The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Chapter 150

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Submitted: August 11, 2017



Chapter 150

Briar focused on school. That was another reason she later convinced herself that it was a good thing she was not with Noah any longer.

School came first. She needed to concentrate on her career and becoming the photographer she wanted to be.

At the moment her interest was traveling to other places. She could also decide to do journalism and use photography for that.

She had different choices. Nothing having to do with settling down any time soon.

She finished up the paper she had to write for a class and exited out of her login. Grabbing her bag she headed to her dorm.

Her roommate was in tonight which was a surprise. Seeing as it was saturday she would usually be out at some party.

"My boyfriend is coming over. We're watching the fight on my laptop." Olivia informed her.

"That's fine by me. I'll plug in my earphones and watch something on my own."

"I never thought I would find UFC interesting but I did decide to get a guy and this is what he loves. If I want him to like me and I need to show him that I'm right for him."

"You can also be your own person. You don't need a guy to define you."

"Yeah but he's good in bed. You don't get those mind blowing orgasms with everyone."

Nope you didn't. Briar sighed. She had no interest in guys at the moment. She felt it was too soon anyway.

She missed Noah but she couldn't go back to him, not while this was their situation. Besides, he was probably already with Alicia or someone else more beautiful than her.

He was famous now. Many women threw themselves at him.

Olivia's boyfriend turned out to be one of the college football players. He was not supposed to be in their dorm but since he arrived before curfew he was going to stay until morning. The RA didn't even check on them.

She didn't want to listen in but she couldn't help it when she heard Noah's name announced.

He was giving an interview before the fight. They asked him questions about what he thought of his opponent and what he wished the outcome to be. Then they asked him if he was seeing anyone.

"Someone like you must have a special woman in your life." The reporter flirted with him.

Briar heard his familiar chuckle. "I'm not seeing anyone at the moment but there is someone special."

"That doesn't make any sense."

"I understand but it does for me."

"Does this mean you wouldn't be open to anyone?"

"No. I am not looking for a relationship or to casually date anyone. Are these all the questions you have?"

"Yes, thank you for the short interview." He must have left because then the reporter started talking. "Do you hear ladies? Noah Anderson at the moment is single. He mentioned someone special in his life, could there be a mystery woman that we don't know about? It could also be a dog he appreciates." She laughed. "It doesn't hurt to try though." Then she went off to interview someone else.

Briar put in her earphones and stared at her laptop screen. She loved him. She always would.


Noah won the fight. It wasn't a surprise to him. His opponent was good but not as good as him.

"How do you feel?" Chey asked.

She and James had made the trip to vegas to see him. The whole family didn't come but someone always did. They all took turns as to not make him miss them.

Briar used to be at every fight of his but she hadn't been there since they had broken up.

"Like crap."

"You just won."

"Yeah but it's not worth it when you don't have someone to share the joy with." He walked out with them through the back exit of the place. They could avoid paparazzi that way.

"We're here."

"But you're not her."

"I'm sorry that things ended the way they did. Maybe it was a long time coming. I know she was struggling with keeping up her work during the weekends." James commented.

"How is she?"

"She's focusing on school. We text some of the time. She keeps busy."

"I miss her."

"We know." Chey rubbed his arm. "Things will work out. Who knows, this could be temporary and by this time next year you two are together again. Last time it didn't take too long for you two to get back."

"Yes but last time we lived in the same place and saw each other often. It was hard not to. This time we can't casually bump into each other anymore."

"Let's get some drinks or dinner to celebrate. Then we can go to your new place which I love."

He had moved out from the old apartment complex. He didn't want to keep bumping into Alicia. Also just in case Briar changed her mind and they got back together.

Alicia had gone over the next day of the party and tried to convince him that she was the right woman for him. They had argued and he had left to go back to his homecity for thanksgiving.

He had briefly seen her again when he was back but he had already found another place online and he moved out a couple of days later. He regretted nothing only the night of the party.

"Noah? What do you think?" Chey asked again.

"It sounds fine."

He gave them the direction of the burger joint he used to frequent with Briar. Now he went by himself.

Fans asked for his autograph when he got there. James thought it better that they order and go to Noah's apartment to eat.

He felt bad for him and for his sister. Briar loved Noah and vice versa. He hoped that soon they would find their way back together. They used to be happy.

At the apartment they talked about what was new in the family. Noah said he would be going to go for Ava's wedding which had been set for the last weekend of March.

"I don't know if Briar's going to go. I asked but she said she had to see her schedule." James took a sip of his soda. "I know for a fact that in summer she is going to stay at our mother's hometown."

"I know she liked that place during the summers she spent there." Noah wished she could have stayed in the city and he could have found some excuse to see her there. In the town he couldn't just pop up out of nowhere and say he was in the neighborhood.


"How long are you planning to do this, the UFC thing?" Chey asked him.

"I don't know. Right now my mind set is until I decide to retire. A few years. It all depends on how this keeps going. What about you? When do you finally graduate?"

"Next year I think if I do good for this one. I don't know why I didn't just choose a short career. I could have become a nurse or something."

"You like working with kids. I can see you protecting them and coming to their defense for any abuse."

"I see it too." James reached out and took her hand.

She smiled. "You're right. I should stop complaining and focus on school for now."

"Then our wedding."

"You're engaged?" Noah arched a brow. "How did I not hear of this?"

She laughed. "Not yet. James and I have talked about it and maybe after I graduate we'll do it."

"I would say now but I know how her career is important at the moment. I want her to be ready and want it."

"I do want it but you know, school is first for now."

"Well congratulations in advance." He grinned.

Chey chewed her lip. "I've been wanting to ask. Did you ever hear from your sister again?"

"Yeah, she called me like a couple of weeks ago. I think she said she was in Maine or something like that. She apparently moves around a lot now."

"What about that weird guy? He kind of just disappeared. What was his name? Elliot? Emmett?"

"Eli?" James contributed.

"Yeah, him. What happened to him?"

"I don't know, Angel said that he left. I personally was happy about that. Definitely did not want to hear from that guy again."

"He gave me the creeps." Chey agreed with Noah.

"I asked Angel if she was going to visit me soon or if I could once I had a break but she said that she was going to be leaving that place soon and going to another. She's a weird one but I'm glad she at least takes my calls and texts."

"I can't imagine having a sister somewhere out there. I'm glad I only have Ava, even then she was and is a handful."

"She's getting better. Mitch helps with that." James told her.

"I know but still. She's like the queen of insane. I think her bad influence is catching on to Maleah. They work in that dangerous job and love it."

Noah remembered Ava sending him some pictures of what they wore and used for work. They were good at what they did from what he heard of other family members. "At least she's doing well for herself. Better than the way she was before."

"That's true."

They finished their dinner and picked up.

James and Chey were going to be staying in a nearby hotel since he had a one bedroom apartment.

"What time are you guys leaving tomorrow?" He asked them outside.

"We'll have breakfast with you and then leave. We have to go in to work on Monday." Chey answered. "Good fight and get some rest, you deserve it. We'll see you around nine."


She gave him a goodbye hug. "Don't give up."

He didn't know if she was talking about Briar or his career. Most likely Briar. "Sometimes you have to. Isn't there a phrase that says if you love something let it go, if it comes back it was always yours and if it doesn't then it never was?"

She pulled back. "Sometimes those things can be wrong. You two are meant to be like all the couples in our families."

He gave her a sad smile. "Not always but thanks anyway."

They let go and he said bye to James, then headed over to his own truck.

"He just makes me feel so sad." Chey leaned into James as they walked to his car.

"Briar makes me feel that way too but it's their lives. We can't do anything."

"I know but still I wish we could."

"Let's go to bed. We'll see him tomorrow and try to cheer him up."

"If that's even possible."

Chey wished one could just wave a magic wand and fix everything in the world but that was not the reality of things.

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