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A story of a girl and a dog. How they became friends. And how it showed loyality towards that girl.

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017




Oh! I was in a hurry to reach the stall of fast food as i was hungry and in a break just of half an hour from my coaching. I kept on walking faster, soon i observed that it was following me. It was a innocent face. I just had 20 rupees to take my meal. It was still following me with the same innocence. I felt good not to take lunch and rather let him fill his belly. It was a lovable dog. After having biscuits it went away. Again the next day while i was moving for lunch it was waiting for me. This time i kept an extra amount of money so that both can fill bellies. And i started calling it 'Sam'. This started to happen daily. And this is how we became friends.

I LOST A FAMILY MEMBER One day i could not bring my wallet and so i did not go for lunch. I felt too bad, not for myself but for sam, as i could not provide it food today. By the time i departed from my coaching, i was too much hungry but i had no other option rather reaching home. Sam kept following me. It was late night and my legs moved faster. And suddenly i fell. Oh! I fainted. Sam started barking and there was no one on the road. It saw two persons moving near there and it went to them to ask for help. It barked but the persons there did not notice. As soon it turned it saw a car with a high speed coming near me and it started to run towards the car to stop it as the car was about to come near me. It jumped in front the car to save me and the car hit him with the speed. As soon the driver came out he saw me lying on the road and ignored sam. Sam died. And i was admitted in the hospital by the driver. Sam sacrificed its life being loyal, to save me. I still miss my family member 'Sam'. Sam i love you.

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