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This is for the people who choose to hide their sadness.

Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



You make them smile and laugh at your jokes,

Lend your ear to them as they pour the woes of their souls.

You choose to stay and make them part of your life,

Their struggles become your own and their dreams become your fire.


You love them like you love your lover,

They remain oblivious to the shadows that linger.

Shadows that you stubbornly hide,

For you choose to live the day with a smile.


But when the grey clouds turned into storm,

You refuse to hang your head in mourn.

You turned into a doll -empty and worn,

As you carry your own burden all alone.


They turned at you with judgment in their eyes,

As they choose to see what lies in their sight.

For a moment, you simply dare to bare your tired soul,

And you realized, you're wrong to break down your walls.


See, you are made to smile and be bright as the sun,

To love them in their darkest times.

Keep thy turmoil and locked it inside,

For it is ignorance to break that locked and let it burn outside.

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