The Beginning

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A prostitute met a very strange client and after that day, darkness follows and entered her life.

"The Beginning" is a prequel story of "Satan's Puppet" and "The Follow".

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



“The Beginning”


 When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw is this demon, smiling as he snores, sleeping beside me. This demon is the worse than my other clients, he used my body like a toy and it hurts like hell. I tried to forget what happened last night, I stood up and saw the bed clogging with my own blood came from my vagina, and the man slept with me is still sleeping innocently. The one thing I noticed is the tattoo on the man's chest it looks like a star with six points and a devil inside it matching all the points of the star. I think it suits him because he himself is a demon, but I didn't mind it.

 I rushed out from the motel so that this man can't do me again. I walk like a cripple, my thighs are getting numbed and I feel like my insides all mixed up. When I got home, I got eviction note posted on my door. My tears fell, knowing the money that I got is not enough for the payments for the rent. I sat and think.

 On my way to the hospital for blood donation so I can pay my rent, but after talking to the nurse, the money that they can pay me is not yet enough. I don’t have other choice but somehow, I cannot let someone use my body for now or else I'll might die.

 I walked my way back home and got startled by my ringing phone, it’s a message from a blocked number. "Hey darling, you were so good last night. Let's do more and I'll pay you big price. "My knees got weak while I read the message, but what options I have left?

 I entered the room that he told me, it was dim and lighted by candles and the floor has the drawing like his tattoo drawn with red chalk. He was there waiting for me and he locked the door. On the table there were objects that I cannot specifically name them, something looks like a police's baton, a whip and more things. He looked at me with a grin in his face and he suddenly punched my lights out of me. I lost my consciousness and the next thing I knew is that I woke up in a hospital, my body aches with the pain that I couldn't imagine, my wrist  got so many bruises and I feel my back was like slashes up with wounds. The doctor told me that I was found on the streets bleeding and almost died, telling me that I am internally bleeding and I should take my medication here in the hospital.

 I received a lettering, it is written that my rent is fully paid until the next year. And also my hospital fees are also paid. A relief I felt after knowing that the man who raped me did his payment truly. But hoping that we won't meet again.

 After my three weeks stay in the hospital, I was about to leave but then I felt something rumbling inside my tummy and I rushed onto the bathroom and vomit, it's so unusual seeing my vomit looks red like blood, probably the medicine that I took during my stay, but I don't know anything about this, so I thought it's normal.

 The night goes deep and the place is so dark, nothing but the moon lights my path. Passing though the bridge I saw a man leaning on the edge and as I walked I feel like something behind me is following and I looked behind but nothing was there. I got my attention back and I noticed that the man is gone, so I phased my walk to my home.

 Sleepless nights from the trauma I got, I can't even take off the face of the man and also his tattoo. But some other nights became unusual, sometimes I feel like there's someone staring at me while I sleep, sometimes a noise, a laugh or a whistle and my empty dreams became a nightmare, and I got this nightmare that made me think through the day, a nightmare of a baby but not the usual baby, it is an unborn baby that eats my insides, eats through my skin, and seeing myself tied on the chair while my stomach bursts into blood, and a man who got a deformed, disgusting face came close to me and reached inside my stomach with his hands, sometimes I feel like the pain is so real inside of me and when this man got what he reached for, the next thing I knew is my head in his hands, decapitated from my own body. I trembled! And woke up seeing a face hanging upside down from the ceiling staring at me, the demon's face, all beaten up and swinging back and forth from my face and its blood is spilling at me.

 Then a sudden growl, and it screamed at my face and it fell on my bed while his face placed levelly closed to my face, looked at me in my eyes. I froze in horror and it suddenly laughed!

 I shut my eyes and ears, when the voice finally stopped, I opened my eyes seeing myself on the full-length mirror in front of my bed, and the man behind me slowly fading into thin air.

 After those months, the horror slowly fade away. My womb is getting bigger and bigger each day. And on a specific day, while getting some warm coffee, the day looks darker like it's going to rain. The waited came to me and took my payment, as he left, he suddenly laugh then everything came back, the place slowly turned into a place that was once familiar to me, the room, the dark room where I fainted. I can't move and I saw my body wrapped with chains on the chair, just like the nightmare I had from a very long time. In fear, I cried and yell for help but not a sign came.

 And a sudden dizziness I felt and I fainted. I ended up in the hospital again, and woke up hearing a cry, a baby's cry, then I saw a man sitting beside my bed turned back at me, seeing a warp, deformed face while it's blood coming from its bloody eyes, then his mouth suddenly opened with a dreadful voice, telling me "It's a boy". My weak eyes closed and I fell into the darkness.

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