It Wasn't Love That Killed The Devil

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Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



The ghost with the gallstones is holding your lost dreams. And the nieve mortician is dressing coffins merily. Its forever injustice the way that he touches you. And its too sad to cry when I'm reaching out to you. I have never thought I would suffer in your heart.

Well , the con with attractions can lead like a balance sheet. And the happening actress is never on her feet. While he's alone waiting for the phone to ring.

Now its getting late . I got to get the kitten fed. I got to kiss the invisible woman , and put our children in the bed. Check the pulse in my hand and the living and the dead. I try so hard to keep myself from putting a bullet in my head.

She wore blue dresses With her black shining hair. She had my babies and caused me to care. Then coldly left me to suffer and cry . Those blue dresses could tell such sweet lies. Misery and anger. Destroy my pride. Of vision that has forever gone blind .

I hide my longing to seek my revenge. As my highness shoots up with that silver syringe. The moment of terror. Where she has gone to stay . Has worried my heart . Into a bathing blood parade.

Now she's alone in a ball room. Waiting for that last dance. Unaware of future failures Just awaiting their chance. Six gun by my side. I've come to end this ride . She wore one of those blue dresses . As we held so close . Just like the day we wed. Yes, she wore blue dresses. But now she lay dead.

Sometimes , a love ends when death do we part... I never felt anything so real. Except for my hauntings . In this room of steel . .

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