The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter 106

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Chapter 106

Ava had been following her target for days. It was time to take the next step.

She applied a dark red color to her lips and smacked them together. She looked good in the skin tight black dress and high heels.

Her hair was in a high ponytail. Smokey eyes looked back at her in the mirror.

Mitch played with Laney in the middle of the room. He was pretending to be a doll but he couldn't concentrate as he watched Ava.

She looked like she knew what she was doing and that terrified him a little.

Her eyes met his on the reflective surface. She turned and gave him a warm smile. It was not the smile of a seductress like she was used to doing. It was meant only for him.

"Do you trust me?" She asked.

He wished he could say no and that she would stop whatever she thought to do but knew it wouldn't. She would still go because she wanted to help her dad and uncle leave the dangerous life.

She still waited for his answer. Eyes wary, thinking that he would say what she didn't want to hear.

"I do. I only want you to be careful. I don't trust him."

"I do not either but this is the quickest way. He's not going to miss the opportunity to fuck around behind my dad's back. I'm the perfect target. My reputation is."

He stood and walked over to her. Cupping her face he lifted it up to meet his own. "I'm going to follow you, alright."

She nodded. She would feel safer that way. "Keep your distance. I know what I'm doing and I know how far to take it." She raised her chin and pecked him on the lips. "I'm ready."

There was a knock on the door.

She went over to open it. Briar was there, ready to take care of Laney.

"Thank you for coming."

"I'm her regular babysitter. One additional night is fine." Briar sighed and went to sit on the floor. She felt out of place there. She didn't want to be because she feared of bumping into Noah.

The loss had been great. Much more than she had anticipated. She missed him so much.

Mitch and Ava said goodbye to Laney. They closed the door behind themselves and left. They had told her that they were going on a date. Everyone thought that of course.

He was going to drive them to the bar they needed to be at. At least where she needed to be.

He parked out on the street. It looked like the place was just getting packed. They waited for a moment.

She had been trailing Austin for days and knew that he liked to be at the bar at a certain time. Before he was sure to arrive she had to go in.

She kissed Mitch one last time and left the car.

She had a small purse slung over her shoulder where she kept her necessities. She strutted like she owned the streets. Immediately men turned to watch her every move.

Flirtatiously she smiled at them and winked. She knew what to do.

Inside the bar the lights were dim. Smoke hung in the air like a curtain. She went to the bar and ordered a cocktail.

She grinned and flirted with the bartender. He was young and an easy target. She giggled and batted her eyes, waiting for her real victim.

At last Austin showed. He sat a few stools away and lit a cigarette. "The usual." He ordered.

She kept to herself and paid no attention to him. He was the one that needed to come to her.

She crossed her legs, causing the skirt of her dress to rise up. He barely glanced but it was enough for her.

With a teasing smile she took the cherry from her drink and sucked on the plump fruit. The bartender looked at her with lustfilled eyes as he made Austin's drink. He spilled some which annoyed Austin greatly.

"Could you please stop doing that? The kid's going to have a heart attack. Either that or I shoot him if he doesn't give me my drink soon."

She turned his way. He was boasting and she knew it. "Are you...jealous?" She bit her lip.

He glanced at them then up to her eyes. They were cold but not as cold as the ones she was used to like her aunt and uncle. She could do this.

"There's nothing to be jealous about. You sound dangerous and I like dangerous."

He scoffed. "You don't know what dangerous is."

She rolled her eyes. "Sure I don't." She sighed as if losing interest and continued to nurse her drink. Her phone rang which made her almost smile.

Instead she made a noise of annoyance. She took out her phone and exaggerated an eye roll. She answered her phone.

"I don't want to talk to you."

Mitch stayed silent on the line.

"God, dad. I told you, it's my life and I can sleep with any guy I want." She paused as if she was getting answered back. "So what? I don't care. Cut me off...I told you...I don't care anymore. Just because we're Moreaus doesn't mean that I'm the one that has to uphold an image. Bye."

She hung up and stuffed her phone angrily into her purse.

Just like she thought, Austin moved over a few stools toward her. "I'm sorry to eavesdrop but, you're a Moreau?"

"Yes. I'm Ava Moreau, Dominik Moreau's daughter." She used her most annoyed tone that she could muster. "I swear my dad gets on my nerves. He wants me to be the perfect daughter like my sister. I mean, hello, I'm only 20 and I have my own life. I wish that I could just do something that would hurt him." She huffed.

He smirked. "Another drink for the young lady."

She knew that tone well. It was meant to be deep and husky. If she wasn't devoted to Mitch now she might have actually been glad to have accomplished such a feat and slept with Austin. That was not the case.

She slid her eyes to him. He lightly put his hand on her thigh. "I know your father."

"You do?" She feigned surprise.

"Yes and he happens to hate him. I don't like him either. How about we join forces for one night?" He licked his lips and openly gave her a once over.

She clicked her tongue. "I don't know." The second drink was placed in front of her.

"You know if your dad cuts you could get another daddy."

She giggled. "You would be my sugar daddy?"

"We'll see after one night."

"Hmm, I had one once. He was like 60 and you are younger than that. Let's see how drinks go." She sipped her cocktail slowly and leaned into him. "Is that okay?"

"It's better than okay."

She made vague conversation about her life. She didn't ask him personal questions as to not make him realize that she was onto him.

Her limit was three drinks. She was slightly drunk but not enough to make a mistake. She encouraged him to drink though. The more he did the better for her.

After he was done with the fifth she suggested they go to his place and have some fun.

He kept himself composed as he took her arm in his and led her out of the bar.

She was well aware that Mitch was watching their every move as they stepped out onto the busy street.

Austin had long ago upgraded the old truck for a new one. He opened the door for her and she got in.

During the ride she scooted close to him and massaged his thigh. Many times she teased with going upward to fondle him but she wouldn't fully do it.

When they arrived at his home, which was a small two bedroom she stopped the teasing.

They stumbled into the house as she pretended to be even more drunk than what she really was. She giggled and danced to no music.

He couldn't believe his luck. He was going to bang Dom's daughter and then rub it in his face. He'd fuck him over this way.

He pawed Ava and pushed her towards his bedroom. He was clumsy as he tried to kiss her. She moved her head and let him press his lips to her neck.

She pulled at his clothes, whispering things she would do to him.

"I want another drink." She slowly pulled at zipper on the back of her dress. "Get me one please. One for each."

"Whatever you want baby." He chuckled and left her alone in the bedroom. He had some scotch in the kitchen.

She quickly took pictures of the room with her phone and then slipped out of her dress. Her purse was up on the dresser. All she needed was for him to put the drinks there.

He came back in with two glasses and the bottle of scotch.

"Put it there." She pointed and sensually beconed to him with her finger.

He did as she said and set everything down on the dresser. He went to her and once again touched her. Now he freely felt her soft young skin.

She moaned and gasped. Slowly she led him to sit down on the bed. "I want you to lay back and enjoy the show."

She moved and shook her hips. At the same time she undid his shirt. Once she took it off of him she glided to the dresser.

While moving her hips in a sexy sway she poured the drinks into the two glasses. In the outside pocket of her purse she had something to give him.

She downed her drink where he could see her while at the same time putting the small pill in his. It was of course hidden by her body.

Pouring herself another glass it gave enough time for the pill to have completely disappeared. She grabbed both glasses and went to Austin.

"Drink with me. Drink to getting back at my dad for trying to tell me what to do." She put the glass for him in his hand.

He swallowed every last drop as she did the same. He dropped the glass and pulled her on top of him.

While the pill took effect she let his hand wander over her body and his mouth kiss her chest. After a couple of minutes his mouth seemed to slip and the urgent kisses slowed. Suddenly his head fell back on the mattress, a satisfying smile on his face.

She grinned. Thank god he was unconscious. He would be dreaming about them doing it without her having to actually do it.

Mitch would not have forgiven her for that.

She got off of Austin and grabbed her phone. She would not be leaving but she would be taking photos of everything. She was going to look at them later and tried to think where he could hide his evidence.

She went about the small house and sent the photos in a message to Mitch. Then she reminded him that she would be staying the night and would see him in the morning.

With that she finished what she had to do her first night there and went back to the bedroom.

She took off the rest of Austin's clothes and left him buck naked. She grabbed the cover and put it over him.

This was going to be sick but she had to do it. She didn't know how long the effect of the pill would have on him but she guessed she had a few hours until early morning.

Taking off her lingerie and shoes, she got in under the covers.

God, she hoped this would be convincing enough.

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