The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 104

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Chapter 104

"How are you feeling?"

"Better." Beth put her hand on top of Adrian's as he kept it on her stomach.

The shock was gone and she had been tired the day before. After leaving in the morning to his apartment she had stayed in bed.

The doctor that had been at her uncle's house had checked over and gave some suggestions. Since she felt calmer and not stressed she was sure that their baby was alright.

Also knowing that Edward had signed the divorce papers and sent them her way had her chipper.

She had thought that once the initial surprise of finding out that Adrian was the man she was going to have a baby with had dissipated, he would have retracted.

He had not. The signed papers had arrived bright and early at the Moreau house, mere hours after he had left. She had signed them and sent them off to Adrian's uncle Dexter. Who had friends that would make them reach the place they needed to.

In a couple of weeks all would be good and she would no longer be Mrs. Dickens.

"Are you ready to go to your uncle's house?"

"No." She sighed. A meeting had been made for the whole family. It was texted out this morning that everyone would meet there after breakfast.

"I'll be with you. I'm sure no objections will be made seeing as I'm taking care of you."

"I wouldn't have it otherwise. I'm just not sure I want to hear what they are going to say. What if it's bad?" It was obvious that it was. Why else would the event have been ruined for them?

Alas it was only ruined for them since the morning paper today there was mention of the grand event. Only there was no mention of the shooting or dead bodies. It was brushed off as a malfunction of a firework display.

She didn't understand that part but knew that her uncles had to be in something bad enough to have the power to keep it quiet.

"Come on. We shouldn't be late." Adrian stood up and held a hand for her so he could help her up. She didn't need it but she was grateful for him.

"Edward sent a note with the papers. My things will be boxed up and sent to my parents' condo."

"Good. From there we will have it sent here." He told her as they headed out the door.

"I was actually thinking would be returning to town." She had been thinking about it and that's what she wanted. She wanted to move to the small town where his real home was.

He pressed the button to the elevator. "You want to move to my hometown?"

"Yes. I like it there and I know you miss your job. I can't really see you like as a business man although you may be good at it."

He hadn't thought to move back there this soon. He thought she would perhaps want to get married here and have the baby before making the move.

"If you don't want to..."

"I do." He grinned. "I would love to move back home with you. How about we wait until you get the divorce notice back and we get married here. Then we'll go back there to look for a house."

She smiled. "I like that idea. I can wait a couple of weeks."

He drove her out to the Moreau mansion. He wondered what cover story they had given the cops or if they even knew what had happened. He had read the newspaper article with Beth and was surprised that there was no mention of what ocurred.

There were other cars in the driveway. He took one of the parking spaces and got out. He went around and opened the door for Beth.

Noah arrived right as he opened the door. He parked next to them and got out of his truck.

"Good morning." Beth greeted him.

He gave her a nod of his head in greeting and walked to the front door. She arched a brow but commented nothing as the door opened.

Katherine gave them a kiss on the cheek. She didn't say anything about Adrian being there. She understood why. Beth was carrying his child and this would concern him. Anything that would have to do with her.

In the living room they said their hellos to the family that was already there.

They waited for Linc and Chey to arrive. They were the last of the bunch.

"We're here." Chey announced as she went through the door. Linc had given her a ride since they had stayed at the same place the night before. "We can get this meeting started." She stood near the door.

"Alright. Briar's with Laney upstairs so we won't get interrupted. I think we can safely start." Dom cleared his throat. He was sitting in a comfortable recliner. Katherine had insisted.

"Briar's here?" Noah frowned.

"Yeah. Wouldn't you know that? You are a thing." Ava questioned.

He didn't say anything else.

"Okay. We made this a meeting to talk about Friday night after the event. I just want to say that I'm sorry for what happened. It was a surprise attack and I wish we would have been prepared better." Dom started. "There is something we should confess to all of you or most of you. At least the ones that don't know. Kerim and I haven't always been just business men. We lived pretty shady lives over twenty years ago."

"Shady? Like what?" Chey interrupted.

"Our father was selling and buying drugs, arms and anything illegal. I was in it once I turned 18 and Kerim followed soon after. When he died, I took over as the main leader."

Ava's eyebrows rose. "You're saying that you were some drug lord?"

"Basically although I think that's not a fitting name. We were criminals and powerful. Now after I met Katherine," he looked at her. She put her hand on his shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile. "I put a stop to all of that. She made me see that I needed to help Kerim and the life we were living wasn't ideal. I needed to let go that part of our lives and we got out."

"There are so many questions going through my head right now." Chey wasn't sure she wanted her father to continue but he did anyway.

"I'm sad to say that we're back in that life. Things changed when Maleah was accused of murdering and being behind other murders. The police had a lead and we were the ones that could easily get the answers needed."

Linc crossed his arms. He looked at his father. "What is he talking about?"

Daniel sighed. "Austin Gordon. You know we were looking for him. They knew him and he was now taking the place that Dom used to have only in a much lesser power position. They needed to go in again and get it back to uncover the truth."

"What truth?"

"That Maleah was framed by Austin Gordon. He wants something and is targetting the Wilkins, along with the McIntosh family. Jake could also have been framed."

Linc glanced at Dom. "Were you the ones that helped her escape?"

"Of course." Juliet answered nonchallant. "We weren't going to let her get stuck in max prison and go down for a crime we know she didn't commit. Don't worry, she's safe."

This was no relief to him. How could his father be involved with criminals? How could his uncles and apparently aunts as well be involved? Yeah it was to help but...

"Look, we're only doing this until we get the evidence to turn Austin in. As of yet it has been impossible. That man is tight lipped and he won't let anyone in." Dom spoke again. "We're trying to figure out how to get him to talk or get his trust."

"He isn't budging and ultimately we might have to kill him. Meaning, I will." Kerim leaned against the wall.

"You guys have killed before?" Chey asked. "How?...What?"

"We have because of the line of business we were in and because I have it in my genes." Kerim explained. "There's more to me than what you know. A lot more."

Ava chewed her lip. Did this mean that there was validity to what she felt on the subject of death? More specifically how she had felt that night as she shot those men?

"How many people have you killed?" Chey swallowed nervously.

"Darling we don't need to..."

"How many?"

"I've killed over a hundred people." Kerim confessed. "Dom probably half, maybe a little more."

Dom sent him a look.

"What? We said we would tell them everything. We are. I'm a fucking psychopath, I can't help it."

The girls were stunned.

"Dad? Are you?" Ava looked at her father.

"No. I'm not. I only did it because I had to and they messed with the wrong family."

"I can't believe this." Chey's brow furrowed. "All this time I thought you were a sweet man when you were out there shooting and killing people."

"Correction, he was a skinner and that was a long time ago." Kerim easily informed her.

"A...skinner? What the hell does that mean?"

"Kerim, please stop talking."

Kerim rolled his eyes at Dom but kept quiet.

"You don't need to worry about that. We're only doing this for a short time. Once we get what we need we're out."

"Are you sure about that? Men in masks came here to kill you." Linc crossed his arms.

Daniel nodded. "I have to agree with him. How long can you two keep this up without anyone getting hurt?"

"As long as we have to." Juliet took the floor. "We're doing whatever we can for Maleah. Doesn't matter what."

Ava thought long and hard while the discussion continued. The real problem in all of this was Austin Gordon. She didn't know the man specifically but she knew men enough to know what made them open up like a blooming flower.

She shouldn't want to get into anything dangerous but there was that unmistakable rush she felt like that night she had shot those men.

Her heart sped up and her cheeks flushed at the excitement.

"I know what to do." She stopped the talking.

"What to do about what?" Dom asked, cautious. He didn't like the glint in his daughter's eyes.

"Where do you guys get together with that man?"

"Some abandoned warehouse in the east district. Why?" Juliet narrowed her eyes suspiciously. Something was up. She could see it in Ava's eyes.

"No reason, just curious. I have to go." She stood up. "This has all been enlightening but I have a job I should get to."

Some looked at her with mild curiousity. Other focused back on the discussion at hand. Chey more importantly felt like she should be against all this.

It was only going to cause for them to all get killed.

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