The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - Chapter 149

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Chapter 149

With their trip coming to an end Ava had felt sad but then she remembered that she had a wedding to arrange for soon.

She bursted through the front door and yelled out her arrival.

Mitch chuckled behind her with their cases. Laney had run in after her mother.

"There's my beautiful daughter. Let me see the ring." Katherine descended the stairs and greeted them.

Ava showed her hand. "I love it."

"It's gorgeous. You're a catch."

"Thank you Mrs. Moreau." Mitch said.

"None of that. You can call me Katherine, you're going to be my son in law. Come give me a hug."

He approached her and gave her a hug.

"Have you put a date?"

"Not the exact day but we are thinking of a spring wedding." Ava told her. "March or April."

"It's going to be some work to get everything ready."

"I already have an idea of what I want."

"Which is?"

"A paris themed wedding. I want classy, white and peach colors, just sweet and full of love."

"I love that. I'll help you with it and I promise not to interfere. This is your wedding. Mitch's as well." She winked at him.

He chuckled. "I'm fine with whatever Ava wants. I want her to be happy."

"I heard that one of my daughters was here." Dom came out of the study with Laney in his arms. She had run off to find him.

"Hi daddy!" Ava skipped to him and hugged him tight. "I'm getting married!" She squealed.

He laughed. "That's all I ever wanted for you. To find a good man, someone that will be a father to Laney." He let her go and put down his granddaughter. "I'm going to be proud to have you as a son in law." He shook Mitch's hand.

"I'll be proud to be it."

"You need to tell me all about your trip." Katherine told Ava. "I want to know everything you saw and what you ate. I want to know if you had the best experience like I had with your father."

"First of all I say I got a pretty good experience at the eiffel tower. Mitch was sweet enough to propose there like dad did for you."

"Smart." Dom grinned at him. "Any woman would say yes when asked like that."

Katherine rolled her eyes but agreed.

"I think I'm going to go. I have to unpack and I need to go see how the bakery has been since I left." Mitch gave his goodbyes to them.

"I'll see you tomorrow after work." Ava kissed him at the door. She was going to miss him after spending a whole month with him.

He kissed her back and then headed for his car.

She closed the door with a sigh and a smile. She loved that man so much it almost hurt to part.

After putting Laney to bed for a nap she took some time to tell her mother about her trip. She told her about Mitch's mother and how nice she had been.

She told her of the places she had seen and what they had done.

When she was done with it all she felt tired and ready for bed. Tomorrow she would be going to the station and officially starting on her new job. It would only be for a couple of days since New Year's was coming up.


The next morning she got up and got dressed. Her mother was taking off the whole week from work and she was able to take care of Laney.

After the holiday she would be taking her to a good day care. It was all set up.

Ava put on regular clothes. Her uniform would be in her locker at the station. She put her hair in a ponytail and out she went.

She had sent Maleah a text that she would be seeing her soon.

At the station Daniel greeted her and told her that they could very well be busy at this time of the year. She needed to be ready for anything.

Maleah was nice enough to arrive with a coffee for her.

"Welcome back." She said as she handed the warm cup over. "How was the trip?"

"It was amazing as you know."

"Yes, I saw that engagement ring. Mitch sure loves you."

"He does and I love him so much. How are things here? Are you still not married?"

"Yes if you must know. We haven't even set a date. We did move in together."

"Really? An apartment?"

"No, a condo actually for now until we decide we want to start a family. Probably a few years."

"Everything sounds great."

"It is. We had a crazy thanksgiving, he and his brother got into a fight. Actually his brother started it and beat him."

"I'm guessing you defended him."

"Hell yes. Gave the guy a black eye."

"Would have loved to see that." Ava sipped her coffee and opened up her locker. "Loving the uniform."

"I have a few complaints." Maleah leaned against her own.

"Which are?"

"I like the color, black suits us. Don't understand why they basically look like the uniform Beyonce wears in her 'If I were a boy' music video. They are not supposed to show off our shape."

"I think they're cute that way."

"I know you had some input since our family basically donated all the money to make all of this happen."

"I asked if you wanted to help and you said no."

"Anyway, the motorcycles are another thing. I thought you were kidding when you said you wanted to take lessons. I went along but didn't realize that we would be driving them on a daily basis."

"I think we'll look hot. Let's get dressed."

They grabbed their uniforms and went to the bathroom to get ready.

Ava absolutely loved the way she looked. She put on her aviator glasses and took a picture of herself then sent it to Mitch.

He responded almost immediately. 'Looking hot. Wear that tonight when you get home. My home.'

She giggled.

"What are you laughing at?" Maleah came out a little grumpier.

"I sent a picture to my babe. Has Jake seen you?"


"What was his reaction?"

Maleah actually blushed. "I'm going to tell you but you better not tell anyone."

"I promise not to." Ava was already expecting something kinky.

"He had me swap out my combat boots for high heeled ones and unbutton my shirt, showing a little lace of my lingerie. Then we went into role playing and I pretended to arrest him, taking advantage while he couldn't do anything."

" I'm so going to do that to Mitch later."

"Ew, gross, don't want to hear about you doing something I did with my guy."

"We're besties, we're supposed to share our sexual experiences and learn from them. What you did sounded hot and I think I would love it."

"Don't ever change. Everyone loves you this way, crazy as fuck." Maleah smiled.

"Come on. We got criminals to put behind bars."

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"My gun." Ava clipped her badge to the front of her black pants. "I'm loving these boots. I think they look cute."

Maleah made a noise and left the bathroom.

Together they went to the gun department. Maleah had hers but Ava needed to check her own out.

"That one is mine." She pointed out the one she had been issued and type she knew to use. "The serbu super shorty."

She was handed the gun and the slugs. There was a harness she could use that would keep in it's place whenever she rode the motorcycle.

"I'm ready to check out our motorcycles."

Maleah led her out to the department parking spot.

The bikes were sleek and black. They had the police lights and the name on the side.

"Who have you been working with?"

"Mario and Nick."

"How are they?"


"Hmm, no wonder they passed the course." Ava turned on the bike and checked the screen with information. She could use it to type in license plates and receive messages of anything new.

Maleah got on the one beside hers and revved the engine. She checked her own screen. "We've got to go. High speed chase after a blue sportscar, not stopping and they need us."

"I see it. Let's go."

"I'll show you how to shoot out the tire spikes."

"Isn't it the button with a triangle?" Ava put on the black helmet and opened the visor.

"Nope." Maleah put her own. She rode back and out of the parking garage. She knew her cousin was behind her.

They both turned on their lights and followed the gps to where the other officers were.

They saw them up again and speeded up. They flew by them and chased after the blue car. Ava made a motion to her about cutting off the vehicle in the next street.

Maleah nodded and turned a street before as Ava herded the car towards her.

It made a sharp turn and almost crashed into a light post. She leaned into the side with her bike and straightened out.

She loved the adrenaline rush and thought of how she had chosen the right career. She needed this escape in her life. She may be different than the rest of her family, similar to her uncle though but she could live this way.

Up ahead she saw Maleah on her bike. There was a thin strip lining the road. She braked before she could reach it. The car wasn't so lucky.

It went over the lines and all four tires popped, it skid further down the street before stopping. The driver's door opened and a man started running.

Maleah was already on the chase after him. She was faster than him and managed to tackle him to the ground.

Ava drove around the spikes and parked her bike. The other officers that had been in their cars behind stopped and assisted in the arrest.

"What do you think of what we do?" Maleah got back on her motorcycle and pushed the button to return the spikes into it.

"I love it."

An alert came onto their screens.

"Let's go, partner."

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