The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 57 (v.1) - Chapter 156

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Chapter 156

For their reservation tables had been pushed together to accommodate the large group.

Noah, being a gentleman, pulled the chair for Briar to sit down.

"Thank you." She smiled shyly at him and took it.

He sat down beside her.

Menus were passed around and everyone excitedly looked over what to order. After drinks they all talked to Briar about how her life had been abroad.

"I loved Argentina. I think that's why I stayed there longer." She explained. "The people are quite nice."

"Then why leave?" Ava asked.

"It was getting uncomfortable." Briar bit her lip.

"The ex?"

She nodded. "We had the same friends and lived close to each other. It's awkward when you go to the same coffee shop every morning at the same time. I thought it best to come back home. I missed this place, well you know, our city."

"Well, we're glad to have you back." Chey told her.

James nodded beside her. "I missed my only sister."

"So, why'd you break up?" Ava was pushing it. She wanted to know if anything could happen with Noah. What if Briar was still in love with her ex?

Briar chuckled. "I see what you're doing but fine, I might as well tell you because someday you might find out anyway. He asked me to marry him."

There were a lot of surprised looks.

"You were engaged?" Noah frowned.

"No. He asked me and I said no." Briar cleared her throat. "I couldn't marry someone I wasn't in love with."

"Wow. He must have taken that hard."

"Yeah, I felt bad."

"Now I understand why you had to leave." Maleah shook her head. "Way to break his heart."

"I think he's doing a lot better. Last I knew before I left was that he had another girlfriend." Briar set down her menu. Alejandro was better off without her. She couldn't love him. What kind of marriage would that have been?

"At least you found out before you were actually married. That would have been something." James told her.

"I know. That's life."

Noah was personally happy that she wasn't in love with someone else. He was being selfish but at the moment he didn't care.

They ordered their food and waited for it.

There was joking and laughter from their table. Even when their food arrived they didn't stop.

She had almost forgotten what it was like to be with all of them together. It also felt good to talk with Noah without any awkwardness.

The thought that they would spend more time together because she needed to interview him did not escape her mind.

The night went on until the restaurant told them they were going to close.

"We will have to do this again once you both are back home." Charlie told them.

"Definitely." Ava agreed.

"We'll have to go into the city or you can come visit us as well. We don't want to miss out." Sophie giggled as she hugged Briar. "I'm glad you're home. I missed you."

"Missed you guys too. I'll come around for a visit soon."

They finished with their goodbyes, at last leaving Noah and Briar once again.

"We can go back to my place." He suggested.

"Oh, uh..."

"I meant for the interview not for anything else." He chuckled nervously running a hand through his hair.

She smiled. "It's okay. Um, sure, we can go to your place to question you."

"I would say ladies first but you need to get on after me." He got on his bike. Once again she got in behind him and held on.

His apartment was close by. She didn't want to let him go but she had to.

They went up to the penthouse. It was lavish and cold. She got the vibe that he was lonely for some reason.

"Would you like a coffee?" He asked her at the same time he headed toward the kitchen.


He put on the machine. When he came back she had already set the recorder and a list of questions on top of an open notebook.

She was sitting primly on the white couch. He went and sat down beside her.

"Alright." She grabbed the paper and read the first question. "What do you plan on doing now that you are retired?"

"That's pretty easy. I'll be moving back home. I might look at a career in business with my father. I did study for that briefly in college."

She wrote it down. "Do you plan on getting married?" She smacked her lips. "Sorry, I have to ask what she wrote."

"It's fine." He assured. "I may in the future. I can't say for certain because there isn't a woman in my life currently."

She tried to keep her face from flaming but she could feel the blush coming on as she carefully read the next question. "Have you ever been in love? If so, did she somehow have an impact on your career choice?"

If she didn't know Yvonne she would have thought that these questions were made to make her uncomfortable.

She didn't want to look up but she could feel his eyes on her.

She raised hers to meet his.

"I have actually been in love before. She has been the only woman that I have ever felt that way for. She was my everything but because of my immaturity I lost her." He swallowed and sighed. "In part she had an impact on where I wanted to follow my career. I had always wanted to be in UFC but after knowing that she was going to California and thanks to the advice of some people, I decided to move here. I'm glad for that and don't entirely regret that choice."

Her chest felt slightly weird as did her stomach. It was like his words were making an impact on her now. She scribbled something down on the notebook, she didn't even see what it was that she wrote.


"I have a few more..."

"I love you. I still love you. You're the one that got away and that's why I have never gotten married or have had a serious relationship. None can ever come close to how you make me feel."

She couldn't do this. It was too much.

She stood up and headed for the door. She didn't care if she left the recorder or the questions. He could answer them and send them somehow to Yvonne.

His footsteps echoed behind her, he stopped a few feet away as she unlocked the door.

"Please don't leave. If you feel the smallest bit of love for me, don't leave me again. Nothing is the same without you. I may have the fame and money but none of it is worth it if I don't have the woman I love."

They say that third time is the charm. If she walked out of the door it would be the last time, the last chance gone for her to be happy again.

She wanted to have his love, she wanted to be with him. It was time to stop running away, for that is what she had been doing all these years.

She traveled and filled her life with adventure but always felt something missing. She felt that loneliness in her heart that no one had been able to fill.

The lock turned in place under her unsteady fingers.

It was time for love.

She turned to face him, he pulled her into his arms and crashed his lips with hers.

The rush from her heart filled her extremities with a tingle of awareness. She would always love him, he was the one.

His tongue tangled with her in the needy kiss. He gave his all filling his heart with the warmth he had been missing.

He briefly moved back only to pick her up bridal style. Her arms wound around his neck. She kissed him this time as he carried her to his bedroom.

Damn the beeping of the coffee machine. Damn the interview. Damn with wasting time.


"Can I just play you something?" Yvonne leaned against the doorframe of her spare bedroom.

Briar was putting her clothes in a suitcase. She was going home today with Noah.

Her face turned red as she thought back on the night they had rekindled their love a few days ago.


Her friend pressed the play button on the recorder. Noah's answer to one question came on, actually it was the last one she had asked him before his declaration of love.

Everything repeated back word for word.

The sound of them going to the door. Then some odd noises followed by footsteps. They came closer then faded slightly before turning into scuffling. Soon it was moans and groans in the background.

Yvonne was clearly amused. "Next time you decide to sleep with my interviewee please press stop on the recorder."

"I am so sorry." Briar giggled. "I didn't mean for it to happen."

"Clearly. I'm happy for you. I didn't know he was the guy you were pining for in college. My, Noah and you, wow. Thanks for the answers to my questions. I sent him a fruit basket to thank him as well, although I think you did enough thanking for the both of us." She teased.

"I thanked him over and over again." Briar teased back.

"Oh I heard. What happens now?"

She zipped up her suitcase. "We give it another chance. This time with the same idea in mind. I think it's finally our time."

"Things happen for a reason. You both fulfilled what you wanted to do in life. I think it's time too."

There was only forward to go from now on. Briar was never going to let anything get between them again and neither was Noah. They wanted their happily ever after like the rest of their family.

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