "Always and forever." She glanced over at their connecting hands. That was the inscription inside both rings and they meant more than just words.

"Will you marry me?"

She looked back at him and returned his smile. "Yes."


The party was over and the family had left, at least the ones that didn't live there.

"I don't know why you invited him but he's gone so it means that whatever you wanted to accomplish did not work." Kerim smugly told his wife.

Juliet sighed. Yeah Jake had disappeared after what Maleah had said and done.

Ava was sure that he had gone after Maleah but they hadn't come back to the party. She thought that maybe he hadn't been able to convince her.

"There will be someone for her." Katherine stayed positive. "She'll be fine." Dom agreed with her. What else could they do but hope that Maleah would get over Linc's relationship.

"Why don't you track him down and see where he went." Kerim still poked at Juliet. "That's what you've been doing all these months. For all the good that did. I told you that our daughter was too smart to like a guy like him."

She turned on her phone and looked at the gps tracker they had on his car. Her brow furrowed. "He's here."


"Hmm, guess you were in the wrong and he's upstairs with our daughter." It was her turn to smirk.

A second later they heard hurried steps coming down the stairs. They were in the living room and stared at the door waiting for whoever it was to make an appearance.

It was Maleah with Jake in tow.

Her face was flushed and excited. She was wearing his shirt over a pair of shorts, he was wearing his slacks and looked like he didn't really want to be there like that. They were both barefoot.

"We heard you and thought we should tell you now." She smiled happily.

"Tell us what?" Juliet asked.

"Jake asked me to marry him and I said yes."

Most of the family was happy with the one exception.

"Son of a..!" Kerim lunged at Jake with a murderous look.

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