If You Look At Me.

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A poem about begging the person who break your heart to take a look at you and the mess they've left, as we want them to feel sorry and apologize for what they've done. What we don't usually realize at the time is that, even if they do, it doesn't really help.

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



If You Look At Me.

If you could look at me,
so you could only see,
the mess you left behind,
but the bright lights left you blind.

If you could feel my skin,
turning cold as your sins,
and I was reaching for your hand,
but you left me drown in the quicksand.

When things got hard you went away,
just like night turns into day.
Now you're a habit I can't break,
and I can't let go for my own sake.

But you wake up like every morning,
spreading your pretty wings and soaring.
And I keep driving in reverse,
while the road goes from bad to worse.

I guess I'll stay stucked in the same place,
where for the first time I saw your face.
Because you decided I wasn't enough,
I've know forgotten how to properly love.

If you could just look at me,
but I know you wouldn't see.
And because of this mess you left behind,
I hope to you someone is as unkind. 

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