My Quotes & Phrases (Part 1)

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The first part of a series of compilated quotes and phrases by Ana Vassallo.

Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



"Happiness thrives upon the person who patiently waits for destiny's luck...
Whilst time may be limited in life, moments are nonetheless unlimited and unforgettable altogether...
Joined together, they create the best possible mixture of happiness that there is to be found in the world."



"Sometimes you have to move on with life.
You've grown accustomed to the same things being repeated all over and over again that you don't feel any pain at all in the end...

Reasons are mostly unknown, yet they appear out of nowhere... making you immune to life's drastic changes in all.

Is it someone's fault that he or she wants to find a little happiness in one's soul itself?

Confusion overflows your heart and brain, leaving each drained out of power to possibly ever believe in miracles again..."



"Such powerful connections we may find by looking at a person's eyes...
We may see galaxies or colors, secrets or emotions, or perhaps the very answer to its deepest hidden feelings...

When trying to avoid eye contact, we hide our soul out of dangers of being exposed... of being vulnerable to uncertainty... of being left in a blank space...

What's coming next? For you are already giving that person the key to take advantage of your feelings to treasure or to just play around with them..."



"People wait for certain events to happen in life whilst trying not to have high hopes or expectations about life or people...

Is it really all dependent about what destiny lies for them at the end?

They sometimes put so much faith and effort to make their desires come true... too much effort that it's usually taken for granted or they end up getting lost...

It is during those times when they come to realize that it's often best to continue their lives with their normal flow and let what is meant to be happen, and what isn't to let it just walk by..."



"Confusion can strike someone's mind and thoughts now and then...
Is it one's fault of being just the way one is?

Sometimes whilst being afraid of some things in life, one tries to hide from the sudden changing occurrences or from the sharp edges of words that can literally rip and tear up your heart apart...

Or of, for example, from having the mere fact of the past repeating itself all over and over again..."


“That moment when you go to sleep.
When you lose all control of yourself and fall into a black pit, just to wake up hours later and realize you were out of reality for a time.
What's the catch to go to sleep?
What is the element which makes you change from reality to dreamland mode?"



“Maybe you just need a little time,
a little time to realize what is happening right now...

Why reject and put aside what will make you happy even if for a small period of time?

Maybe you just need a little time,
a little time to realize that the happiness that you are thinking about finding later on,
has been here beside you all this present time along..."



“Is the mind the main responsible fatigue provoker in oneself?

It is the endless thoughts creator and the tireless direction giver.

In all, it is the most glorious and perfect leader you could find in yourself who wouldn't ever give up until it finds and gets what's best deserved for you at the end..."


“Why is it that times change and so do people at a certain moment in life? Is change always meant to happen, either if we want it or not?
Sometimes one wishes that time could just turn back...
Just turn back to see oneself smile anew.
Maybe the reason we are overall afraid of change is because we come to wonder if we could ever be capable of smiling the same way once again..."



“Sometimes you just need to turn your head up high in front of you, perhaps while listening to some music, to realize that there are endless ways to see the world in unique perspectives every day.

Maybe just feeling the embracing wind against your face, walking past the tall, evergreen trees, and/or turning around to watch the birds fly to the horizon while searching for shelter, can completely change and overturn your day in the most endeavoring and epic way you have ever probably imagined..."


“Why worry about life and moments?
Why make our heads suffer headaches about unpreventable situations?
Why not follow what we're bounded to follow all this time along?
They say if something is meant to be, it will eventually be.
Yet, there we unconsciously find the little nagging things called feelings that try to evade and change our destined roads every now and then..."



“It is when you begin to appreciate every minute of your life...
It is when you stop stressing about the ever-changing future...
It is when you start paying attention to life's little details...
It is when you focus on the mere present...
It is when you smile whenever circumstances let you...
It is when you do what you most like and appreciate...

That is the moment when you find true happiness in yourself."


"I have learned through time that you have to enjoy this very moment.
You are maybe overwhelming yourself thinking about what's going to happen the next couple of years.
Every moment you are living right now is just utterly unique.
Once a day is gone, it is gone forever.
So live it.
Feel it.
Enjoy it.
Things always happen for a reason in life.
Don't worry, just go with them.
If something's meant to be, it will sooner or later truly be.
Be happy that these moments of today happened or are happening right now.
If you are happy with today, then enjoy it.
Live it.


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