Shyla Of The Seven Wonders

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Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



Slaughter like the lambs in a herd. Dust in the eyes of dames like her. A baby held by a crypt of crimson . Mother spawns the daring vixen. Sleep with me . Weep with me. Fly like nice birds.

Hell rode into town one night , on a fiery stallion. Death sat upon him for his eyes were made of cold jealousy. In the mist of the blood stains. I heard a beast call my name. Heaven is forsaken. With worthless lives for the taking. No one could hear my screams. To the beholder of my dreams.

Ten dozen roses in a vase drenched in youthful vanity. If they wither in madness , It's because she lost her sanity. The secret lair crawls with an evil of luxury. To be serenaded in affection by love's own cutlery. I still go on with the dark upon my face. Waiting for the light of saving grace. No one hears my screams . It was my final mistake.

Now she sleeps in a rage. A soul crawling from the grave. A story written in sadness , with no one to turn the page. If I bask in her sunshine , Can I find a way to escape ?

Her flesh still shines . In the daydreams of my mind. When we lose our time . She frees my life. She's a devil in disguise . Fake enough to almost be it. Weak enough to never see it. A soul old enough to always feel this. I'm always young I'll never feel this . No more crying and no more trying. No longer is she shining. If I have to die now , I must find a way out.

Shyla of the seven wonders. A god above the lovely mothers . Waving farewell to men like me. But I shall never be free. In my dreams , I'm haunted. But when she dreams , I'm wanted. In her world , I'm taunted. By a fate that quickly rotted. Angels rest upon her shore. When the love climbs through the sunshine , the beast is hungry for more. .

I reach the agony at my ended days. Watching the sunrise , as urban life decays. A beaming light brings me higher. To a place where I'm admired. Lost in smiles no more sorrow. No longer will I follow. The mothers can now hear me . When I let my voice scream .. As she waits quietly below , I go out of my way to atleast Say hello.... Nothing is real with the ignorance of a mortal. .

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