The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter 107

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Chapter 107

James leaned on the door frame of Charlie's bedroom. She was packing up her things in boxes. She glanced up and smiled.

"I can't believe you're actually moving out."

"It was bound to happen. Sooner than I thought. You don't have to stay here alone."

"Do you think Chey would want to move in?"

"If I'm moving in with Linc after only a few weeks of sleeping around, then you and her can live together after being together for a few months."

He had been thinking about it but hadn't talked about it with anyone. He didn't want to be alone in their apartment and it was the next step. "I think I'll ask her once you've moved out."

She put the last thing that would fit in the box and taped it shut. "I'll leave my bed. Linc and I are going to get another one for his place. You can keep the furniture and everything else. I won't be needing it."

"How generous."

"Well we did buy it together."

"What did uncle Chance say when you told him that you're moving in with your boyfriend?"

She bit her lip. "I haven't told him exactly. Although I'm sure that Nelson has already mentioned it to him. I have been spending a lot of time with Linc at his place. I'm thinking of going out to dinner with them and Linc this weekend. I want them to meet him."

"What does Linc think about that?"

"He's fine with it. He's going to wait a bit to tell his family though."

"Because of his ex?"

"Yep. We'll see how that goes when the time comes." She sat down on the edge of her bed. "What do you think about me moving in with Linc? Your honest opinion. I promise not to get upset."

He walked into her room and sat down beside her. "I think you should do what your heart and gut are telling you to do. If this is something you want then great. As to how I feel about it...I personally think it's too soon but for love there is no time limit."

"It's too soon to be in love." She chuckled.

"Is it?"

She mulled it over. Everything was just so perfect with Linc. She couldn't find anything wrong, at least nothing that would tell her that this relationship was doomed to fail. Was it love? The feeling of there not being any Linc in her life did sound horrible. "I don't know."

"Don't worry. You'll have time to explore it and see. Now, I'll let you go. I have to go pick up Briar from school. She left her car at a car shop to get maintenance and I'm her only hope to get there."

"Say hi to her for me."

"I will."

He left the apartment and drove to Briar's catholic school. He had to wait a while outside before school finally ended.

She was with her best friend Tiffany and saw him near the entrance. She said her goodbye and got in his car.

"Tiffany still thinks you're hot. Even more so now that you're not gay anymore."

"Doesn't she have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah but she says it doesn't hurt to look." She stared out the window as he drove out of the parking lot.

"What's been up with you? I haven't seen you in a while."

"We saw each other at the charity ball. Remember? That was last weekend." Her brow furrowed. That stupid ball that had ruined everything.

He glanced her way. "How's Noah?"

"How should I know?"

"You always see him."

"Not anymore."

"You broke up?"

"We were never together to begin with. It's whatever."

He could detect the sadness in her tone. "What happened?"

She sighed. "He didn't want to keep what we had. He wanted a relationship and I wasn't willing to give that to him."

"Why not?"

"Because...I'm moving to California remember. I'm going to become a photographer and that's the only place I want to go to college."

"It's far."

"Yes and Noah is going to stay here. He loves his career and it would have been stupid to be in a relationship and expect one or the other to give up on their own dream. I can't ask him to move out with me and he can't ask me to stay. So...there's nothing. Besides, he'll end up finding someone else and forget about me. I'll do the same."

"Is that what you really want?"

"It doesn't matter. He already set his sights on someone else."

He turned on a street and neared the auto shop. He parked outside. "I'm sorry and I hope this blows over."

"It will. I'm waiting for my acceptance letters or refusals. Once I know I'll start making my plans to move out there."

"We'll have a big going away party for you."

She nodded. "Sounds nice. I have to graduate first though. Thanks for the ride. I'll see you around." She got out of his car and headed into the building.

He waited outside until she drove out in her beetle. From there he drove back out onto the streets. He had nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon.

He decided to call Chey and see if she wanted to go out to dinner. She answered the phone breathless.

"Hey, what's going on?"

"James, hi. Oh my god you are not going to believe this. I was just about to call you so that you could meet me at the quad on campus. Get your hot butt out here in the next thirty minutes."

"Okay, I'm like ten minutes away."

"Great then we'll get a premiere spot."


"I'll explain when you get here. Hurry." She hung up the phone.

He wondered what she could be so excited about.

He got to her in ten minutes. She was out in the large place with the fountain talking to Esteban.

He walked to them and kissed her on the cheek. "What's going on?"

"He's going to propose!" She squealed jumping up and down. "And Tricia has no idea!"

He chuckled. "Seriously?" He asked him.

Esteban nodded with a grin. "I got our dance team and cheerleaders to help me with this. It's going to be corny and I hope she loves it."

"Where is she right now?"

"She's coming out of an exam in twenty minutes. You guys can just chill out and find a place to stand. This is going to be flooded by students soon."

James and Chey went and sat down under the shade of a tree. "This is so exciting. Oh god, I can't wait to see the look on Tricia's face. She loves corny things and this is it."

"What is he going to do?"

"Flash mob to the song 'Marry you'."


"Hell yeah."

They talked and waited. Finally students started to walk through the quad. Esteban was sitting down at the fountain waiting for Tricia.

She came out of one of the buildings and headed his way. They always met up there after classes. She plopped down beside him. "I swear I hate tests."

"Only a couple more years."

"I know but still. How was your last class?"

"Great." He pretended to be interested in their talk of classes when through the school's outside speakers 'Marry you' started playing.

He had talked to administration and gotten them on board with the proposal.

The dance team and cheerleaders came out of nowhere and started dancing.

"Oh my god, someone is going to get proposed to." Tricia giggled.

It was always cool to watch these things.

She looked around to see who the lucky couple was but it was hard to tell because so many students were there. Some were filming the whole thing.

Esteban grabbed her hand and stood up. "Come on, let's get a better view."

She readily followed because more people were appearing. He led her towards the very front. She smiled and laughed still trying to find who was getting proposed.

He stopped her and grinned with her. Then he got down on one knee.

She stared at him in shock. Her stomach flipped and filled with butterflies. Was he..?

He lifted up a small velvet box as the song ended. "Tricia, this is where we first met. I was walking towards my dorm and you were coming by with Chey. The moment I saw you...I knew that I would ask you out one day. I didn't know when but I knew it in my heart. It took a year to get the courage and every day I'm glad that I had it. These months with you have been incredible. My love for you has only grown and I hope yours has too. With that, I once again use courage to ask you this question. Tricia Harris...will you marry me?"

She couldn't believe it. Her eyes blurred with happy tears. "Yes...yes, I'll marry you."

The people around them clapped as he placed the ring on her finger and stood up. She pulled him in for a kiss.

She was going to enjoy it.

She would figure out how they were going to pull off a wedding with his mother later.

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