The Sandusky Family Story. (Part Two)

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Louisiana Sandusky, after grieving the loss of her first child, is elated to find out that she is pregnant again, only to be met again with tragedy just six days after her second child's birth.

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



After getting over the worst of the grief of losing Aron, our firstborn child, we were determined to try to have a second child.  When I received news that I was pregnant, both Bill and myself were understandably elated.  We were hoping to have a happy, healthy child who would grow into a stable, loving young adult.

That dream never came into fruition.   But I am getting ahead of myself; let me backtrack ....

We were able to get through the pregnancy without too many issues.  A successful C-section produced a beautiful baby boy, whom I named after my father (Pierre Armand); happily, he was pronounced healthy and had all his digits and all his bodily parts.  He was so gorgeous; he looked like me, but like Aron earlier, he was long; he would probably end up being very tall like his daddy, Bill.

I enjoyed my son emmensely.  He was a good, quiet baby and only cried when wet, dirty, or hungry; otherwise he would just look at me and stare at me with those beautiful dark-blue eyes (that would change to dark brown or black in a few weeks).  I enjoyed being his mama and enjoyed bonding with him.

On the third day of life, I was discharged from the hospital and was allowed to take our brand new baby boy home.  But the joy we felt was tempered by sadness at the sight of the crib in the kids' room; it only served as a painful reminder of the loss of the brother that Pierre Armand would never even get to know.  The only way he would know of him was by pictures or by Daddy and I telling him stories about Aron.  We still missed Aron terribly; it didn't seem right or fair that he died on the day that he was supposed to have been four years old.

But we did enjoy our brand new baby boy.  He was very easy to care for and both Daddy and I enjoyed our time with him.  Then came the morning three days later, when I found sweet little Pierre Armand lying in his crib, cold, grey, and lifeless.  I immediately knew that he was gone.  

The doctors called it a crib death.  He had been born perfectly healthy, yet on the sixth day of life (and on day three home from the hospital), Pierre Armand inexplicably died during the night.  I happened to be the one who discovered the baby's body lying in his crib.  He looked like he was sleeping; nothing seemed out of place (but looking back on it, I should have noted the blue lips, but didn't even think of it).  I started screaming hysterically, then everything went black as I collapsed into Bill's arms.

When I came to later, I was lying in bed, Bill sitting by my side.  He was crying, tears rolling down his cheeks.  He was clearly hurting too, and it broke my heart right in two.  It seemed unfair that we would never have children: we did have two children, but now both were in Heaven.  Our dream of having a family would never come to pass.  We were both heartbroken and devastated.

I don't remember much about the funeral, except that all my family (and Bill's) came, and everybody offered their condolences and prayers as they told us how sorry they were of our losses.  There was lots of food, but neither Bill or I could eat much; we just didn't feel like eating and we did not have any appetite whatsoever.  We were missing our two beautiful little boys too much.

It was bad enough that we lost one child; losing a second child seemed unthinkable, impossible.  We were totally beside ourselves in sadness.

*End of part two*

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