Won, Tue & Tree

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This fable started out to be a Fan Fiction of the Garden of Eden story, but it lost it somehow got lost and wandered off in another direction.

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



"I have brought the two of you here to watch after my garden, it is my favorite place to relax so tend it with care," said the tall slender man, looking about 40 years old.

The man continued by saying, "I will return after some time and we will discuss your duties at greater length. But for now, all you need to know is that you may eat any of the food that grows within the garden. You may drink of any water source, but DO NOT drink from the crystal flask that gathers the morning dew. Come, I will show you where it is."

With that said the man lead the two young people to a small tree that was to the east of the center of the garden.

The tree was normal looking except for a pod that grew from one of the branches.

The pod was so heavy that the branch hung down lower than the other branches. And beneath the pod was a crystal flask that sat on a bolder.

The man began speaking again and said, "This is The Tree of Life and the flask gathers the dew from it. Every seven days you will take the flask and you will sprinkle every plant in the garden with some of the water; just a drop or two on each plant is enough. --- Do you understand what to do?"

"Oh yes my Lord," said the young man whose name was Won.

The young woman, Tue, asked, "What do we do with the flask when we are done sprinkling water?"

Their Master smiled and then replied, "Return the flask to its place on the bolder, there is a stain on the bolder that shows you where to place it. But be sure to return it there so that it can gather more water from the tree of life."

Suddenly, some odd sounds flowed through the evening air and startled Tue, so she asked, "Lord, what is that noise?"

The Master of the garden replied, "Those sounds are the work of those who live to the west of the garden. They dare not come into the garden for fear of Dran, so you need not concern yourself with them and the silly things that they do.

They are like a tree with shallow roots, the first strong wind will bring it down. --- In fact, due to the danger from them I forbid you to have any contact with them at all. Do you understand?"

Won bowed a little and answered, "Yes Lord."

Tue responded with a question, "Lord, who is Dran?"

"Dran is another of my servants and she acts as a guard for my lands, whoever, she is not like you.

Dran is a Great Lizard who makes her home in my garden. She may eat from anything except the tree of Life; no-one may eat from that tree, it is forbidden.

Dran comes and goes as she wants, as long as she guards my property from intruders. I have instructed her not to harm either of you, so you need not fear her. Do you understand?"

Won and Tue both bowed and exclaimed, "Yes my Lord."

With that said the Master walked into the evening mist and disappeared.



A few weeks had passed and it was in the evening hours.

"What is Tue doing? Won said while standing on the ground.

Tue replied, "I am watching the procession! I climbed up in this Mango tree to see them, come look.

Won became agitated and replied, "Come down from there, you know that the Master does not want us to have anything to do with those people!"

"Oh, alright," Tue said as she jumped from branch to branch until she was close enough to drop to the ground, "they have disappeared from view, anyway.

Their processions are wonderful, so mysterious, with all the torches and the animal skins that they drape their bodies with."

Won asked in astonishment, "They cover their bodies with animal skins?"

Tue replied, with eyes sparkling, "Just the ones in the front of the procession, those that follow them have none." 

Won stated, "I do not understand why they would do such a thing? The animals do not harm humans so why would they harm animals?"

Tue replied, while not looking too concerned, "Maybe the animals died by accident." 

"Well," Won replied, "it is not a good thing. And the wearing of their skin serves no purpose."

Tue said, mater-a-factually, "I'm sure that it must get them excited. Some sing and jump around; others make strange sounds and wave tree branches in the air. There are some in the crowd that have their faces and bodies covered with colors, and others have masks on.

It is all so exciting; it makes me want to join them too!" Tue confessed.

Won replied, "Do not talk like that! You know that the Master is displeased with their ways. He says that they are a tree with shallow roots and we are to have nothing to do with them. --- So keep your distance!" 




Some time has passed and we find Tue tending to one area of the Master's garden. She is quietly humming a tune that she heard coming from a procession.


"Tue, what is that tune that you hum?" was the question asked by the dragon-like lizard that was sunning itself.

"Oh, Hi Dran, I was so involved in what I was doing that I did not notice you there. And I am afraid that I did not hear your question either," Tue stated.

Dran asked again, "I said, what tune you are humming?"

Tue thought for a moment and then replied, "I must have been humming a tune that I heard from the people that live to the west of the Master's land. They sing all sorts of songs and some tunes are very easy to remember; so I hum them from time to time."

Dran turned ever so slightly and said, "Ah, do you mean the procession people?"

"Yes, those are the ones," Tue said excitedly.

Dran made a hissing sound and then stated, "Their tribe is called Condels and they are law givers."

"Tue giggled ever so slightly and said, "Law, what is Law?"

"I will give you an example because I cannot explain Law to you without an example," stated Dran.

Master told you NOT to drink the water from the crystal flask. Is that a true statement?"

"Well, yes," replied Tue.

"That is a Rule and the hardest kind of Rule is a Law," Dran said as he turned his massive body around so that the other side faced the sun.

"What do you mean that it is the hardest kind of Rule?" Tue asked.

Dran moved his leathery head very close to Tue's face and said, "It is a rule that can never be broken, because there is no way to fix it after it is broken.

Like a very bad cut, the cut may heal and the scar remains, but with the hardest kind of Rule, the cut never heals and you bleed every day."

Tue scratched her head and said, "I do not understand. Why would anyone make a Law like that?"

Dran made another hissing sound and said, "Sometimes the rule, or the Law, makes itself, let me explain.

If you drink from the Master's crystal flask, that holds the Tree of Life's water, what would happen?"

Tue replied, "I am sure I do not know because I would never do such a thing."

"Well I do know," Dran said. "If you drank the water then there would not be enough water to water all the plants in the garden; so some would die right away. And once they are dead, they are dead; you cannot bring them back to life."

"I am sure that a few dead plants would not be a great disaster. I still do not get the point to this story," Tue stated, and then laughed.

Dran got a little agitated to her response and said, "The point is, when there is less food it means that someone will not eat tomorrow! So who do you think should do without, the one who drank the water, or the one's that followed the Rule?"

Tue frowned and replied, "The water drinker."

"Well, that is the problem with the Condels. They make rule after rule, law after law; so many that no-one can remember them all. But when a Condel breaks a rule they are not the one who is punished, someone else is. That is why animals are being killed, to take the place of the law breaker," Dran angrily stated.

"What," Tue questioned, "Do you mean that they make so many laws that they cannot remember them all? And then they wait until someone breaks one so they can kill some poor animal?"

"YES, and then they blame that stupid thinking on their gods!" Dran said.

Tue laughed and asked, "How many gods do they have?"

Dran replied, "Six, including me."

Tran laughed even harder and remarked, "You, a god, really?"

Dran stated while sneering, "That is right. They call me Hiss, god of the underworld. Supposedly I rule that place where people go when they die."

Tue smiled and replied with a question, "Really, people go somewhere else after they die?"

"That is what they say. And if a Condel breaks too many of the Condels rules then even killing animals will not help them.

Why, you ask?  Because I, the god of the underworld, keeps track of their misdeeds.

Supposedly I have a scroll that keeps account of all their miss-deeds and if their misdeeds are too many then I will punish them forever and ever."

Tue said with a snicker, "A scroll, huh, I did not know you could read or write." 

Dran replied, "I cannot, but I guess that they do not know that. I once ask a very frightened and explanatory Condel and he told me that I have all sorts of demons that do the writing for me."

Tue said, while continuing to laugh, "That is convenient, it is always good to have help while punishing people forever and ever. I am sure that would be a very tiring job." 

With a glimpse of dread in his eyes, Dran said, "Do not laugh too hard Tue, they are scary people. If they have no problem killing animals then they might kill a human too." 

Tue thought momentarily the remarked, "If they are so mean then why are they so happy all the time, singing and dancing, and having exciting processions?"

Dran replied, "Maybe when you get away with everything, even murder, it affects you that way; I do not know. And you should not want to know either, so follow the Master's rules and we shall all sleep easier."

With that said Dran slipped from her sunning place and disappeared into the garden.




Some time had passed and the Master had come and gone many times. And every time that he visited he taught them wonderful thing about the garden and showed them ways to make it flourish; the garden was expanding in size with every visit.

On one such visit, Won asked, "Lord, that tree that grows in the middle of the garden but has not blossomed yet. What kind of tree is it?"

The Master face turned dark and he replied, "That is The Tree of Good and Evil and it only produces fruit when innocence is present for a full seven years. Next year it will grow fruit for 13 days and then the fruit will fall and will dry up."

"Is the fruit good to eat," asked Tue?

The Master said, "It smells like honey, even better, and it is sweet to the taste, but your stomach and your thoughts will turn sour after you eat it.

The people to the west, the Condels, over the years they ate of this fruit and that is why they act the way they do. I warned them in their innocence, as I am warning you, do not eat that fruit or you will die."

The Master did not ask if they understood what he meant about dying, and it seems that they did not. But evening was upon them and sleep was nearing, so they fell asleep to the sound of crickets.




Another year passed and Tue was, again, tending the garden when Dran happened by.

"Good day to you Dran," Tue stated.

"A good day to you also," Dran replied.

"Dran, I have a question that the Master failed to answer. Wait, actually, I guess that I never asked him. But you are here and the question is on my mind, so I hope you can answer it instead," Tue said.

"What is the question and I will see if I know the answer it," Dran replied.

Tue thought for a moment and then stated, the Master was explaining about the tree in the middle of the garden, the one he calls The Tree of Good and Evil. Do you know the one?"

Dran replied, "Yes, that is the one that half of it is always in the shade, during the daylight hours of course, and the other half is always in the sunlight. Correct?"

"That is the one," Tue stated. Now the Master said that the fruit of that tree smells like honey and it is sweet to the taste, but if you eat it your stomach and your thoughts will turn sour. He warned us not to eat that fruit or we would die."

Dran looked puzzled and said, "I have never eaten any of that fruit because I deplore sweets, but I have seen the Condels eat it and they did not die. So I cannot believe that the Master said that."

Tue replied, "It is true, the Master said that the Condels have eaten the fruit and that is why they act the way they do.

He said that he warned them not to eat it. And then he warned Won and I not to eat the fruit, or we would die."

"Well all I can say is that the Condels are still among the living, so I doubt that you will die," Dran stated, as if it were fact.




Another week passed by and one day Won came running to the area that Tue was working.

"Come see the fruit that the Tree of Good and Evil has produced," Won excitedly said.

And with that they both ran to the tree.

The tree had blossom all over it, it had never look beautiful before. Even the shaded side was full of color. And the fruit, they were small walnut sized puffs of cherry-like, sweet smelling, fruit; so sweet that they were very hard to resist.

Won and Tue sat watching all day as the Condels came to eat and gather the fruit, but they did not speak to any of them.

And when evening came there were only two puffs of fruit left on the tree.

Then darkness fell.




A few days later the Master came to the Garden, it was late in the evening, and he was weary from his toil.

And when the Master searched for his two servants he found them sleeping soundly.


Did Dran save Won and Tue from themselves when he ate the two remaining fruit and took his seat upon the Condel's throne?

All hail to HISS, Lizard god of the Condel's and ruler of the underworld.  --- Start the procession!



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 06-09-2017



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