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Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



"Stay away from that boy!" my father screams with anger.

My eyes drift to the window to watch the running stranger.


Yes, daddy, I say still looking at the window with a sly grin.

In this fight, I must let daddy think that he will win.


He leaves in a rush of anger and slams my door.

I run to my balcony and smile some more.


Midnight comes so I climb down the vines till bare feet hit the grass.

I must be careful of other windows, I must duck beneath all the glass.


Deep in the woods, we stand so close almost touching.

In the light of the moon, you can see that I’m blushing.


We hold our palms so close so as just to tease.

Holding back does not come with ease.


A growl escapes his throat when I press my skin to his skin.

And I cannot help but feel the love stirring within.


Two hands run down his chest as I hear the quiet disturbed with howls.

I begin to go lower, “Don’t move little girl.” He growls.


I arch an eyebrow to challenge until I see the black taking over his eyes.

We must enjoy every moment together before the sun begins to rise.


His lips move closer to mine and I feel a smile once again spread across my lips.

One hand in my hair and another on my hips.


I have been dreaming about this kiss for so many moments.

I’ve made it bigger in my mind by reading the work of my favorite love poets.


He gets so close but then looks from my mouth to my eyes.

“I hope “He begins “That this fire never dies.”


And then he nods to the sun as it begins to show and runs off into the trees.

I watch him and whisper, “It is for this kind of love, people would travel the seas.”


It’s endless, deep, breathtaking, and best hidden.

It’s all mine and yet so forbidden.

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