She's The Queen of High School

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Ryu Hana has a twin sister that was being bullied and got beaten up by some gangsters that wanted to take a revenge on her. She decided to go to her twin's school and she faced some difficulties to live her life as her twin sister. Unluckily, she caught left handed with her class president, Yoon Haejin that she was an impostor to her twin. Then, he tried to help her to find out the truth behind the tragedy that happened to her twin. The truth will be found out soon!

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017




I had a twin sister. Her name is Ryu Hani. She was the best student at her school and she always got good grades in every test, and she was the tennis champion player in any tournament that she had entered. She is the beauty that would make any boys fall in love with her. She is my best friend and sister that I ever had.

But, one day, she got bullied and beaten up by some gang who wanted to take a revenge on me. The tragedy happened at the place that I used to fight with my enemies and I found her by myself.

I am Ryu Hana, the famous girl gangster leader in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Most of the high school students in Gyeonggi-do knew about me and most of the students in my school call me as their queen. I am good in studies and I never cheating in any exam. It was just a part of my talent, I thought.

I had a mission. To get revenge for Hani, and to find out who was responsible for what they did to Hani.

Cut to the chase, I went to Hani’s school and pretend to be her. I had to dress like her, be like her, and most of the hardest part was I have to do what she used to do at her school. The school was a boarding school, so it has stricter rules than a day school. All I had to do most of the time was studying, plus I kept busy with some club training or physical training class every evening.

My mother always calling me and nagging at me, asked me to come back home and she told me not do anything reckless that will make it worst for Hani. She did it almost every day and I am getting sick of it.

I was in Hani’s room, and lying on the bed, relaxing my head and body because of the tortures that I get at the prestigious boarding school. At the end of the semester, I will be coming home looking like a zombie who did not get enough sleep at night. 

Hani’s roommate, Yisoo was not there at the room. She must be really busy with her extra classes. 

Suddenly, I heard that someone opened the door and it was Yisoo. She looked a bit messy and she throws her bags on the floor and lying on her bed. “Hani, are you okay? I heard that you had an accident and it was a hit and run case. You absent from school for a long time”, she said to me. “I’m just fine. You don’t have to worry about it”, I said to her and went to bed. I wanted to avoid to talk to her more about it.


I went to the class, as usual, that morning and I could see that everybody was busy cleaning up the classroom before the class starts. I just watch them without doing anything, because of it such a bothersome to me. Suddenly, someone came to me and asked me to help them clean the classroom. He is the class president, Yoon Haejin,

“Hani, why don’t you help us clean up the class? Since it’s mandatory for every student to do before the class start”, he said to me. “I don’t want to do it. It does not even matter to me”, I said to him with an annoyed face. “Sorry, but, don’t you remember that it’s part of the school rules? You have to do it even though you don’t want to do it”, he said to me with a smile. Somehow, I did not know why, but he makes me annoyed. “What can you do if I still don’t want to do it? Want to fight with me?”, I said to him with a cold gazed. “Then, I have no choice but report this to the homeroom teacher”, he said. Before he tried to leave me, I grab his shoulder and when he turned around, I punched his pale cheek. It was a sudden attack!

He just lucky that his mouth was not bleed that much. It just a slight injury. Taeho, his best friend came to him and asked him whether he was okay and wanted to take him to the infirmary, but he refused. Taeho tried to convince me that I could do nothing about cleaning up the class, “Hani, if you don’t want to do it, it’s fine, and you can leave it all to us. It’s okay”, he said to me. I just sat down at my place quietly and ignored the glaring eyes from Haejin and others. 


We had a physical training class at the evening, and we were at the basketball court with the subject teacher. She separated us into two groups, and I was lucky that I could avoid that stupid class president who was glaring at me like he about to shoot me a fire laser with his eyes. He was in the opponent group and before we start the game, he strolling at me and smirk with saying good luck in a sarcastic way. 

As we started, our group leading the game and I started to play against Haejin and he was so competitive towards me. We had a fierce play in the first round and I ended won the first play against him. The game continued and he tried to use all of his strength to against me, and at the end, he pushed me so hard that I fall and my head hit off the ground and passed out. 

When I regained my consciousness, I realised that I was in the infirmary. My head still hurts, and I could feel like my head was spinning all around. Suddenly, I heard my phone ringtone on the bedside table and I tried to reach my phone and I saw my mother was calling me. I picked up the call and before I could say hello, she was already shouting at me and asking me to come back home, “Hana, I want you to come home right now! If you still resist, then I will go to the school and take you home by myself!”, she said. I was a bit surprise when she was shouting at me that I had to take away my phone from my ear, “Mum, I will never going back to Gyeonggi-do until I figure it out who was the one who will responsible for Hani. If you want to come, then it’s up to you, but I will never want to go back home”, I said to her and ended the call. 

I always think about getting caught with someone, but not in this awkward situation. I saw Haejin strolling at me and he was staring at me like I admitted a crime. “You’re not Hani, aren’t you?” he said to me. I tried to act like nothing happen, “What do you mean that I am not me?”, I asked him. He looked at me with a suspicious look and he said to me that he heard it all what I just said to my mother. I am trying to act cool, and then tried to deny it and ignore him. “I knew it that you’re not Hani. I knew that Hani will never act cold towards me. Who are you?”, he said. “What? Are you crazy? I am Hani”, I said that with the most natural act as I could. 

 “No, I knew that you’re not her. I will never make a mistake about this”, he said to me. “I will report about this to school office if you don’t tell me who are you”, he threatened me. I got mad and told him to not to interfere with my life, then I tried to run away from him and he followed me behind until he grasped my hand, “Hey, don’t you try to run away from me”, he said to me, but I resisted and tried to get away from him, “Hey, how dare you to touch me! Let me go, idiot!”, I said. “Follow me”, he said to me, and he pulled me with all his strength, and brought me to the rooftop of the school building. “It was a secret place that only Taeho and I knew about, so you can tell me everything about what happened”, he said to me. 


I never thought that there was such a place in the school. The rooftop was spacious and it was an empty space, but the view was great. You could see almost the whole of the city of Seoul, which is you could see there were a beautiful skyscraper and many large buildings around the city. 

“Could you please stop making that face? It’s annoying”, I said to him. “Now, tell me everything. Who are you? What are you doing here? Where’s Hani?”, he asked me like a detective was trying to interrogate a suspect. “Can’t you ask me one by one?”, I said to him. “Okay, then I will ask you one by one. First of all, who are you?”, he asked. He looked so desperate, so I cannot do anything but tell him the truth, but it will not as easy as that, “You really want to know? If you’re really curious, I will tell you, but you can’t tell anyone about this, or I’ll kill you”, I said to him. “Okay, deal. I will never tell anyone about this, and you don’t have to worry since nobody will ever know about this place, except Taeho”, he said. It was not that I trusted him, but I had no choice and I had to tell him that since I was caught left handed.

I told him everything, including the tragedy, and who I was. He looked so focused when he listened to me, but there was some part that he cannot believe me, ”You’re Ryu Hana, Hani’s twin sister? No wonder that you two look so identical”, he said to me. Then, he asking me about the tragedy that happened to Hani, “So, Hani was bullied and got beaten up? Is she okay?”, he asks me. “She is okay, but she still can’t overcome her phobia. Since she got beaten up, she always had a nightmare and sleep talking. I heard from my friend that she went back home last week”, I told him about Hani. 

“It’s been a long time I didn’t see her. We were so worried about her when we heard about the accident”, he said. “I had to tell them about the accident instead of she’s got beaten up. I’m afraid that it will get worse if people know about this”, I said to him. “Since it’s our first-time meet, I want to introduce myself properly to you. I’m Yoon Haejin, the class president of our class, and you?”, he introduced himself to me. “I’m Ryu Hana”, I said to him, short and sweet and we shake hands while he smiles at me.

After the extra classes at night, I went to Hani’s room and took a bath before getting ready to sleep. Suddenly, I heard my phone was ringing, and I took a glance at the screen and it was a text from Haejin. ‘Meet me at rooftop now. I have something to tell you’, he texted me. It sounds like it was important, so I hurry to change my clothes. “Are you going somewhere?”, Yisoo asked me when she saw me changing clothes. “Yeah, I want to take a walk for a while”, I said to her. “Better not to get caught. Be careful”, she said to me and I smile to her and sneaked out of the dormitory building.

I saw Haejin was waiting for me on the rooftop and he was looking at the beautiful scenery of the city. I saw two bowls of black bean noodles and two bottles of mineral water beside him. “Haejin, why do you want to meet me?”, I asked him as soon as I walked to him, “Oh, Hana, I just want to eat this with you”, he said and pointed at the bowls of noodles to me. “Hey, it’s just that? I thought that it was something important”, I said to him. “There’s something I want to ask you about Hani. How about if we eat first and we talk about that later?”, he said to me and I agree with him since my tummy felt hungry all of the sudden. 

After we ate, Haejin told me something that I did not even know about, “I heard from other students that Hani was absent from school after she broke up with her boyfriend. Is that true?”, he asked me about it. “What? Had she a boyfriend? She didn’t tell me anything about it. Who is he? Do you know him?”, I asked him. “I think I know who he is. His name is Kang Taejun. He is a senior of the tennis club”, he said. If it was a tennis club, then they were in the same club? “Oh, I see. There’s must be something happened between them”, I said to him. “Why don’t you try to ask Hani about it?”, he asked me. “I don’t want to bother her. Her mental condition is still not stable”, I said to him. “Anyway, thanks for the noodles”, I said to him. “You’re welcome. It’s just that you’re so lucky tonight to get to eat with me”, he said in a sarcastic way and grin at me.


I attended the tennis club for the first time, and all I could hear was an excitement of the screaming girls when Taejun walked on the tennis court with his sports attire. It was such a bad sight, and annoying. Taejun acts like he was a cool man on this earth when he smiling at the screaming girls. Well, girls can be aggressive when it comes to something that they like.

But, I could see that there were some changes in his expression when he looked at me. I am not sure what he felt when he looked at someone that he never thought of seeing again. Maybe, he was surprised? Well, his face did not look like that. Soon after that, my eyes caught on some of his friends that came approached him later. They might look like an ordinary school boy, but they were not like that. They might be gangsters. I knew what I feel since I am a school gangster student too.

I followed them to the cafeteria and I am watching them from a place where I could see them. Suddenly, I heard one of them calling Haejin at the cashier counter and approached him. I cannot hear it clearly of what he talked about with Haejin, but I could see that Haejin was buying for his snacks. Did Haejin know him? They must know each other. I saw Haejin tried to leave the cafeteria immediately and I started to follow Haejin from behind. 

He walks so fast as lightning, and I tried to call him out, but he did not hear me. I could see from the distance that he went to the way to the school rooftop, and I continued following him. As I reached the rooftop, I approached him and asking him whether he knew that student at the cafeteria. Haejin looked like he was in a bad mood, but he told me who was that student. He is Yoon Jiwon, Haejin’s stepbrother. He told me that Jiwon had involved with some gangsters at his old school in Gyeonggi-do before he lived with Haejin’s family in Seoul. “Do you know more about his old school?”, I asked him. “No, I don’t really know about it, but he used to live in Gyeonggi-do with his mother”, he told me. 

As soon as I knew about him, I called my friend, Lee Hyeji and asked her to find out more about Jiwon, “Please, Hyeji. I need it as soon as possible”, I said to her. “Okay, don’t worry, Hana. I will ask one of our boys to do that”, she said. I ended the call and I could see Haejin’s face that full with confusion and worry. “What’s wrong with you?”, I asked him. “You’re calling your friend to spy on Jiwon? Is he that dangerous?”, he asked me. “I can’t confirm that until I found a witness or the proof that he knew about me”, I said to him. “Are you that famous in Gyeonggi-do that you have to suspect anyone that used to live in Gyeonggi-do?”, he asked me about that. “Haejin, it must sound so ridiculous to you, but I can’t deny the fact that anybody who gets involved with some gangsters in Gyeonggi-do knows about me”. I said to him. 

“Wow, seriously? I can’t believe it”, he said with surprised. I knew that he will never believe what I said, but it was the truth. I did not know how many gangsters out there knows about me after some chaos in Gyeonggi-do happened between my gang and another gang who wanted to take a revenge on me. 


I attend some extra classes that night with other classmates and we were having some study session and discussion for some question paper. I did not know when Haejin and I started to become friends, but one thing that I am sure of has he always sat anywhere that closed with me. I focus on a study that night, then, suddenly Hyeji kept calling me and I missed it a couple of times, so I decided to go to the toilet and take the call. 

“Hana, I found out something about Jiwon. Actually, he’s one of that gangster member that involved with some chaos in Gyeonggi-do last month. He’s one of the Charles gang members”, she told me the shocking facts about Jiwon. “I knew it that he must be a gangster. Thank you, Hyeji”, I said to her. “Yeah, you’re welcome. So, how’s your life in that school so far? Have you met your true love?”, she asked me something about it. “Sorry, but I’m too busy to think about something like that. Plus, it will be dangerous for someone who wanted to get involved with me. Hyeji, thanks again, but I have to go back to my class”, I said to her and ended the call. 

I wanted to go back to my class, but suddenly, I saw Jiwon in front the entrance of the girl toilet. He looked so suspicious, but I decided to ignore him at first. When I went pass through him, he said something that triggered me, “Ryu Hana, the girl gang leader of Gyeonggi High School”, he said. I was a bit surprised and a bit anxious, but I tried to act natural, “Sorry, are you talking to me? Who is that girl that you’re mentioned just now?”, I asked him. “You should know yourself who was I referred to just now. It’s you, isn’t it?”, he said that he knew that I was not Hani. He came to me, and whispered to me, “If you don’t want Hani to get hurt again, you must come with me quietly”, he said to me.


He brought me to a place that seems familiar to me, that I thought I have been there before, but I do not remember why I was there. It was a big mansion, that was kind of old and abandoned, in Gyeonggi-do. Even though it was a bit far from Seoul, I could still remember the road that seems familiar to me.

I looked at my watch, and it was already at midnight. We entered the mansion and I finally remember that place. It was the place that I saw Hani full with bruises and wounds. I could feel that he tried to kidnap me. Suddenly, someone covers my mouth with a cloth, and I passed out.


I regained consciousness and my head felt dizzy, my vision was blurred, and I sat on a chair with my both my hands was tied up, and I could see someone was standing in front of me. “Charles, is that you?”, I asked him whether he was the gangster leader that I knew about. “Yes, it’s me. How are you, Ryu Hana? I miss you so that I brought you here”, he said to me. “What do you want, Charles?”, I asked him. He smirked at me, and start saying about the chaos happened in Gyeonggi-do last month, “I can’t forget what happened last month. Do you still remember what you did on that day? You burned all the things that so important to me!”, he said with a loud voice. “Important things? Like those drugs that you make? I can’t tolerate with something dirty like that!”, I said to him. 

He became angrier when I started to say something like that to him, ”What? Can't you tolerate with something like that? Don’t make me laugh. Do you think that you’re better than me? No, you’re just a bastard like me! You know what the gangsters used to do? Threatening, lying, robbing, and even killing! Dealing with drugs has been just part of it, and can make a better profit! Don’t act innocent in front of me”, he said to me.

“What happened to your sister? Is she okay? Well, she can’t die with a simple thing as that”, he said to me that makes me angrier, “What? My sister? You’re the one who beat her up!”, I said to him. He laughs at me, and he started to threaten me, ”If you don’t want something bad happened again, you have to be my dog”, he said to me. 
“Be my drug dealer and used all your connections. I can give you half of the profit”, he said to me. “I’d rather die than be your dog!”, I am shouting to him, and he slapped me. “Don’t be stupid! If you die, I’ll die too!”, he said to me. ”Then, we can die together”, I said to him. “The drugs won’t give you any profit, but it will kill you”, I continued. He looked mad and frustrated, then he walked out of the dark room. There was only a bulb and without any ventilation or opening in that room. It's so hot that I am sweating so much.


I woke up from my sleep and I did not know what time it was. The room was so dark, and I did not know what happened last night after the argument between me and Charles. I tried to lose the tightrope that tied my hands, but I failed. I just realised that my feet were not tied up, so I feel that I could escape if I tried to loosen the rope a bit. My eyes caught on the pieces of broken glass on the floor, so I tried to reach it with my feet, but suddenly, I saw someone entering the room and it was Jiwon.

“Hey, don’t try to do anything, or you will get hurt. Understand?”, he said to me. I had an idea, and then, I tried to ask him to go to the toilet “Jiwon, I want to pee. Can you let me go to the toilet?”, I asked him. “Oh, really? Then, just do it here”, he provoked me with a sarcastic tone. “Jiwon, please, I beg you. Let me go to the toilet”, I asked him once again. “You’re such a bothersome. Fine, I will let you go, but don’t try to do anything”, he said, and I grinned at him. When he started to loose the tightrope and free my hand, I kicked him and punched him over and over again, and I took the rope and tied him up on the ground. “This is for Hani”, I punched him in his face. “And, this is for Haejin”, I punched his stomach and tried to escape from the room. 

As soon as I tried to escape, I saw that all the Charles gang members was struggling and fighting over with my gang members. I saw Hyeji and Taeho, my loyal friends were on the porch of the mansion and they tried to kick Charles members in the ass, one by one. I tried to help them, and when we were finished with the gang members, I tried to search for Charles as he was trying to run away. I throw a few punches and kicking his ass to stop him from running away. He tried to avoid it, but lastly, he lost and he tried to stab me with a pocket knife, and luckily, the wound was not that deep and I could bear with it. I gave him the best shot of my high kick, and he falls to the ground and fainted. I walked to Hyeji and Taeho, and lastly, they brought me to the nearest hospital after I fainted.


I was at the hospital with Taeho and Hyeji, and I got treatment from the doctor at the emergency ward, then they placed me in the patient ward. I regained my consciousness, and I saw them looking worried sick about me. “Hana, are you okay? Do you remember me?”, Taeho asked me the stupid question soon after I woke up. “Hey, Kim Taeho, how could you be so slow? You should’ve to search for me after you found out that I disappeared”, I mad at him. “Hey, Ryu Hana, how could you get mad at me after you just woke up? This is not fair!”, he said to me. “Then, do you mean that it will be fair if I just die instead? Moron”, I said to him. “Hana, are you okay? It must be really hurt, right? Don’t worry, Taeho will take a good care of you”, she said to me. “Yeah, of course, he should do that”, I said to her and smirk at Taeho. Suddenly, I saw Haejin was there, in front of me and he looked worried. “Hana, are you okay? I’m sorry if I couldn’t be any help to you”, he said to me. “No, it’s nothing. I should’ve apologised to you instead that I didn’t tell you that Taeho was my friend”, I said to him. “Taeho already told me anything. I understand you, Hana, It must be really hard, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that you’ll safe here until you fully recover”, he said to me. “Yeah, it’s Haejin’s father’s hospital, so you don’t have to worry about anything and take a rest, okay?”, Taeho said to me with a smirk. “Hey, just wait and see what I’ll do to you”, I said to Taeho and smirk at him.









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