Into The Avalanche

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Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



Gazing windows cold as ice. Drifts of love so devine. I owe my heart to her. Here to dry those tears of pain . That fall down her face like a pouring rain. Gratitude soaring , desire swarming, Velvet hands that touch in the morning. She puts her best dress on . Looking in her eyes , I know where I belong. We get to bask in a love that lasts. Only to thrive on a resurrected past. I lend my shoulder on which she leans. She is still beautiful. Just like she was at seventeen. Looking back now , I find it hard to believe That I'm still the man within her dreams.

Let's go , Into the avalanche. Where the snow falls down. Just like I fall for you. Deeper in love for every day of my life. If we get stranded with no way home . We'll stay the night in the car. Two bodies to keep us warm. Forget the hurt and all the sorrow. We'll love each other like there's no tomorrow. So let's go , Into the avalanche.

I shine with her like a diamond. Ravaging within relishing emotion. Falling ill to enchanted devotion. As we fade into the avalanche. Eternal winters suffocate a fire. Only to ignite a yearning desire. To feast on our flesh . Let love take over and do the rest. As nightfall covers the intimate moment . They are lost within each other. A sound of music in the background of heat. Smothered flesh no way to retreat. As he holds her body in his demanding arms. The day becomes new. A spark commenced the arrival ... Of a found love to be.

They kiss one last time. And wait for the next Avalanche .

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