The Secrets We Keep 2

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter 108

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Chapter 108

"Ugh, spare me the details of the proposal before you make me gag. I've had enough unpleasantries." Ava filed her nails.

She was sitting outside her house along with Tricia, Chey, Briar and Laney.

Briar was invited because she could tend to Laney and because Chey had suggested it after finding out that she was no longer seeing Noah in the intimate way. She thought she could cheer her up with a girls day.

She had called Charlie to invite her also but today she was moving in with Linc and was occupied.

"I thought dating my cousin would have brought out the nice in you. Obviously I was wrong." Tricia glared at Ava. She still disliked her.

"Obvi. Do you not know me? We've grown up together. You should know me long enough that my niceties come up short in comparison to other peoples'."

It was not only that she was still the bad of the bunch but Ava was stressed with trying to keep Austin happy.

Yes, trying to keep him happy. She had seen him again after their one night of 'sex' according to him. She thought that would have been enough for a while until she could study the photos and figure out the next time she should see him.

To her surprise he said he had enjoyed their lively night and wanted to take her out to dinner the following night.

She couldn't just abandon the mission and had agreed like any promiscuous young woman her age that wanted a sugar daddy.

He also thought she wanted to hurt her father. Which if he found out what she was doing would end up being the result.

Mitch followed her when she had to see Austin. Although it had only been three days since they had started this, she was tired of it.

Her phone buzzed beside her on the grass. It was that old man again. He was good looking but she would be crazy to actually get mixed in with him.

She also had Mitch. Handsome and devoted Mitchel. That made her smile. He was wonderful and she was falling fast and hard for him. She suspected she already was in love but she wanted to wait it out.

She glanced at her screen and read the short text.

'Meet me tonight at my place.'

Oh no, she was not going to pretend to have sex with him again. It had been hard enough the first time. She had almost forgotten about needing to have a condom as evidence. Thankfully she had one tucked in the zipper pocket of her purse the last time.

During the middle of the night she had remembered about it and went to get it. After finding some lotion in his bathroom she had put a small bit in it and put it in the trash. It was convincing enough if his fluids were white.

He had made no comment or accusation in the morning which meant he had believed it himself.

Other than that having to sleep in the nude with him had been horrible as well.

She closed her eyes. She did not want to go through that again but she had to go back to his place. The things she had to do to help. God, maybe she was better off being a bitch like always.

"So then I was like maybe we should elope but Esteban said that his family is going to make a big deal about having a big wedding. I just don't know." Tricia continued on with her conversation to Chey and Briar.

"You should do what you want. It is your wedding." Chey told her.

"It's also Esteban's. He should be happy too."

"I'm in no position to comment seeing as I'm not even successful in sleeping around." Briar sighed.

All three girls looked at her.

"You know what you need," Ava started, "a night out. Let's go to a club. I haven't done it in some time and we could use with drinking to oblivion. You included."

"I'm only eighteen."

"And I'm only twenty. Chey and Tricia are the only ones old enough to drink now but no one cares. Come on. I know this club where the bouncer will let you in. All you have to do is blow him."

Chey rolled her eyes. "Briar is not blowing some guy to get us in."

" about a handjob. He might be able to work with something like that."

"You have got to be kidding me." Tricia grumbled.

"Fine. I see now that Briar is nothing like me." She tapped her chin. "Should we tell our guys that we're going?"

"I'm certainly telling Esteban." Tricia was already texting him.

"I'm going to call James." Chey picked up her phone.

Ava got off her chair. "I'm going to get a lemonade and text Mitch where we'll be going." She headed in the house and to the kitchen.

Noah was there drinking a cold water. He was sweating prefusively and in workout clothes.

"Hey. Training again?" She asked as she opened the fridge.


"I meant harder because Briar isn't there to take care of your frustrations." She teased.

"I have a fight coming up. This has nothing to do with her." He snapped at her annoyed.

She took a swig of lemonade. "Then if you don't care about that small issue you should come with us. We're going out to a club. I'm trying to convince Briar to blow the bouncer."

He stared at her. "Please tell me you're joking."

"I'm joking." She told him with a serious expression. In all reality she knew that Briar would never do it and she had only been teasing in her Ava way. Now she wanted a take on Noah's reaction to it.

"Are any of the guys going?"

"Well I'm sure Esteban and James are. I'm going to text Mitch and see."

"Anyone else?"

"I don't know. Maybe Linc? Who knows. It'll be fun I guess if we all go."

"I'll think about it."

"Cool. See you." She went back outside.

Noah left to go back to the basement. He was done training with uncle Kerim and he was ready to go to the dorms.

He left the house and headed that way. He stopped at a store though because he needed something to eat quick.

He grabbed a few pieces of fruit and got in line to pay. The young woman in front of him glanced back and then she smiled.

He recognized her. How couldn't he when he hadn't been able to forget her face.

"A." He grinned.

"It's actually Angel but A works." She giggled. She had been thinking of the perfect way to bump into him and had been following him for some time. This had been natural.

"Angel. I like it. It suits you. How have you been?"

"Great. Enjoying the city so far."

"That's good. You know...if you want to see more of it, my cousins are going out to a club tonight. I was debating whether I should go or not but I might be into it if there's more people willing to go."

"It would be a pleasure." Eli seemed to appear out of thin air.

Noah took a step back. He had not seen him coming. "You are?"

"A friend of Angel's."

She kept the smile tight on her face. "He's always around. It's almost a nuisance. Since he's fine with going we'll be there."

"Do you want me to pick you up or..."

"Just give us the name. We have excellent sense of direction." Eli told him.

"Okay. I'll get the name from my cousin and send it to you."

The line had been moving and now it was Angel's turn to pay. "I'll see you tonight then. Thanks for the invite."

Noah gave her a nod. He like her. She seemed nice. It was the dude that he couldn't shake off though. He'd definitely have to ask her what was his deal.

"You'll need my number to text us the name." Angel told him after she had paid. "Eli."

He took a card out of his dress pant's pocket and handed it to Noah. All it had was a number and the rest was blank.


"Bye." She walked towards the exit. Eli creepily continued to stare at him before turning on his shoe and following her out the door.

Well that had not been weird at all.


"I got a text from Chey saying that they're going to a club tonight." Linc looked over at Charlie who was putting away her clothes in his dresser. More like their dresser.

They had gone furniture shopping earlier and bought a few pieces. With the right amount delivery had been same day and now they were the proud owners of a new bedroom set. The delivery guys had also taken away his old furniture.

"Do you want to go?"

She glanced back at him. "Do you?"

"I have no problem with going. It'll be nice to let out some steam and drink after the busy day we had."

"It won't bother you that part of your family will be there?"

"No. It'll be fine. They'll find out anyway if Chey hasn't already been anouncing it."

She chewed her lip. She did want to go and if he was fine with it. "Let's go and have some fun."

"Alright." He texted Chey back that they would be going and asked for the name of the club. They were almost done with getting Charlie completely settled in.

"That's the last of it. Now we just have to add my woman accessories in the bathroom and that's that." She shut the drawer. "Oh, before I forget. My mom texted me while you were in the bathroom. She said that tomorrow night dinner is casual, no need for you to dress up."

"I was going to wear what I usually wear to work."

"Dress shirt and slacks? That's semi formal. Wear jeans and a polo shirt or something."

"I don't own any of those."

"Then just a regular t-shirt."

"I'll compromise and wear jeans with a button up shirt."

"Sounds good. I know my mom is going to love you. My dad may be a little hesitant. I am his only child and daughter."

"So no pressure at all then." He chuckled.

She smiled. "No pressure."

"I'll be fine. If I survived my uncle Kerim I can survive your father."

"That guy is slightly scary."

"Only slightly? I grew up knowing the man. Creepy as hell but he's good with family."

"Got it."

They finished up with everything and then it was time to get dressed for the night.

She stepped into her now closet and chose the perfect outfit to dance the night away in.

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