Angel Danger

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This is a poem about a guy I knew. His name was Angel. Though our time was short, it sure was memorable.

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



Angel Danger

Like matches to flammable fuel,
the attraction was immediately mutual.
But he came in an unusual way,
becoming more than a game to play.

He's an angel with a dirty mind,
who's not afraid to leave it all behind.
He'll get you with his crimson smile,
and his stare that feels so vile.

I found him on the run,
and we've been having so much fun.
A getaway supposed to be clean,
now's become a weekly routine.

And I know he'll soon be gone,
as he's faster than a gun.
He ain't one to stick in one place,
or with someone that will slow down his pace.

But when moon breaks in and nighttime comes,
I'm taken by the beast that he becomes.
He charms me with his brain;
leaving marks on my body like a red-wine stain.

I succumb every time to his magnet touch;
ain't never felt that kind of rush.
Like a hunter devouring his pray,
he sends all of my inhibitions far away.

He was kicked out of the sky,
but he still knows how to fly.
In a few weeks he'll become another stranger,
but right now I'm drawn to all his danger.


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