Future of Rural Cyber Defense

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I hope you like to make a difference in an implementation of the key issues we have still holes in the cyber defense. Let us contribute for this human question why we invest a lot here for our future. :)

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



I start by asking you, How creatively linking rural resource pools secure their global reach for progress strategically without threats may build their essentials? Knowledge needs to be ignited in the mind of our villagers who seek economic benefits where partnerships must be the indicators of their sustainable priorities. Key maturity level of changing cyber security infrastructure is actually meaningless for the common man in our global rural villages as they dont have any idea about what I have told so far. How will we deliver this cause of building useful lessons worth engaging their time for new custodians of their growth? Can my nation invest what we do first as a model work together may continue reaching for longtermism in the intellectual growth of this manpower? How will we deliver this learning directly to their homes without any cyber threats in our time when coordination alone is not the answer of all our problems? Is there any centralized platform that can be the creativity for our larger goal as human beings bound by all policy & law regulations? How will the rural indian can learn more when they dont have money for genuinely buying licensed software the same for their children when they dont have money for earning livelihood? Is this way of knowledge delivery our one focus for this globalo village anywhere? When our capacity to harvest every participant together help a deep and worldwide engaged lesson, is there anyone who will be a priority not engaged by all efforts we focus for the human development index? May be national output of our gross happiness quotient must be the strategy we been looking for in this criteria. Let us take one step ahead for this cause being together.

Again the new cyber defense that make internet ask our future bond of technology gives us more large challenges today as no one institution has come for the ownership of this largest human understanding in history. Can we build simple mathematics that seek human instincts for technology where all our activism on the cyberspace does pay the creative responsibility to secure our global village? Today any knowledge formation on the internet makes us interconnected and interdepended for the world as a single platform for all vulnerability ever invented. Together our wellbeing stands before us not just as internet but a bigger threat when any real system can be regulated by the content of this sophisticated ecosystem once made as a reason to fight our cause here. Hackers can invade our physical lifeblood of our humanity by creating malicious nanobots that run down our entire human system for nervous breakdown. Any transport system can be exploited by a means we literally cannot be its victims. Fortunately such complex distructive implants can be fixed if we try to design this system for reassuring intelligence that is failproof whether attack comes from inside or outside. The entire cyber security needs remove of a hole that halts our progress. Who can feed our planet alone and stop the climate change becoming a threat where the vault of future is the way commonman seeks this outcome? Someone may not decide who will open the doors of our home far away we are not aware. Situations like this be governed by a global strategy for what we need to accomplish as one aim of the global cyber security capacity centre how it aims secure a free world priority. This investment must focus on assests like the way we protect our global environment where people can experience a real future influence how they evolve can be checked for one infrastructure without breaking down its dimensions. Every supportive policies must give right knowledge for this owner ever form the background of making best practices come from its understanding a time we must protect the roles we play. This benchmark must plan users who address each access for our wider knowledge economy must maintain a future where people have faith in its outcome. Here all impressions we come up with a new face must give us superior reward that all situation may wake up towards collective goodnews.

Till now you are concerned about your identity how you share your personal data on the internet. When these observations ask our timeline that this age will make an internet buble the reason we want to make benefit not through harm but allow us discover the way we can avoid make this fragile environment. This solid idea will one day make your avatar talk to recover a situation when you grow old and cant stand out alone to respond the basic support of our lifeline. If we ask anyone monitoring this internet we face as identity theft cannot tell the world that someone has come for replacing what we maintain like a global home in this interconnected world, do we share this information everyday? I will try to make your understanding how this will be everyday in the near future like a simple idea I have put below.

When our future of cyber defense at home will be its openness just in one click tribute our participation anywhere I authenticate my online credential secure, created once may drive us a secure connectivity for any service that is amused to be independent of the platform, be a virtual portable identity I feel this avatar brings me all solutions wherever I am yet interconnected with any infrastructure I may be vulnerable not by my design flaws but the least time I can create this space in the personal cloud with my security solution credential like I have logged from a normal browsing window anywhere anytime. So any interface that brings my story telling sketch will be focussed how the behavior agent at the endpoint ascertain that how long this connectivity will be needed for the much time I spent here will be paid as per use. All knowledge learning system I gain here will be reflected on the entire page I like to be guided that the cloud cognitive computing secure at the cyber defense architecture of my security solution may secure my online identity and privacy most secure than any human consideration. Regarding this venture I have contributed some learnings that have come in my thoughts when I always loved the art of disruptive cyber defense strategy at your lab. Your focus for tomorrow will rely on a signature-less code generated from human initiative for the time we spent at research learning that machine learning connect the depth of artificial linguistic intelligence can be our future where virtualization is the agent for more advanced entreprise security solutions. Before this priority, a security that transforms my real time personal computer into my own daily interceptable features while managing my files in the secure cloud. When I am anywhere it must respond to the particular location. I store no credential anywhere but a digital mindmap will determine the sequence of all such responses. Any file I like to add here will be validated by my genuine license or it will be local to the device. I enjoy all the convenience for what I paid for. An expanding digital help that I dont lose anything unless my identity is inherited again for a heritage no one will forget. This is what I mean by story teller of a distinct future of the internet. Finaly, my pc system need to be awake all the time as it is the final gateway of all the IoT and mobile devices that are anywhere in my network, anyhow connected and anytime need to be managed for any unprepared activity. I can keep my system in sleep mode and need my security solution for an implementation of all its collective features that satisfies the low-run resources for less than 1% consumption everyday. All my business be anything like allowing to print something at home when I will be elsewhere can be done on the cloud service which I can connect any social source. Here any simple cyber risk must be holistically mitigated leaving the enterprise mobile management of running this service through a cloud lockpoint gives less trouble through problem we face at backend where my security solution must not ignore this only will happen with my online avatar so identical like my online security credential. How will this happen without any threat is what I see the most important product of security implementation of future?

All this change has a natural cause where we are heading. Before this time came like a dictation of our useful lessons, people who made this never did for its vulnerabilities but make human progress a right time framework beneficial for our entire human questions we ask science to solve together. Let us promote this ethical idea why this is here now.

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